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7 Tila's Narcissism And Her Mind

Don't forget the Adult News Awards will announce their best celebrity sex tape winner between January 18-21. Congratulate Tuna Tequila on her nomination, because, as a natural-born slut she is, deserves to win. This nomination could boost her lacking career into full-fledged adult business. Of course, due to her old age, she'll be labeled under "Mothers I Like to Fuck" category. Sorry, Grandma Tit, but you are not young and to make matters worse, you fucked up your face after going under the knife. Anyways, with her dumbass projects put to side for now, I want to discuss about narcissism, express my opinions on Tila's strategies of getting our attention, how you can beat her own game, and other topics you might find interesting.

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The following excerpt was published in 1984 and is part of the Personality And the Behavioral Disorders (Norman s. Endler and J.McVicker Hunt) book. Yes, it's old and narcissism might be omitted in DSM-V, but its symptoms are faithful to the current definition and regardless what DSM says, narcissism is a mental disease.

Although these disorders [Histrionic and Narcissism] are distinguished across several critical dimensions, it can be observed that individuals so labeled share a penchant for drawing attention to themselves. Histrionic behavior is characterized by overly dramatic, reactive, and intense emotional behaviors and disturbances in interpersonal functioning. Requirements for DSM-III diagnosis include at least three of the following symptoms: self-dramatization, or exaggerated affective expression; incessant attention seeking; craving for activity and excitement; overreaction to insignificant events; and irrational, angry outbursts or tantrums. At least two disturbances in interpersonal relationships are needed, and histrionic persons are often described as insincere, shallow, egocentric, self-indulgent, inconsiderate, vain, demanding, dependent, helpless, manipulative, and/or constantly seeking reassurance. If these characteristics are present and stable across situation in constellation, it is not difficult to imagine that interpersonal styles are aversive and detrimental to forming lasting emotional bonds among adults.

Histrionic behaviors or inclinations have been observed among men, but diagnosticians consider this disorder to be more closely associated with the feminine gender. Cloninger et al. (1975) suggested that women whose behavior is antisocial are often labeled hysterical as opposed to sociopathic. It has been questioned whether hysteria is a milder, feminine manifestation of sociopathy and whether women are less likely to be diagnosed in the extreme category of antisocial personality. That is, whether this is a diagnostic bias among clinicians or whether, in fact, hysteria represent sex-specific behavior is not known. Nevertheless, women who are classified as histrionic are often said to be physically attractive and seductive in their sexual behavior. They are described as generating high initial interpersonal appeal, but their interpersonal relationships are said to be intense and short-lived. The histrionic person is characterized as one who attempts to control others through interpersonal manipulation. Further, as has been said of women collectively, histrionic persons typically show little interest in intellectual pursuits and are easily influenced, particularly by authority figures.

---------- end excerpt

From Psychology Today:

"A cross section of the narcissist's ego will reveal high levels of self-esteem, grandiosity, self-focus, and self-importance. They think they are more physically attractive and intelligent than just about everyone, and would rather be admired than liked. They are enraged when told they aren't beautiful or brilliant but aren't affected much if told they are jerks."

"Narcissism is a stable trait that varies in degree from person to person. Some aspects, including confidence and self-sufficiency, are healthy and adaptive. It is only at the extreme end of the spectrum that narcissism becomes a disorder, often because toxic levels of vanity, entitlement, and exploitativeness are on display."

"Because control is so important to narcissists, they can abruptly lose their charm if destabilized or threatened. This two-faced behavior is often the first clue to their true character. They get angry when rejected, overreacting to small slights and punishing those who do not support their grandiose image of themselves."

"The fun-loving narcissist may enjoy widespread networking and dominating a social group not because they want to exploit every person in their path, but simply because they desire the positive reinforcement of others."

"In 1984, psychologist Robert Emmons posed the original narcissistic paradox: He noted that narcissists simultaneously devalue others even as they need others' admiration. Back's research on narcissism now allows psychologists to resolve this long-standing paradox. It appears that narcissists seek out people who maintain their high positive self-image, at the same time intentionally avoiding and putting down people who may give them a harsh dose of realism. 'Seeking admiration is like a drug for narcissists,' notes Back. In the long run it becomes difficult because others won't applaud them, so they always have to search for new acquaintances from whom they get the next fix."

