Saturday, March 19, 2011

104 Hoe, You Gotta Be Kidding Me

Because I refuse to download Tila's pitiful application she's been working on since 2009, I can't review on this part but read opinions about her app that were all negative (last time I'd checked). From what I've seen, though, I think it's a complete waste of space, but most of all, pointless. All you need to do is check her crack rants from twitter and you've got all the boring self-absorbed latest news from Tila herself. I'm sure someone will put her new (oh my God) songs on YouTube if she ever releases them, so what's the fucking point? To look cool?

Friday, March 4, 2011

86 I Miss the Old Train Wreck

You may agree or disagree with my opinions but I honestly think Tila is becoming extremely boring. Granted, many of us have scolded and demanded her to grow the fuck up but ever since the rise of her infamy, Tila's only strategy to draw our attention was by being...well, a train wreck or taking off her clothes and we're all used to it. Her attempt of growing up may do her more harm than good. Why? Perhaps it's just me, but I think most people would rather watch her erratic behaviors than watch her being sober. I'm sure Tila's sex tape have been viewed more than her dumb long time ago reality shows, if not, it will eventually.