Friday, October 22, 2010

19 Tila's Home Advent

Sometimes, while hunting down Tila's past lies, I often find irrelevant subjects quite interesting and post worthy along the way. Tila Tequila has been scrutinized about her unhealthy superficial relationship toward Tila Army and has a reputation of being called a pedophile. Is she really one, though? Take a look at these and you decide:

Would Tila Tequila be considered a pedophile if she posted a crotch shot of her exposed vagina? on her tilashotspot (now that is visited by her fans on regular basis?

Or, how would you react if some nine-year-old kid was watching you doing dirty dancing, dressing up like a two dollar hooker? Sucky, sucky, 5 dolla! Right, pedo? Your comment is abnormal and disgusting.

Yes, do worry because I'll be sure to call the police on your skank ass! And more powers to us admitting yourself that your fans are kids. This is one of the reasons why I deeply fucking hate you, skank. Taking advantage of their ignorance and getting away with it. But sooner or later, your luck will run out and find yourself sucking police cocks to bail out and begging for fans you've dissed and used to come back. FUCKING WORTHLESS WHORE.

In February of this year, Tila wrote a bullshit entry about moving out of her old shack house because a "stalker" disclosed her address and evidentally, got paranoid of being raped or murdered, but never forget having your sex tape released without your permission is the worst thing that could happen to you! Yes, this whore speaks from personal experience obviously. She is the guru of pain and suffering, and we're not.

"I have a 2 story house with a pool and gated with security" - A lot of apartments have swimming pools, even crappy ones, stupid.

"All the money will go to charity." - Riiight.

In her new "temporary" shack house, she made a video, saying she'll give us a tour of her new place, but remained in her "glamroom" throughout the entire video and focused on her disgusting body instead:

If you don't want to watch the video, there's a transcript I've made. Finding that entry about the house she tried to fool us is gone, so I'm grateful other bloggers had it saved. YES!

Photo Courtesy by SpikedTequila:

Photo Courtesy by Tilasrotspot:
For those who are just catching up, when Tila announced she found a new home in Texas, she'd direct-linked to a photo of a house that resides in Thailand. Yes. She did. Had she not, she might have gotten away with it...for now. Someone will eventually discover the truth and spill it out. But this outcome was just too funny and it was a great laugh.

So, Tila tweets of purchasing a three-floor mansion and is getting ready to move in, but at the same time, going to Egypt with her friends on her birthday. First off, she has friends? How many times have this whore bitched about not having any? Is this like a menstrual cycle or something? And her girlfriends gets to live there for free? Yeah, okay. Secondly, how can you be moving in a new home within few days? I'm sure there are procedures and shit, unless the skank bought it months before and then broke the news. And thirdly, how the hell are you moving in if you're going to Egypt? Sounds fishy, but this should be interesting.

This whore still has the nerve to request gifts from those dimwitted fans. First, with the charity fraud, her Jayden's Angels and kept the money, then, she took all those money from Crazy Horse strip club in New York, then, requested fans to send her gifts after her Juggalos ordeal, and now she's demanding to know what she's going to get for her birthday present? Anyone believes she donated lots of money to charities and bought friends expensive shit, is a fucking idiot and belongs with the Tila Army.

Of course, Tila Army are so hyped up thinking they're invited to her alleged new mansion...just like how they thought they were going to get a chance to ride in her new Lambo. If she did bought a three-floor mansion and invited Tila Army over, I hope somebody calls the police. If I have to, I will, but I have hope someone from California with concern will do the honor of saving those kids. Inviting Tila Army to her new home is what Charles Manson did with his victims and look what happened. Sorry, Tila Army, but she's lying, laughing behind your backs and saying, "yeah, right. Dream on." Otherwise, why haven't any of you been riding in her car lately? Yeah, because you all have been duped and until you get your senses, will be victim of it.

Here's my version of Tila's new mansion is like: Photo courtesy by

It's safe to say Tila Tequila is promoting materialism. Anyone remember this post from August?

You are a one selfish ugly cocksucking piece of meat that deserves to die. I'm done with this entry, skank.


Anonymous said...

Well said...I am new to this site since rot spot is inactive, and I have to say your new evidence gave me my final questioning to ALL Tila's bullshit lies!! Does she ever stop, lol? How can she handle to be her, and how sad she recycles ALL of it! FAIL FAIL FAIL...

Joann said...

Love this post and IMO hell yea she would take on a a New York minute. We would never hear about it but I firmly believe she would do it.

She's a skank biatch and I'm waiting for the day when she goes to jail, rehab or some mental institution.

If Tila acted this way towards adults only I wouldn't give her a second of my time but when I heard her talking to minors in a sexual way I was more than sure her ass was gone...but that didn't happen.

How she got pass that I don't know but I'm waiting for her demented ass to fall that's why I stick around and talk about her like I do.

RockitQueen said...

Epic, QOCAP, epic!

I SWEAR she tweeted awhile back insinuating that she had some kind of relationship with P. Diddy's young son Justin. Am I imagining that?? I believe that kid is only 16 or 17 NOW. I just did a quick search and couldn't find it.