"In the sexual realm, a narcissist may be satisfied just knowing a person finds him or her attractive. 'I feel so much better about myself when I know that a girl likes me enough to sleep with me," notes Mystery in his book.'"

"Narcissists may also have unique coping mechanisms that allow them to reframe negative reactions. 'They know that in certain situations [such as on first meeting] they are better than others and they use this positive information to generally reinterpret other experiences,' notes Back. Narcissists may conclude that others are just jealous ('haters!'), or just not smart enough to realize how "bitchin' they really are."

"Perhaps the greatest paradox of all is that narcissism is neither absolutely good nor bad. Narcissism can be adaptive or maladaptive, appealing or appalling, depending on how charm and cunning are deployed."

"Hypersensitive and insecure. This includes imagining criticism where it doesn't exist and getting depressed by perceived criticism.'Vulnerable' narcissists are self-centered and overly defensive."

"Prone to a vast array of negative emotions including depression, anxiety, self-consciousness, and shame owing to not being given their 'due.' Such feelings can be an indication of egocentricity and self-absorption."

I'm sure most of my readers are familiar with Tila's background history. For those who don't might find themselves asking why she's infamous in the first place. Well, ponder no more. Although I don't personally know Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, but I believe not everything is true about her past.

Prior to her Myspace's extravaganza, Tila employed herself as an import car model. You would think someone who's seriously below the standard height in modeling industries would get rejected down flat, so I smell conspiracy here. According to Tila, she was discovered by a Playboy scout while in a mall. Ah. The classic American fairy tale: a person is minding their own business and is approached by a scout and their career takes off. Typical fantasy. It's all bullshit, folks. Possible truth is Tila, who admits being a stripper, begged people running import car conventions to model, even for free, just to get her ugly face out there. While she was able to get some gigs, it wasn't enough and her finance was becoming scarce.

Her attitude and affinity for getting into trouble caused a nasty rift among her relatives, especially with her parents, and hence, turned to drugs and other destructive mechanism to conceal whatever that's hurting her. This is merely the tip of the iceberg. Rather than focus on education or face her problems, after obtaining some modeling experiences, sends out her resume to various adult magazines because prominent ones (like Vogue) will reject her. When she have not received any replies, went to the nearest headquarters and persuaded the editor-in-chief through the obvious method. The way she carries herself, I have no doubt Tila sucked and fucked to get where she's at. She was never discovered as she wants you to believe.

If there is one thing you truly know and no one can possess your knowledge no matter how hard they try, it would be yourself. No one knows you like the way you do. Unfortunately, for someone who suffers pseudologia fantastica like Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen and combined with various mental illnesses she obviously suffers, their true self becomes disoriented and create false personas to fill this empty, yet shameful hole in order to ameliorate and gain sympathy from others.

While collecting evidence to support my thesis, I've compared her biography written by herself and from external resources and found inconsistency. This inconsistency and her constant deception is the backbone of my skepticism regarding about her past and pretty much whatever spews out of her mouth. And to be honest, I am not interested to know the real Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen. I'm interested to wake the ignorant masses out there and help them come to realization that Tila Tequila is a total fake and make sure she doesn't engage illicit acts with minors again. Yes, again. Tila have been accused of allowing minors to interact with adults on her websites and never took appropriate actions. To this day, I'm still wondering why she isn't in jail yet.

Thien is a vapid woman who's so ashamed of being Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, her true-self, creates a false persona by the name of Tila Tequila and morbidly accepts that's who she really is: A Singapore-born Vietnamese immigrant who arrives to America via boat at a tender age, lived a life of near-poverty (despite getting a car as a high school graduation gift), but yet, miraculously discovered by a Playboy scout in the near future and is now famous and a mogul. No. The real Tila Tequila is a woman who's in her mid thirties, depressed, loathing life, and going back to webcaming, charging $100, to make ends meet.

According to Tila herself, she's five feet tall. However, many websites indicate she's four feet eleven. Blogger Byron Crawford's opinion may be the answer to why Tila would lie about her stature:

The nature of war among nations isn't funny but the inconsistencies of Tila's tale prior to her birth or her, um, journey to America, leaves no room for compassion toward her family's struggle because I doubt their journey really took place. First of all, I rarely read Times Magazine, but assume it's a pretty prestigious and a reliable source but columnist Lev Grossman (nice name) offered me a new perspective after reading his first paragraph:

This is one of Tila's earlier biographies and according to it, she writes, "my mom was pregnant with me while we were on our way to America..." but in the next paragraph, contradicts herself with, "after few years I was introduced to this world, my Mom, my Dad, my Brother, my Sister and I (the youngest of three) finally came to America."

