Sunday, January 29, 2012

5 Dumbing Down...The Tila Army

It's been a week since the AVN's annual award show and we have yet to hear Tuna Tequila make a statement about her loss to Chyna for best celebrity sex tape 2012. I'm sure this loss is quite devastating because like twitter fellow, OfficialMsTuna, says, not only does Tuna may have to cut down her web chat fees, but even in sex, she just can't simply win. And since a week have passed with no news, I can always rely on Tila's tweets of random fucks for substitution; in this case, proving us once again that her fans, real and fake, are very stupid indeed. So get ready.

But first, I need to point this out:

What the fuck? Okay, Tila. I understand you're a disgusting messy pig who can't stop fucking, but never thought you're one of those people who likes to dig into garbage cans. You're not only more perverted and probably have a room full of pornography stacked from floor to ceiling than an average John, but truly repulsive. I feel sorry for Onyx who has to put up with your after-sex stank. I'm sure she rather be dog food. I'm just say'n. Garbage cans are meant for things no longer useful. How appropriate of you to have such an attraction that are meant for things like you.

Moving on. In the past, I have gone into some details of what Tila Army is and how Tuna continuously baits those young, gullible outcasts for her own manipulation and usually succeeds. I hate to use that word because success is something Tuna can't achieve, but when it comes to extremely stupid people, mainly Tila Army, they are not hard to persuade. In other words, manipulating Tila Army is like taking the pacifier from a baby. Don't consider yourself clever. In fact, if Tuna claims to be Santa Claus, they would believe it. But just to be safe and should one of the "soldiers" grow a brain, all Tila needs to say is, "I love you! We, #TilaArmy, are family and got your backs!" to keep them coming back.

Back in 2010, Tila was obsessed with Illuminati for a while and plagiarized few of ViligantCitizen's articles in some ways to convince us that she's that bright who obtained "esoteric" knowledge along the way. But, in the end, she got outed and made a fool of herself. What does this have to do with the Tila Army? Everything.

This peculiar entry was published while Tila attempted at celebrity blogging and insist she'll dethrone Perez Hilton along the way, but ultimately, failed both. Hilarious, yes, but I don't think no one associated within the media industries felt threatened, let alone, took her sorry ass seriously anyway despite her claim of managing her own paparazzi team and getting exclusive news. While her entry is amusing, but it's pretty shitty for those who are loyal to her. Basically, Tuna is telling these dark shadow groups of having her own fanbase. Even with Illuminati, she would lie. To claim of having a "massive army" is a flat out lie and I'm sure the Illuminati would be aware of Tuna's pathological lying problem.

While proudly lying about having a massive army of "idiots", Tuna subtly calls her own fans sheep.

"I have always been on the other side of 'YOU AND YOUR TRAINED ONES' however even with all that power you have and all of your trained ones, I still, all on my own, have my OWN POWER, and MY OWN TRAINED ONES."

In the next sentence, Tuna expresses her willingness to make a deal in order to be famous and rich like Lady Gaga because, you know, like a very stupid person would do, sell his/her soul for fame and wealth that isn't forever, forgetting a soul is. I have no religion, but if Heaven and Hell exist, I sure hope the deal goes through for both parties. I can guarantee I will not see Tuna in Heaven and hopefully my memories of this stupid twat will be completely erased.

"Let's cut a deal and meet half way. What I can do is a million times more powerful than what your 'TRAINED ONES' can do. Trust me."

Stupid, stupid fool. Anyways, I will mention this article later. Meanwhile, Tuna will never hesitate to insult those who constantly kiss her ass, along with those who don't, and yet, with them still failing to see what an ugly washed-up drug addict Tila really is. "You are young and closed-minded, brainwashed. Just I mentioned in my blog. Ur no #TilaArmy. Ur a child. *block*" This was said to some girl who accused Tila of being a hypocrite. It's interesting of Tila to call her a child when it's a known fact this douchebag not only blog negative entries, but comment under different screen names to lash out toward the haters. Gee, I wonder who's the real child here.

Still being an ungrateful twat, goes on to say, "you know, I used to think the 'haters' were annoying, just like everyone else here because they ALWAYS say the SAME thing." You just gotta love how her mind works. Nice way to be so appreciative. Oh, but it gets better. Just recently, while being excited about launching her "adult" website, one fan apparently did not like it and expressed her disappointment. How did Tila take it? Well, besides typically suggesting a detractor to hit the gym, go play in the traffic. I love how Tuna says "sense of humor," because it sounds to me she won't take her adult project so seriously...fate much familiar with her Tila Army Comic book she has yet to do since practically last year. If not her adult website, then surely her Tila Army one.

The Illuminati's symbols can be found in entertainment of all shapes and forms because duh, it's the best way to reach out to people, though their symbols are more prominent in music videos in my opinion. Now that we know Tuna is desperate to be a puppet and willing to sell her soul, let alone, die, for the sake of fame and wealth, she wants to fool you of believing she is a puppet by putting esoteric symbols in her "Walking on Thin Ice" video:
I do not want to go into details about its symbolism, but if you want to learn, visit Vigilant Citizen's website. But, I will tell you this, though: Dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder) is very common among victims of Illuminati control known as MK-ULTRA and Tila brags about suffering this disorder in many of her interviews. The truth is, people who have this disorder suffer memory loss and are unable to recall events during their "black outs" which occurs when switching to one of their personalities.

Why I think Tila is lying besides the fact she's a fucking liar is how she's able to recall with vivid details on account of Jane's attack. I guess she doesn't understand DID very well. And just to show you what a stupid Illuminati-puppet-wannabe Tila is, here's a picture:

Why would someone, who may not be bright, but not that stupid either, want to join Tila Army will always be beyond me. "There are TONS of cool benefits for being a soldier in the TILA ARMY! Its going to be something VERY COOL!" As of yet, I have not seen something that is even remotely cool. This is a strategy of luring her soldiers into a cult of false promises. The only party who gets the benefit is obviously Tuna.

