Wednesday, December 14, 2011

3 AVN 2012: Tila Nominated For Best Celebrity Sex Tape

Go Tila!

On December 4th, Tila Tequila posted a movie entry about "The Devil’s Double". I'm sure readers probably don't care about Tila's opinions as they end up being shitty anyways, but this is pretty damn funny. Thanks to Network305 for sharing us this link, turns out Tila plagiarized part of Matt Patches's article. This is low as stealing model Grieta Bastika's photo and proclaiming her as a new Tila Army member. Wow. Pathetic, Tila. Really. Not only are you an ugly asshole troll, but you dissed real fans who wanted to join your kiddie club but were denied for whatever reason and to show appreciation, allowed a fake one in instead? No wonder you have few remaining genuine fans left.

There is a website called I don't know how legit it is, but it claims, "Outsource your Software create fake twitter users projects by hiring a freelance expert that can help you!" I wouldn't be surprised if Tila hired someone or few to generate fake accounts to keep the search integrate on Twitter going. Same with Facebook. If this isn't enough to convince you, columnist, Sean Kerrigan, writes, "US Gov. Software Creates 'Fake People' on Social Networks", and even challenged Tila's fans to encourage that dimwit to get help. Sadly, only two fans expressed concerns, with one of them stating whatever Tila does, is her choice, so basically this fan would rather keep quiet and allow Tila to continue her destructive behavior. Really? Only two? I smell bullshit.

It's pathetic Tila continues to devalue herself as nothing; giving me an impression she hasn't learned anything from her mistakes and rather insult her what-integrity for attention. Well, what could I expect really? This is an extreme case of narcissism, so Tila might as well be the "poster-girl" for narcissism.

All this to get our attention by pulling stupid-ass stunts to generate site traffic that will attract ad revenue because poor Tila doesn't want to get a real job. Yes, I'm assuming this is just another typical Tuna stunt because the entry is still on her ghost-town failed site, unedited. But whatever, Tila. You are a tool of the haters manipulation and with your constant bullshit stunts you pull, no one in Hollywood is taking your desperate ass seriously, so, you might well stop striving for the unachievable: A-list status and the Vietnam Ambassador. But don't stop with your stunts, though. When I have my bad days, I'm counting on you to cheer me up, which you haven't done so lately.

Tila, are you running out of ideas? Your stunts have been so...bland lately. You need to work harder and stir up some serious shit if you want to stay relevant...I'm just saying.

UPDATE 12/18/2011: - Tilasrotspot have a record of Tila committing plagiarism back in May 8, 2010. What a shocker. Read it here!

Without those oversized photos, her entry would be just shit. Oh, wait. It would be regardless. While Matt Patches seems to know what he's talking about and demonstrated expressing opinions with eloquence, Tila on the other hand, writes as if she's still in third grade. I understand everyone has their own writing style and don't consider myself a good writer, but compare the two, you can tell one person is smart and the other, stupid as fuck. Her review lacks both style and substance, so it can't be considered a review in the first place. Why? A movie review not just focuses on the actor's talent, the plot, or movie budgets. In fact, I believe those three what makes a review bad.

What makes a good review is obviously based on the author's ability to make sense, provide good depths, and doesn't trail off. That's just my opinion. Tila, if you want to sound smart, don't steal other people's work. I would like to sympathize your issues about coherency, besides your problem with lying, but you are not fit to be a writer for numerous reasons. If anyone can remember the live feed Tila did for the royal wedding, it was quite an intrigue to watch her ramble nonsense, changing topics mid-sentence. It's a fact Tila is one of the worst speakers (about anything) in the world, but if we were to prove it, the royal wedding would be a way to go. So, if one mind can't speak simple sentences, what constitutes that mind the ability to even write?

Oh, how cute. Tila's so awed about her review she just had to tweet him!

Moving on.

Thanks to OfficialMsTuna for the link. columnist wrote this article prior to the release of Tila Tequila Uncorked:
I wonder how this person knows Tila got royalties instead. I would really like to know the sales now. If you haven't done so, check out my Tila Tequila Seriously Uncorked entry.

Adult Video News have announced their 2012 Best Celebrity Sex Tapes nominees and among the list is yep. You guessed it: Tila Tequila! Congrats for being nominated! I feel confident you'll win for best pussy/ass-licking celebrity sex tape for 2012! Don't be upset. At least those sick fucks have the nerve to label you as a celebrity and not as an infamous slut.

So, Tila. Gonna celebrate soon? You should invite your Tila Army. Just a thought.


RockitQueen said...

Way back during that "Biff" debacle, when the Resistance was in contact with him, he actually spilled the beans on her and said she "shot a porn last month," which would have been July 2010. Here's the entry on Rotspot that talks about this:

So, as we all knew anyway, it's true the release of the porno wasn't an oopsie.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Oh, yeah. I remember that. Thanks for the info.

Yeah, I didn't believe one bit this lesbian sex tape was to be personal, mainly because those two girls were already porn stars.

Joann said...

I commented in the last post that I stumbled upon the AVN awards late one night last week but I guess I was looking at a rerun from 2010 because I didn't see anything about Tila's porn movie.

I'm going to make sure and see it for this year since the skank has been nominated. I want to see if she will be there in person and what skank outfit she will wear. You know how Tila likes to have all the attention on her...well she's got to go some to beat these women. They have it all hanging out and these are healthy women not pint sized like Tila. The two presenters had on black underwear with half of their butts hanging out and black pasties. They make Tila look like a little girl.

And yea, we all knew she made a porn movie by choice. That's how she was able to lease that Lambo. Mmmmmmm...wonder why she's not blowing up her twitter about this nomination? LOL.