Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4 Should We be Worried about her Underage Fans?


While Tila is passing out in front of her laptop from time to time, I was pondering what damage she could cause toward the underaged fans if no one intervened. Granted I am not responsible for their actions, nor, act as a parent, or play hero, but you can go so far and Tila is already crossing the line with her underaged fans. You may not agree with this entry, but just because you're infamous and have been featured in dirty magazines that can be found in underground subways and gas stations, let alone, being a female, doesn't mean you're above the law. Interestingly, Dateline NBC's To Catch a Predator predators are all men. Why are there no female predators? They do exist. I watched plenty clips on YouTube and found no female predators. Sexiest, definitely. Am I saying Tila is a predator? This is my opinion and I think she is about to become one, or hell, already is. But like I said, this is my opinion.

Like other bloggers, I research and ultimately decide what I'm going to publish. I don't know why this was never in my mind, but what I should have done was blur out pictures of TilaArmy members on my blog...mainly for legal issues and finally just felt uncomfortable. So, I went back to entries that had photos of her fans and blurred their faces and even went as far to blur out names, but, it remains imperfect. Although their age is undisclosed, but their photos are and they do look very young. I do have other provisions, though. On December 02, 2008, Tila Tequila made a video discussing of haters attacking her fans, titled "TILA TEQUILA'S MESSAGE TO HATERS" and this is what she had to say:

"Yo, why are you talking shit about my fans, man? They're like, LITTLE KIDS! You know? Does that make you feel better? Like, THEY'RE KIDS, man. You know? THEY'RE KIDS! You know? Leave them alone! Like, don't be talking shit about...KIDS. Amazing kids at that."

"But these haters, like, go like...they're like, fucking PREDATORS on internet and they talk shit about like, LITTLE KIDS, you know, who buy like, Tila books, or like Britney Spears albums and there's like these haters who are so pathetic in their little lives to go on internet, and go on my myspace, and leave nasty little comments on my little fan pictures. You know, like, leave them alone! Get a fucking life! Jesus, seriously! You wanna talk shit, talk shit about me. Do not talk shit about my fans..." You can get the whole clip clicking here.

Obviously Tila acknowledges her fans are kids, though how many, we don't know. There's got to be a contrast here. If they're not kids, then, could the rest be perverted adults, taking advantage of Tila's websites? After all, that's what Tila does: Take off her clothes. Who are likely to be her audience? If not kids, then adults ranging from eighteen and up. If so, then, there is a dangerous liaison here and deserves further investigation.

Thanks to Tilasrotspot for alerting its readers regarding about Tila's behavior toward her underaged fans:

You can get more information from Tilasrotspot's Child Minor Theme--VERY SERIOUS page.

So, with Tila's own words, she has fans that are kids. And when your fans are kids, you would think this woman not flash her vagina or wear provocative outfits to minors, right? Wrong. Below are some photos posted on her newest website,

And most of her ads are products intended for adults:

Even her twitter page is not exempt from being filled with sexual contents:

And now Tila is making it easier to attract sexual predators, who are likely among the regular visitors, by having "Tila Army" section where she posts pictures of fans that are likely children based on the photos we've seen. I don't think that is a good move. In fact, I encourage Tila stop sharing their photos and linking to their twitter page and etc. Unfortunately, Tila is desperate to prove the world she has fans and will harm children if needed to get her point heard by publishing photos of allegedly underaged fans. Ironically, Tila will publish their photo and link to their twitter page, but not disclose their age, even though she requested for their age in the application form to join her Tila Army.

Not only is she exposing herself, but she is also provoking unwanted and dangerous behaviors that would frighten parents. Back in June 6, 2010, Tila faked suicide attempt and later stated it was just a hoax, a prank, but most of all, her attempt to get media's attention. Tila made a short clip of her arm being cut and bloody and showed her trashed bedroom. She deleted it, but not before Tilasrotspot staffs saved and uploaded it onto their blog site. A less dangerous, but illegal nevertheless, stunt took place on April 10, 2010 where Tila entered a random CVS store and attempted to shoplift, but got caught by a security guard and made it sound glamorous to shoplift. "DO NOT SHOPLIFT! IT IS WRONG! (UNLESS U out of money! LMAO)." How fucking encouraging of you. Stupid cunt.

Like I said, this entry is an opinion of mine, based on the results of evidence gathered. I have no intention of slandering, ever, and hence, there are none. If you have a serious problem with this entry, comment and address your concern, politely. However, I can assure you, these conjectures are based on the evidence I've gathered and nothing will make me change my mind.


Isis said...

Female predators definitely exist. It's just that our society has this really messed up double standard that if the woman is "hot enough", it's high-five worthy for a teen male to bag somebody who looks like Tila. If it were Ray J bagging a teen girl, then it'd be a whole different story. People would be outraged.

The rules don't change according to your masturbation preferences. Tila has the signs of "grooming" her underage fans. I mean, Joe Francis was backing her up big time, probably still is, and he's not a person with good intentions, he just knows how to be charming.

I am not against having a sex industry, I just do not agree at all with the "barely legal" stuff, and if I had it my way you would have to be 21 to be in porn or mags like Playboy or Penthouse.

alison m m said...

She believes she is a social worker. When you understand where she lives and put her in context she may be right ...

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

@ alison m m: Who are you referring to? Titla Bacteria is no way near being a social worker.

Treva said...

Yay!!!! I'm uber excited I found this blog!!! I'm a loyal Rotspotter, and I'm always stoked to find like-minded peeps! Can't wait to see more from ya!!!