While Tuna begs her turds to help win voting contests or download her shitty songs on ITunes to name a few, there is little in return of her appreciation besides "I love you" because as a narcissist, she expects people to help her without obliged to do something more than just speak. If that's her selfish way of rolling, fine by me, but it's better to simply shut the fuck up and don't make promises you don't intend to keep or fulfill.
So, will Tuna Tequila satisfy Tila Army by actually building a website dedicated to them? It is pretty far fetched considering most of the fans are fake so there will be little encouragements and care regardless if it's built or not.
Ah. It must be due to the overwhelming number of soldiers. Here are three tips to successfully be part of this dumb club: Ass-kiss, don't question, and fork over your credit card number and you'll be in! Speaking of credit cards, in case you use it on her new adult website, make sure to cancel your membership because it will automatically renew every month and unwanted transaction will take place.

On a very serious note here, it is very disturbing how Tuna Tequila promotes pedophilia. Despite many times I've, and among others, have called Tila a pedophile, but for legal reasons, Tila has not been caught with something considered illegal and immoral and is not. However, I'm sure we would like to stay it that way but with evidence of these disturbing tweets below and in the past, I will not doubt she can very well be, but that's simply my opinion.
The video is a clip of this terrible game show host acting inappropriately toward female contestants who are underage and constantly asking for kisses from them. You can immediately tell these girls are uncomfortable. Being familiar with Tila's strange and often unethical behavior, I have no doubt she would applaud this guy for being bold and not afraid to express his inner desires out in public, even if it's wrong:

This guy and Tila are fucking creeps.

Okay, now I will discuss about the Tila Army stupidity, starting with copyright infringement. I guess SOPA and PIPA threats finally got to Tila and decided to be like Bill Maher. Usually I like to "censor" names to save face, but considering the fact the names are pretty much known to both parties (Tila Army and haters), did not this time.

Basically, Tuna wanted to go out of her to help us prove that her fans are seriously retarded, so thank you from the bottom of my heart and making my research a lot easier, Tila. Or, if this was intended to get a reaction, either way, more harm to you by deliberately giving your fan group a bad reputation. Anyway, I'm not sure exactly how it went down, but based on my search, apparently a soldier decided to build a website for Tila Army, you know, as a back-up plan in case Tuna decides to fuck with them again.

It is true Tila Tequila and Tila Tequila Uncorked are copyrighted, but Tila's Hot Spot isn't. You can visit for confirmation. And even if Tila's Hot Spot was copyrighted, it would not stop anyone from taking advantage of fair use.

These morons are so pathetic. One of them is even afraid the twit will taken action.

Funny how she says that when Tilasrotspot team have a label dedicated to Tuna's attempt at shutting them up...literally. I'm quite jealous because I have yet to receive a cease and desist letter myself........moving on.

Well, look at this! Tila is requesting to have her old account, OFFICIALtila, to be deleted because "it's a fake!" even has that account on its website. Gee, will Tuna state her previous accounts are also fake as well? What a dumbass.

And finally, remember the entry about Tila's attempt at selling her, ahem, soul, to be rich and famous like Lady Gaga? Well, that entry, along with Jane Tried to Kill Me, Clearning Up Rumors! There Is No Tila Tequila Sex Tape!", including some videos such as her "Big Plans" a segment of interview with Jane Velez-Mitchell, "Extorted" Over Her Threesome Sex Tape, and along with videos on the right side column have been omitted or set to private. Not because she's changing her website design and its contents, but because it would be used against her.

Anyways, the point is, in one interview while she was in London, she discusses about Perez Hilton and accuses him of deleting articles. "If you're a blogger and wanna talk about me, leave it up there! I don't delete anything."

Yeah, okay, Tila. Whatever you say. By the way, nice thumbnail picture.


BigPoppaPhat said...

Haha haters are always liars, but her fans still pay attention to it and find out its always true in the end.

necro-wafer said...

As predicted, her "army" of tweens and shut-ins gushed all over her about those pics of her rollerblading in what looked like 2-year-old lingerie she found wadded in the bottom of a paper bag. One of them was all, "OMG you look so FIT!" Might have been that Chantal hag.

I'm no fan of Tila but will at least admit that at one time, several years ago, she was sort of cute. Now, she's severely underweight (nothing "fit" about someone who lives on Red Bull and Ambien), and looks like she hasn't seen the business end of a shower nozzle in weeks. This woman has been on a downward spiral for years now, but none of these "generals" will ever tell her that. Because it's more important that someone "famous" bothers to communicate with them than to suggest that "famous" person get some fuckin' professional help.

Joann said...

necro-wafer said..."As predicted, her "army" of tweens and shut-ins".....LMAO at shut-ins.

The "Generals" won't say a word about her looking like a scarecrow in a cornfield cause they're all too chicken shit to get on her bad side especially PQ(Chantal). I believe if Tila told PQ to rob a bank and send her the money she would do it. Chick is spineless when it comes to the skank.

Tila is now tweeting about her new music she just recorded and her but what happen to the websites she was building for the if I didn't know.

Joann said...

Tila is tweeting "I'm so excited to let you all know that I'll be going on tour soon! Canada, Germany & Australia! More info coming soon!! Stay tuned! YAY!"......I'm starting to think these "tours" are for reasons other than her lip snyching that crap she calls music in back alley bars.

No one buys her songs except her AOI and have you ever heard her "music" played ANYWHERE?

BigPoppaPhat said...

LOL nope, "tours" like last year were sleezy bars on Tuesday nights of her lip syncing topless.