Saturday, December 24, 2011

9 Whores Don't Limo Or Lambo. They Do Taxis

If you haven't read Ghost Rider Radio's article about Tila's "Posha" back at the lambo dealer, you should, although Tuna would disapprove because it was silly, yet pathetic, of her to apeshit about her purchase, but in the end, was just renting it. reported Tila did not receive $400,000 and is getting royalties instead. So, all you perverts out there, make this whore happy by purchasing her lesbian sex tape!

Tuna is usually restive, let alone, brags about anything that strokes her ego, but not these two cases of car repossession and her nomination for best celebrity sex tape 2012. Hmmmm...dare I ask why?

Thanks to Ivanna Vodka for the link:

I'm not surprised no one is asking Tila about her pseudo-relocation to New York city or "Posha". Chances are, they work for I guess she hasn't found an apartment, let alone, a roommate yet. Or, maybe her partner backed out on the Single White Female bad girl act. You think? Oh, wait. That's right. It was just another publicity stunt. What was I thinking? When you DON'T have any talents, you gotta stir some shit. Anyways, while the video is boring, I find it pretty strange the way Tila Tequila was acting. Is someone out to get you, Tit? Does it start with an H?

I noticed you were eyeing on those pretty roses the lady was holding. I bet you had high hopes that they were for you:
Don't feel bad. You didn't leave empty-handed. The world doesn't owe you apologies, but whoever gave you some knew you would get pissed off and start more drama, so did what he/she thought best: gave you some petals to shut your ass up. By the way, your outfit reminds me of what hookers wear:
This is Mitsuko Souma, and she's one of the antagonists of Battle Royale manga. She's fifteen and her characteristics include sociopathy, nymphomania, and would kill anyone (has killed many of her classmates and outside of school). Sounds familiar? Even though this is a drawing, Mitsuko is very beautiful, unlike the short-legged haggard Tuna. I don't know. Maybe Tila needs to lose more weight or get another plastic surgery...
A midget who refuse to wear shoes her size.

That's all I got to say for now. Happy Holidays, everyone!


Joann said...

We all know the lies will never stop. So what else is new. Next year it will be the same thing. Next year is the year she is taking over...AGAIN. LMAO at her wearing fur and getting into a taxi. I'm pretty sure she borrows her clothes and shoes from the wardrobe closet of some stylist she knows to attend events. Skank is broke and can't buy her own shit even though she has a black credit card...yea. lol.

The 12/23 post about her on GRR featuring those No H8 pics of her looks horrible. I don't know what's going on with her throat in that pic but it's the weirdest looking throat I have ever saw on a person. Her head looks gigantic on her little bony body and her face looks old. Her fake boobs can't do the job of making her look sexy anymore because she's so skinny. SMH.

Anyway, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year guys.

Joann said...

meant..."weirdest looking throat I have ever seen on a person".

deluwiel said...

she put on her FB that next year she's going to have... wait for it... a brand new website full of awesome features!!!! *yawn* This is just getting tedious. She's all used up and just doesn't have the energy or the brain cells left to think of any new stunts. Kinda makes me sad. I keep hoping for a new outburst of crazy and it just hasn't happened.

Joann said...

@deluwiel...LMAO...isn't that the same thing she said earlier this year about the piece of crap website she has up now?

She also said her fashion line was coming out in 2012. The same fashion line she raved about in 2010.

deluwiel said...

@Joann - yeah, she claims she designed the red dress she's wearing in the pics of the No H8 event she went to and it's part of her "fashion line". Sophisticated, fit well, nice lines... If she designed that dress then I'm Santa Claus. But it's Tuna, so she decided to pair it with those stupid ill-fitting white granny gloves and some kind of white lunch box purse. And in the closeup photo you can see the left neckline facing sticking out LOLOL

deluwiel said...

HA! I knew it - Tuna didn't design shit. If she had that red dress made she stole this design

OR she bought the dress and had it altered. Too similar to be coincidence, if you ask me. Right down to the button detail on the sleeves. The only thing I see that's different is that hers doesn't have the fitted bodice and she's not wearing the belt.

Joann said...

Tila tweeting about her "vacay" in she can afford to go to Maui. If she is in Maui the price of the ticket was included in the "service package". LOL.

Remember when she went to Paris and was acting and talking like a kid in the video while some dude was filming her? Wonder what "role" she's playing for the Maui trip, if she's really there.


RockitQueen said...

About Maui, none of the pictures prove that she is there, but if she really is, I'm sure the "vacation" is being funded by a client. Hopefully, we can finally expose this whore once and for all this year.

Happy new year, everyone!

deluwiel said...

so it's come to this. She's selling off her trashy clothes and personal belongings and shilling her 'artwork'. This is just beyond pathetic. And the new website is supposed to launch "around" January 14. That's the kicker. She leaves the door open to piss around for weeks before it actually launches (if it ever does.) HOW can the AOI fall for this AGAIN?!? It boggles the mind.