In her more recent and revised version, she discusses about her family's ordeal during the Vietnam war, which ended in 1975. So, either Tila's mother experienced the longest gestation period and gave birth to Tila in 1981, or, it's really just a batshit fantasy in order to gain sympathy. Her mission failed and she was definitely ridiculed. Regardless being born during or after the war, her bizarre and shameless personality never fails to amuse me. In the revised version, Tila labels herself as a "child of war."

Apparently her promiscuous behavior, adult modeling career, and willing to do anything to earn cash and fame drew attention of Tom Anderson and invited her to abandon Friendster and join Myspace. How, as a no one, able to get so many followers is astonishing, but not likely a mystery. Blogger Ghost Rider Radio wrote an entry about this.

I honestly believe Thien cheated her way out and would cheat again. If you think about it carefully, why is it that she's able to gain so many friends on Myspace, but can't do the same with Facebook or Twitter? It's also quite baffling many people define themselves by how many people/spammers follows them. Someone once said, "I rather have followers by qualities than quantities." I agree, but sadly, narcissism is an insidious disease on the rise and the statement would be frowned upon by those who thinks otherwise.

With over one million of people (I'm sure the vast majority were fake or inactive) on her "friends" list, this abundance drew attention of former Stuff Magazine editor-in-chief, Jimmy Jellinek, and got her on the issue cover for April 2006. So, we now know who the real culprit is. Why is he a culprit? What led to one location, leads to another and that is finally, her break into Hollywood: MTV. Make sure to send this douchebag a "thank you" card for unleashing a walking std into our society.

After debuting in a much less respected magazine, her cover issue finally got the attention of MTV. I used to watch MTV when the channel played music videos and when music were actually tasteful, but it's full of garbage now and her show broadcasted on their channel is highly appropriate. Trash attracts trash. The premise of this fake-reality show is Tila, portraying a bisexual character, is looking for love. How original, right?

I like to be in depth and ridicule to my heart's content about A Shot at Love, but because I didn't watch it, I can't, and is judging based on the reviews I've read and some clips I happen to see on YouTube. I'm sure Thien feels highly special for having her own show, but if a teen mom can get on MTV, pretty much a bum can, too. Despite the fact it's 2012, Thien is still obsessed about her past show and doesn't hesitate to act it's still brand new and relevant. Like archiving old pornographic photos of herself, for instance. Oh, when will she ever learn?

So, what have we discovered here? Thien did not obtain brief spotlight through talent she so lacks, but by taking off her clothes. Hollywood is fixated on breasts and ass. If using your looks to get through the door is your only strategy into Hollywood, be warned your success is short-lived. You will survive if you have looks, talent, and people you know. Unfortunately for Thien, she doesn't meet the standard Hollywood criteria and resorts to filming three-some lesbian pornography for the purpose of telling Hollywood she's still here, begging for movie roles. While she begs, Hollywood and the world laughs.

Casey Johnson was the daughter of Robert Wood Johnson, co-founder of Johnson & Johnson. She was diagnosed with diabetes and unfortunately passed away in January 2010 due to medical negligence. While her death was ruled as natural causes, the opinions (empathize opinions) of Thien's detractors suspect while Thien may not be directly responsible, but was an influence in some way.

Those who are suspicious of Thien's possible influence (please note these are opinions) to Casey's demise and their engagement have the every right to be so. Casey Johnson was a troubled woman with drug problems and have been in trouble with the law as well. She is survived by her adopted daughter, Ava. Blogger BLONDE BLOGGER wrote detailed account of Thien's whereabouts upon that time.