That video with the 9-year-old kid is so fucked up. I'd be horrified if I caught my youngster watching that skank.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing. I am fairly new to the Tila saga (past six months or so), so I have had the pleasure of being taken all the way through the cycle. I've been on this crazy train for such a short period of time. I'm sure she wakes up in the morning and spins a big crazy wheel of "Tila Antics" to decide what's next:
"Buy a mansion"
"claim TilaMerch is coming out next week"
"get engaged"
"get pregnant"
"get pregnant"
"get engaged again" (without resolving the previous fiance situation)
"claim TilaMerch is coming out next week"
"sign great new artists to record deals for a label that doesn't exist"
"work with a few moguls"
"claim Iphone app is coming out next week"
"be forced to dump great new artist for taking advantage of her generosity"
"have a fake personality try to kill her"
"go on a fancy European tour"
"take all friends on an exotic all-expense paid trip"
"claim Iphone app is coming out next week"
"work with an Academy award winning director"
"get pulled over by cops in rental car just so they can talk to her"
"talk about going to Africa"
"talk to MTV about a new reality show"
"dump a best friend because they were fake"
"claim Iphone app is coming out next week"
"cry about having no friends"
"talk about vacationing in an exotic country"
"forget you told people that you were supposed to be on vacation and go on a crack bender on twitter"
"take a break from the internet" (three hours tops)
"claim Iphone app is coming out next week"
"talk about vacationing again"
"talk about going to africa"
"claim TilaMerch is coming out next week"
"talk to major networks again about a new reality show"
"get pulled over by cops again just so they can talk to her"
"dump another fake friend"
"take another internet break"

Lather, rinse, repeat. There's nothing else this looney could possibly come up with--her Crazy Wheel of Lies only has so many spaces.

BigPoppaPhat said...

You forget "claim to have been molested as a child" she hasn't pulled that card yet.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

LOL @R That list is actually nauseating.

Joann said...

To me this is disgusting and sick. A lot of the comments are hilarious.

Misty said...

@R you forgot her many LOLsuits. Let's sue Shawn Merriman for domestic violence, let's sue the Juggalos, let's sue Fran the guy with the 7 year old sex tape, who else has she threatened to sue - I know there have been others.

Oh and adoption - the boy in Russia, the children in Haiti, the african-american boy in Oakland. Were there others there? She'll need that 3 story mansion for all those kids.

You know what else I find LOL. Kim Kardashian just celebrated her 30th. I am not a fan of the Kardashians, not at all. But, I will say this, the word "empire" does apply to them. And Kim is pretty. She definitely doesn't look like she is years past 30. Tila on the other hand, at least in the last several pics (recent pics, that is) looks much older than 29. Message: Drugs are bad kids! Drugs are bad.

Anonymous said...

How could I have forgotten the LOLsuits? I mean, anyone who has 12 lawyers has to keep them working, right?

I did forget claims of DV against her, new assistants hired, and adopting babies. I've only been on the crazy-go-round for a short period of time, so I'm waiting for the adopt-o-baby song to start up around....december? As I mentioned on her FLOG (whof*ckingcares is my username), the holidays is when she gets all adopt-o-baby and engagy-gagy on us because, well, she's a lonely ho and has no fam to share her holidays with. Sad shit indeed.

Misty said...

@R and least we forget....4 of them are "power" attorneys. hahahahahahaha! who in the hell would represent this woman.

I also remembered Tila's multiple personalities: Jane, Little Tila, and Caroline. They are due for an appearance soon. Unless she is sticking with the Tun-Li or whatever the warrior name is. She could finish her chapters on the Illuminati, her biography (which isn't currently past Chapter 1), or best yet - become again an angel of GOD.

There is just so much!!!! If I had this thought early we should have all made her a video - each one of us wishing her something off her list of lies.

Here's mine: Happy Birthday Whore Goblin - I hope Jane comes back and finishes the job.

Abbie Normal said...

Thanks for the transcript of the video. Is it just me or does anyone else get extremely unnerved when she leans in to the camera with her jizz covered lips making kissy faces?

RockitQueen said...

@Abbie Normal: I HATE, HATE, HATE when she kisses at the camera. The close-up of her herpetic lips...her mouth looks like hemerrhoids. I also hate when she does that stupid giggle. It makes her sound like even more of a space cadet.

hanah said...

ohhh the comic book lie! I completelly forgot about that one!

My Kickass Comic book, made by a very very well known comic book company, will be out by the end of this summer! POW! Do u like comic books?
26 Mar via web Favorite Retweet Reply

RockitQueen said...

Guys, I found that tweet I was thinking of about P Diddy's son. It was his son Quincy, not Justin, and the tweet was from Carlton Jordan:

Mom said...

Thanks for all of the reminders of her lies. I had actually forgotten about some of the things she had done. The 'arm meet' saga was one of the most disturbing for me. Especially when she brought it all up again and blamed Garry for cutting her arm. I still can't grasp how here fans can ignore these things.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, when she does the kissy-unsexy-whispery-smoker's rasp thing to the camera, I too want to gut my eyeballs out with melon ballers. It reminds me of a five year old dancing around provacative-like to a Britney Spears video. It's just fucking creepy.

And what's up with her lips? Sometimes, she tries to be all "pouty" and completely overdoes her top lip--it looks like she gave a Wesson bottle a rim job or something. Then she won't move her top lip--it's immobile and she looks like a 52 year old socialite who just came from her plastic surgeon's office. I think she's very pretty and has a nice body, but why a 28 year old with a moderately cute face would fuck it up with plastic surgery is beyond me.

Abbie Normal said...

@R... Most things Tila does is beyond me...

The Centre said...
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MeMe XOXO said...

Sorry posted the last comment on my work email LOL probably not the best

Just an FYI...I'm Egyptian and there is no way in HELL Tila would ever be allowed an entry visa into the country. That is 100% bullshit. We are primarily a Muslim country and none of us want to see her ass hanging out as she's walking down the street. Just saying.