Monday, January 2, 2012

27 Tila's Rot Spot v.2 Adult Theme For Minors?


With 2011 behind us, we can expect more lies, mostly recycled ones, spewing out of Tuna's dragon lady's mouth for 2012. A big sigh. Tila posted on her facebook that she'll be launching an adult website on January 14th, one month away from Valentine's Day, thinking people still gives a shit about her nymphomaniac behavior when in reality, the midget hogul already "jumped the shark" and is refusing to go away. Speaking of January 14th, why not on Valentine's Day, Tit? Your lesbian sex tape was released around that time. You should honor your accomplishment.

As usual, Tila wants to convince us she's very assiduous about making her projects a success and how awesome it'll be, especially her attempt at celebrity blogging. "For SO LONG I have been busting my ASS OFF working on this Celebrity Gossip Blog..." So, what went wrong? Why does she suck at everything except sucking cocks and eating pussies, QOCAP? Either Tila doesn't understand about marketing or it's her lack of talent. I choose the latter obviously. But then again, Tila had no desire to actually dethrone Perez Hilton (she couldn't if she actually tried) but used celebrity blogging as a front to "bash random celebs". And this is coming from someone who preached about being a loving person, a child of god, and wanting peace? Yes. A total fake and a nutcase.

Part of narcissism includes "a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)" (source). For veteran haters, we were able to see that demonstration on this poor dragon lady. If Tila was successful, she would be in films that made its way to your local movie theaters by now. She would have gained "real fans". She would be a guest on popular tv shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, or hell, maybe on Orpah. If I were to pick what show she'll have a better chance to be on is the Dr. Phil show. How sad for Tuna to constantly embarrass herself. Fame is a drug, people.

Now it's come to this: Making an adult website, posting archive photos of yourself. Well, sounds like Tila Tequila Uncorked wasn't a hit. When you know you made a sex tape and getting gigs at sleazy strip clubs or bars, and reverting to your old days, you know the shit has finally hit the fan! I don't want to repeat myself about how phony her enthusiasm really is, so I'll give you a link to some screencaps of Titla bragging about how awesome her projects will be here, here, here, here, and here.

The samples have the theme of working very hard. I believe Tila does not understand html (I don't mean how to make love), css, and php, so she hires a webmaster to do the work for her, which is nothing to be ashamed of. However, speaking from personal experience, it does not take a lot of effort to build websites. Creating flash files and depending how much materials you plan to add takes time, but it is not a hard work. Shit, there are programs that does it for you like Adobe Dreamweaver. Judging by her layouts, I could have her shitty site up and running within an hour.

I'm sure her small, yet genuine fans, must be thrilled about Tila going back to webcam for intimate interactions. I wasn't around that time of hotspot activity, so I don't know how long she kept her webcam up and whether or not if her v.2 adult site will suffer the same fate as celebrity blogging. Regardless of my opinion, the fact remains about her hooking activity online. I have no doubt she sells herself offline, but her old website charges visitor to see her strip and even masturbate. Isn't that prostituting yourself? Yes? No? With no lambo and low on cash, I anticipate her new adult site will NOT be free. Prepare yourself to be aghast. Saigon whore price isn't cheap, even the loose vagina ones like Tuna herself.

I'm actually proud of Tila doing something she's naturally good at: Being a dirty perverted whore she is, and absolutely nothing more. She is a dirty whore with an ugly face, thanks to her plastic surgeries. Sad. It's even more sad she's going to abandon her kiddie fans who waste their time feeding her ego. But that's okay. Most of them are fake.

Now, will Tuna launch her new site on time? Will she make the excuse of website crashing? Will she say new ideas delayed the launch, sorry folks? Will she boast her server is shared with msn and tmz? Will she say she'd fired her staffs and is hiring new ones? Hell, will she say her new site is going to put YouPorn out of business? Oh, so many questions! Adult Video News are going to announce the winners in late January. Perhaps Tila should add her nomination on her splash page? After all, that is her theme. Congratulations to Tila for understanding Hollywood doesn't want her and sticking to what she's really worth: a man's dick and to be thrown away after use. Ouch.