I praise Jane for being straight forward and putting Thien on the hot seat. Casey's death and her brief relationship with Thien attracted the attention of media outlets who scrutinized their alleged engagement, even revealing the engagement ring Casey gave to Thien is a fake. HLNTV reporter, Jane Velez-Mitchell, did not hesitate to question Thien's duration with Casey Johnson and strongly suspect their relationship was a sham. Thankfully, the Johnson family felt the same way and would not allow Thien at the funeral. I was hoping to embed the videos Thien had on her YouTube channel, but being ashamed of her actions, made them private. Fortunately, I was able to find a snippet video and the transcript of her interview [screencaps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]:

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Let me get to that. Let me talk a little bit about your relationship with Casey. TMZ is reporting that two of Casey`s friends claimed that Casey herself called them to say that her relationship with you was, quote, "all for show". Those friends also claimed that Casey said she met you only three days before the infamous engagement video shot on December 9th. What`s more, Tila, TMZ spoke to a friend and said you were actually in the room when Casey made those calls. So when exactly did you meet Casey? How long did you know her before you shot that video announcing your engagement? How many days?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, let me just ask this question. December 9th, ok, that`s when the engagement video was shot so I`m just asking you when did you meet Casey? Give me a date, I mean, if it`s June? Because people are saying three days before so just give me your -- I just want to hear what you say is first when you met her? And how you met her?

TEQUILA: I met her when I immediately first heard about the charges that were pressed against her for burglary charges. That`s when ...

VELEZ-MITCHELL: What day are we talking though, what day?

TEQUILA: Whenever the burglary charges were so I`d probably say...

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I mean, what not, did you meet her in December? Did you meet in November? The reason is, ok, I`ll move on.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Apparently there was an argument. Casey`s last Tweet, which has been widely reported, was on December 29th, the next day.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: And, of course, she was tragically found dead on January 4th.

So there are those who wonder, if you were so close to her and the police say she could have been dead for days, why not try to spend New Year`s Eve with her?

There is this gap of time and people are wondering well, if you were that close, why weren`t you around?

TEQUILA: I actually last spoke with her on the 30th, late, late on the 30th. And we had gotten in a fight a few days before that over her dogs, because I said, "Casey, your dogs are pooping all over my bed and Elvis is not trained and it`s -- they`re a bad influence on my dog, which is trained." Because once they poop all over the house, my dog, which is trained, start pooping all over the house. And they started peeing on the -- the pillows.

Funny how Thien says her dog is house-broken, but this video, which was uploaded in 2009, states otherwise:

Having her own show was the biggest factor for the rise of her narcissistic behavior. On Tilasrotspot, I found interesting comments that are allegedly written by Linda Strawberry. Who is she? She is a former and old friend of Tila before the Shot at Love debut. Please contact Linda Strawberry on her twitter page if you want clarification regarding about the comments:

Because Thien suffers narcissism to its extreme and self-destructive way, she truly believes her show helped push the legality for gay marriage. I shit you not:

It's very common for us to be excited and boast on our success, but if one is excited to be featured in adult magazines or videos, thus, proud of being someone's sexual fantasies, then that's their business, but me as a person, and with dignity, I would be more pleased of earning respect from others and proud of accomplishing tasks that are more challenging and rewarding than posing nude for dirty magazines.

My analysis concludes Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen slept her way through, used her looks, albeit jaded now, to manipulate others and insult those who are less physically appealing. If the world was healthy, and I mean by intelligence and personality dominating physical appearance, she would not be where she is now. But even with her own self-proclaiming appealing looks, her disposition is quite abysmal. Part of narcissism is the sufferer's fixation on looks and it's obvious Tila is very judgmental about appearance on others and herself. I can just imagine wearing street clothes with no make-up on and no doubt she'll view me not as an ugly-looking person, but as a bad person in general as well. Hell, I truly believe a sewer rat would have more respect from Thien's point of view, which is quite sad.

All I gotta ask is, what would you do if you got into a car crash that mangled your body? Where would you be? Speaking of car crash, Tila shared her own account of collision. Her details are meant to break our hearts, but like Life Alert commercial, it's unintentionally funny. Humor aside, there are no scars on Thien's body. Even if you are physically beautiful, beauty never lasts, let alone, defines who you are personally and spiritually. How will Thien behave when she's in her fifties and have wrinkled skin with many liver spots? Oh, that's right. She might take her own life before crossing that bridge.

