Wednesday, August 4, 2010

3 Car, Book, Mansion, Drugs, Charity, PETA, Life, Oh My!

So, Tila is on some vacation, mainly to hug and kiss trees, she's required visitors to register in order to leave comments. But, don't worry folks. Chances are, it'll be uplifted once the tyrannical boss returns. This is just a safe mesaure to make sure her TilaArmy (what's left of it) don't read comments regarding about her prostitution UK tour trip. *winks* Okay. I'll start with the car first. So, while Tila claims she now owns a Lambo, the website states otherwise. Maybe the store have quantities of the same brand and model instead of just one? The website has their address. For someone who lives in that area, go to that store, say you're a relative of some unknown wealthy person and saw Tila posing with the car on TMZ and is interested in purchasing that particular vehicle and see what the staffs have to say.

And if you haven't read it yet, Tilasrotspot wrote an interesting entry about Tila allegedly prostituting during her UK tour! If all this is true, it will explain how she was able to afford such car or renting one for a week! Or, as someone said, this is simply a promotion deal. And if this isn't convincing, the staffs wrote another entry about someone named Garry (who was recently fired by Tila) and claims Tila did exactly that to purchase a Lambo! If the allegation is true, then, Tila is one of the world's most expensive hookers in the world! Damn!


I like to fuck sexy boys, sexy girls.
I like to fuck leather pants, jerry curls.
I like to fuck, suck cock until I hurl.
I like to fuck everybody in the world.

Sucking on my titties so milky.
I get dirty with it, I'm so filthy.
Do it like you wanna make a baby, yeah, milf me.
If it ain't yours, you can still come and drill me, right?

Yes, Tila. You are an excellent role model to your TilaArmy fans and definitely God's angel sent down to rid the evil like me.

Maybe there are some haters who are actually envious of your latest purchase. However, not all of them are and don't give a shit. They're just tired of your bragging. I don't care about cars. Their purpose is to take you places. People who buy expensive cars worry about getting dents and collisions. It's inevitable, and we're bout to get into accidents, and it will happen with you, Titla. That's just part of life.

For someone who loves animals, let alone, rescued some of them, this person fails to realize animals were killed to make those leather seats her skanky ass is sitting on. So, what do you have to say, Tila? It's faux now? Wait...what about her PETA Campaign? Well, let's just say PETA better not discover her Lambo's seats are made out of leather because they will have a fit! We've seen it before! In the end, though, it's likely non-existent. Otherwise, I would contact them and voice concern about her supporting animal cruelty.

Wow. This hooker is losing it! And I also love how she's spreading positive energy, too! So, unless we're kissing her ass, we're losers, pathetic, mental, and should be arrested? God, maybe this whore who sucks/rides cocks for living, is the seriously fucked-up person out of all the haters out there! Sorry, Titla Bacteria, but I don't take advice from prostitutes. Envy is a sin? Wouldn't Pride and Lust be sins also? Uh, huh. That's right. Shut your fucking semen-dried mouth, whore. By the way, Tilasrotspot has an awesome section specifically reserved for Tila's charity claims. Definitely a must read! Since July 12, 2010, Tila mentioned of going to Uganda for charity reasons. Why must she wait until October is beyond me. It's not like she has real projects that's time consuming. This bitch is a liar. She told her fans of adopting children from Haiti, Russia, and Africa. Never done that. She doesn't give us any latest news about it except stating the Russian adoption agency she went to was a fraud and that was the last we've heard about her adoption legacy. End of story.

So, Tila is now looking for a new home, and not just any homes, but a mansion! First, we had to be annoyed by her constant "oh, look at me! I bought a Lambo!" and "Help me decide which color I should pick!" that lasted for four days. No joke. So, we can imagine what to expect. I wonder how many cocks she has to suck this time! Let me say this: As much as I would like to live in a mansion myself, living in one will bring me temporary happiness. If Tila Tequila insists spreading positive energy from her bullshit Thought of the Day entries, why is she promoting materialism then? Many people believe materialism brings depression. This statement is actually supported by those who are wealthy. When words come out of Tila's mouth, it's usually a lie. And I say it again: Her positive energy is all bullshit. Who needs to live in mansions? Why can't a small house be enough? Because people feel they're entitled to live in big houses if other people are.

I highly recommend you read The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement. It's excellent and even talks about how narcissism led to an economic downturn. The truth is, and I like this quote, "best things in life, are free!". Now, that's a positive energy right there! Sorry, Tila, but you're just a bad influence in everything.

It's going to take her a while because she's still writing it? Um....duh? I've perused Tila's crap-fest Hooking Up With Tila Tequila and want to point out, again, that in one chapter, discusses about her and then-friends committed a grand theft auto and in the end, ditched the stolen vehicle by dumping it into a water. If this is false and its purpose is to make her stupid book interesting, she's a fucking idiot to risk damaging her reputation. Oh, wait. She already did. Never mind. Well, if Tila believes in karma, she's going to get hers. COCK-SUCKING WHORE. When I've perused it, you can tell it was heavily edited. The writing is amateur at its best but still horribly written. Don't read it, trust me. I'm still haunted by it. But, to celebrate on her new book, I'm going to do a parody of it! I don't know what the title is going to be called or what's it about, but, I hope to assure you, I'll try to make it funny as possible!

Here, the cunt expresses her concern that Lady Gaga gave out too much information about her life sex and using drugs. Is this midget whore really that deluded? How many times did Tila talked about abusing ambien and sex? Far too many. Tila knows her fans are underage but that still did not stop her from acting like a complete whore! Oh, Tila. Envy is a sin! And so is Pride and Lust! In the Divine Comedy, there's a room for you in Dante's Inferno! Where, that would be a hard choice! Continue being a jealous hater out of all haters!

So, are you really spreading positive energy or this is your signature like Miley Cyrus making peace signs?

Really? Then, why the fuck are you still tweeting? Clearly it doesn't say tweeted via mobile phone and shit.


Misty said...

I wonder if her vacation is including a "video shoot" for her new movie. Even more curious is I wonder if Mr. Bradshaw will have a lot of styling to do if she is in a porn - I mean other than the wig she is wearing.

Tila will never do any charity work - one is noone wants her and two remember the posts about her taking the stripper's money in NY - if she couldn't leave singles for the women working in that bar, there is no way she will ever go anywhere and do anything for free.

Keep us posted on the Lambo - I would love to know what the true deal was with that.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

If Tila is indeed doing porn according to RadarOnline, then the Lambo is really hers. The industry she's going to work with gave her advanced payment! I hope this is a wake-up call to her TilaArmy fans. If it doesn't, nothing else will.

deluwiel said...

here's the thing - she can drop all the money she wants on luxury cars and big houses... but once the money is spent, it's spent and I just can't believe she's gonna have a continuing source of enough income to cover taxes and maintenance on either one for more than a year or so. Plus, if she keeps driving that car like a stupid high school kid with a learner's permit she won't have her license for long and the streets of Studio City will be safe once again for the rest of the drivers and pedestrians.