Regarding about her underage fans, let's just hope Tuna will have the decency to put 18 and up message on her splash page and make it safe (this time). This would be a legitimate concern, considering the fact Tila Tequila does admit her fans are underage and have been accused of allowing minors to interact with adults on her dating site or at her hotspot. So, Tila, now that you are old and hopefully wiser, if you're planning to revert yourself, do it right this time. I doubt you have any interest to relive your Tila TV unless it pays you money.


BigPoppaPhat said...

Looks like it finally sunk in that porn is the only thing she's good for, minus well do what works.

Joann said...

Oh my lord. No only is she putting up her sleaze bucket adult porn site again, at least she being honest about it being a porn site this time, but she actually built it...LMAO at that...painting pictures of her nitwit fans, one on one chat,etc. SMH and ROTFLMAO at this f*ckery.

You noticed she said her new website will launch AROUND January 14th.. Should we start the betting now on when the new website will REALLY LAUNCH. I'm going with January 24th..

BigPoppaPhat said...

Tila being honest? Pffft well see.

Joann said...

@BigPoppaPhat....usually when the skank puts up a site she wants you to believe it's going to be about some other subject matter, yet it seems her sites always morphs into becoming a mild porn site somewhere down the line.

Now she's admitting from the beginning it will be an adult site....for Tila that's a first. lol

Anonymous said...

We all know the AOI are just a bunch of screwed up latch key kids living in their parents basement.

The fact that she admits her new venture will be an "Adult Site" excludes the majority of her so called fans.

Tina can and will be held responsible if she allows underage kids access to porn.

If she had balls and truly believed she was so hot she would open a porn site with a monthly fee for members to gain access.

Then agon the AOI would be left out as they could not save enough of their monthly allowance to pay the price of admission...

RockitQueen said...

Slightly off topic, it looks like Tuna's little writing gig with Hollywood Life is already dunzo. How long did that last, three weeks or something? Yet another mega-fail. She can't even hold on to her "love column" for more than a month.

I love how she says her new site is going to feature classy and artistic nudes and she accompanies the post with a photo of herself with her cootch front and center. Which is always KLASS-AYYYY and ARTISTIKKKKKKK.

Joann said...

"OfficialMsTila Miss Tila
.........Shit I need 2 check but Im at beach right now. But my new website is NOT its and not up yet
4 hours ago"

Tila had this site up and running about 2 years ago. I don't know if anyone remembers but the skank put up a video of herself on this site sitting nude on a table in front of a mirror masturbating. Anybody of any age could easily view the video.

The skank was reported to Buzznet and the video was removed. Bitch is nasty. I can imagine how filthy it's going to be when she brings it back. Tila loves to shock people with her lewdness.

@RockitQueen.....she's already gone from HL? I don't know who was writing those articles for her but it definitely wasn't Tila...probably her sister. I knew she wouldn't last long just like this old/new site coming in January won't last long.

Joann said...

Oh oh guys...Paralyzed Queen is questioning her idiot boss. She hasn't learned her lesson

"ParalyzedQueen Chantal Blue
@OfficialMsTila I heard ur making a website with our title, Is that true? Not mad, just wondering. Haters r sayin it.
1 hour ago"

deluwiel said...

okay. okay. this is one of the scariest things I've ever seen. WTF?!?! She looks... I don't even know. And what's the deal with the piles of crap all over the place? What a swine.

also, she's trying to tell PQ that her name/brand is copyrighted and no one can use it but TilaArmyHotSpot can but technically they're not supposed to but she needs them to shut the FB page down but they can use it because they're Tila Army...

'scuse me while my head stops spinning.

If I may:
From the US Copyright office website: "Copyright law does not protect domain names. Names are not protected by copyright law. Copyright does not protect titles, slogans, or short phrases. In some cases, these things may be protected as trademarks."