Narcissists who are fixated on their physical appearances are also fixated on seeking admiration and when is not met, would react pretty harshly. I agree narcissism varies from person to person according to Psychology Today, but observing Thien's behavior since early 2010, she has the whole package of craving attention, obsessed with physical appearances, is manipulative, lacks empathy, deserve entitlements, feeling very special, seeks admiration, and despises anyone who fails to meet her expectations, mainly those who do not kiss her ass.

Despite being in her 30's, Thien have demonstrated numerous times of handling criticism equivalent to a child throwing tantrums when not getting one wants. The purpose of TilaArmy, though, I like to call her fans Army of Idiots, is to attack people Thien hates or who wronged her. TilasRotSpot team were one of them. In fact, Tila sent the bloggers a cease and a desist letter and failed. Perez Hilton was the next, then attacks Celebslam because he simply called her a "Saigon whore." I have more information about her idiotic behavior. Keep in mind this is someone who can't practice what she preach.

In addition to lying about everything and fantasizing of obtaining great success, mainly a pioneer at everything (real and imagined), Thien is also known for creating fake accounts, let alone, fake Tila Army Soldier, for the purpose of fooling people into thinking she has fans and attack under pseudo names, as if afraid to ruin her Tila Tequila reputation. What reputation? Exactly. I don't know either.

For a while, Thien wrote ridiculous remarks such as being a child of god sent down to earth to restore peace and love. By doing so, her attitude, while quite affected, charmed me with her attempt at pacifism. However, I wasn't being duped and sure enough, her attitude changes back to being a nasty vile woman I know of. In other words, while she was trying to be sweet and positive toward the haters, she would attack them under fake names, thanks to the standard comment form where no one needs to register on her website.

There is a distinguished pattern among Thien's fake accounts I've noticed. Someone who's not so bright and too conspicuous have no regards of even trying to conceal their true identify. The most common characteristics I've noticed are questioning my occupation, demanding me to upload a photo of myself, assume I'm ugly and a fatass, and ask if I drive a lambo and other tidbits. As if they are relevant and my reason of loathing her.

Otherwise, Thien's fake accounts (mainly on twitter) are banal and filled with "you're just jealous of Tila" and "haters are going to hell" remarks. Sometimes with homophobic and racial insults. Why do I predict someone who's making a new account like once a week or so is actually Thien? Based on the way this fake user operates, uses the same tactics. Thien is known to compare her occupation with others, proudly insults their looks, and assume anyone hating her is just jealous. You can criticize out of legitimate reasons such as her charity fraud organization and still, would not get the picture.

Thien is this midget creature allegedly taking the form of a human being and her belief obtaining unlimited success at everything she do, real and imagined, is quite a nuisance. Besides believing she's a child of god who's sent down to earth to restore peace and love, but condemn haters are going to hell for not kissing her ass, her delusions are so believable to her that she's convinced she can help you become famous, insist her projects are nothing you've ever seen before, thinks being the winner of Bravo's A-List Drama Queen means she's an A-lister (source), created her songs without any help (even though she knows nothing about music theory or able to play piano on average level) and oh my god, cannot fucking sing, and created a fake recording studio titled Tila Tequila Records, claiming she won't work on commissions.

Her fantasy of accomplishments aren't enough to feed her ego and resort to making fake contests where the winner has a chance of being flown to Hollywood and be on her non-existing reality show, telling those who are on her friends list will get a chance to be on her "Stripper Friends" music video, a chance to be in her non-existing music video, "I Fucked the DJ", and most recently, a date and be on her upcoming show. No records of winners stepping out to share their experience because it never happened. Too bad Jack the Ripper isn't alive and Patrick Bateman is a fictional character.

When it comes to her idiotic fans, and when feeling really down, she can rely on them to cheer her up. The process is very easy. Besides creating contests she 's frivolous about and failing to give out the prize, she would ask them why they want to be in her "family" and select "soldiers" who are dedicated in their support. In other words, you can genuinely be a fan, but if you are smart or question her authority, the outcome is a ban. So, basically, Thien is a rude person who don't give a damn unless she can have benefits.

It's true Tila charms people into purchasing any magazines she's featured in, begs you to vote and download her shit-fest songs on Itunes while at it. I'm sure any living individual fans that aren't fake, have helped but what about their treatment? I don't think constantly lying, treating them like shit, and disappointing them is no where close to being appreciative. She is such a vile, disgusting piece of shit, but you already knew that.

Here are examples. Will Thien delete those pages? Notice how she says, "show me some love" when she wants you to buy her garbage. Such a greedy, ungrateful filth: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

There is no shame in requesting fans to buy your products, but it is very embarrassing to make such request and absolutely no right when they're being treated like garbage and only expressing love toward them to buy your shit.

Her denial is equivalent to Eric Cartman's, "I'm not fat, I'm big-boned!" statement. There is no point in arguing with Thien. All you can simply do is ignore her or insult her, but don't expect a reply. Thien's happiness lies within drugs and her myriad of problems. Do not feel sorry for her. If her destructive behavior and not caring about people's concern is her way of achieving happiness, then care not. Let her self-destruct. There are more important people out there who needs our compassion.

As a narcissist, Thien's objective is your attention. She couldn't care less what's really being said as long she's mentioned. Just remember your attention is a gift to her and without our generosity, she would be decomposing by now. Every second, every minute, hours, days, months, years, is our gift to Thien because the most important figures in her pathetic life want nothing to do with this piece of shit and anyone who pays attention to her, be it fan or hater, your attention is an energy source that keeps her alive.

Thien is a troubled woman really not worth your or my time, but is blessed with our generosity. Our attention is so important to her. She is an empty living cell who's unable to live without our attention. She strives for drama and does not care but for herself. Her so-called beauty is unrealistic and behind the facade of her superficial charm lies a heartless monster begging to be let out. Thien lies about everything she makes the father of lies ashamed.

Thien is a coward and an insecure person, it's not wonder she thrive on drama. She hates being a no body and the real purpose of lying is to fool the future generations thinking she was a successful person. Think about it. When the future generations look her up, guess what they're going to see? Lies, lies, lies. Hopefully, my blog will be archived and save the day. But nevertheless, Thien can fool us as much as she wants, but she can't fool herself and knows she's not successful and will die a loner because no one can stand her fucking attitude. Let Thien wallow in self pity.

Care for her not because I certainly don't.


BigPoppaPhat said...

This should be Tilas IMDB page.

Joann said...

The skank was on NY Ink for all of 2-3 minutes if that long. Her head looked huge especially her forehead...seriously.

The people at the shop didn't know who she was and one of the girls said she was "some nude model". Ami said she was on a dating show dating men and women and everything in between. lol. Her tat was a large dragon with Arabic writings. Didn't listen to the story behind the tat...was not really interested.

BigPoppaPhat said...

Im. %100 the story behind the tat was all made up knowing Tuna. I didn't see any of it. Oh well.

Joann said...

SMH.....the skank has managed to sink even lower.

deluwiel said...

How can she be taking classes to convert to Judaism in NY if she's back in LA? I don't think they have online or correspondence courses for that sort of thing. Also:

um... she JUST got a NEW TATTOO. hello?!? Converting to Judaism not so much. Liar. Liar. Liar. Stinkin' liar. About everything. She sickens me. Some days I think, I've got to just stop reading about this steaming pile of WTF because she makes me so disgusted, but I just can't seem to look away. I'm expecting any day to finally read that she's been found in an apartment or motel room in a puddle of her own vomit. And I'm not so sure I'll feel anything but relief.

Michelle said...

The worst part is she's not even trying to become a real Jew. It's the "celebrity knock off" version know as Kabbalah. The one that encourages partners to cheat and make it ok. Kabbalah is up there with scientology which suits tila down to a t.
This latest fad won't last but it's interesting Alicat (who is her sister or relation or something? Does anyone know for sure?) tweeted a few weeks ago the big secret was tuna was converting to Judaism so I'm starting to believe she is indeed parr of, or was part of, tuna's inner circle. But she's also friends with Garry sun so not sure how much we can believe.
Very disappointed in tmz for reporting on it at all. Thought by now they'd learnt tuna is so unpopular she can't even manage the same amount of hater comments she used to. When is is bitch going to go away already????????

gilba said...

k gotta go! Hope you all have a great day, and greatest Jewish baseball player? BABE RUTH! POW! But I'm more of a football &basketball gal!

@OfficialMsTila Babe Ruth supported Jewish movements, but wasn't Jewish himself (in religion, or race, like myself). Were u jokin though? :)

bitch can't get anything right... as deluwiel said, just another lie. her tmz interview was pathetic.