Oh. Okay. Trademark. But wait! What's this?

Search: Tila Army
Result: This name is not found in our database of U.S. trademarks, so apply for it now.

Same result for Tila's Hot Spot

She's such a fucking liar. About every. little. thing.

Joann said...

Whoa...great catch Delwuiel!!!! Job well done.

Tila knows she can get away with telling her AOI all kinds of misinformation because they believe everything coming out of her lying mouth and would NEVER think of checking like you did.

They get what the get for choosing to stay in the dark about the skank when they know she has lied to them many, many times before.

I was reading some of PQ's tweets to the skank and I must say she has got to be the biggest ass kisser of them all.

Train In Vain said...

Does anyone else think that she's dyeing her hair (or pretending to) in order to pass off her old pics as current ones? That's all her merch site ever sold and God knows she looks old and used up these days...

deluwiel said...

@Train - EXACTLY. She won't have anything new on her merch site. We know it's going to be the same cheap t-shirts and panties and old posters that she's been trying to shill for years. The thing that makes me laugh and laugh? Her telling people to send in pictures of themselves and she'll paint a portrait from it. Based on those 'sketches' she did? uh... I'd rather have a velvet Elvis or one of those sad-eyed puppy paintings. they're so bad that at least they're kitschy and fun. A portrait by Tuna? I can't even imagine. I'm hoping she actually does one of someone and they post a picture. Wait. What am I thinking? We'll never see an original Tuna masterpiece because she'll never actually finish one.

deluwiel said...

@Joann - anyone with a modicum of critical thinking ability and about 2 minutes on Google can bust every one of her lies. That's why it just leaves me slack-jawed that her so-called Army can be so blind and stupid about her. Did you all see the link I posted with that dress she ripped off as her own 'design' at the No H8 event?
Like I said - anyone with half a brain and access to the internet can blow her lies out of the water every time, yet the AOI point and shriek 'h8trz are just jellis'. SMH

Joann said...

@deluwiel...I saw that Tila told a similar lie last year when she went to some event and said her dress was designed especially for her and a hater found an article covering a fashion show where a model was modeling the same dress.
This was way BEFORE Tila wore the same dress to her event yet she said the dress was designed just for her.

Mimi said...

So glad to see you blogging again qocap! Missed everyone!
By the way, Im not real active on twitter, but I do follow several of you and have tried following others by sending requests....Im @yipeHipe in case any of you get a request from me :-)

Joann said...

The people who put up Tila's current site are no longer working with her. She's putting up nearly nude pics of herself on her site and since she is no longer in partnership with Kozed there are no warnings for minors who go to her site. If you click on her TOS you find she has none.

deluwiel said...

She's an exhibitionist. She clearly gets off on showing people her body. Doesn't matter how old they are, doesn't matter if she's treading the line between legal and illegal behavior. This is all she wants to do. She needs to just embrace a porn career and stop trying to pretend that she's a musician or serious actress or whatever her next drug-induced fantasy might be.

deluwiel said...

All Tuna will see is that someone called her brilliant. Because she's stupid like that.

PatsyK said...

I notice she's using Google ads to earn money on her site (through AdSense). Doubt that will last long because Google doesn't allow their ads on sites with mature content. You can see their guidelines here:

And, if a person happened to want to contact Google to complain? Well, this is where that person would want to go:

Awwsumkitteh said...

Happy New Year everyone!

Anonymous said...

Ref: Lewis Black's Root of All Evil
Kim Jong-Il vs. Tila Tequila - Ripples of Evil

This was aired back in 2008 and the clip can be viewed here:

Joann said...

Here is a page from her adult website.

All the pics of her is when she was in her early 20's possibly younger. LMAO at this f*ckery.

BigPoppaPhat said...

LoL "Id love to chat with you (for $100) but due to a high volume...." LMAO yea right.

gilba said...

lmao tila is definitely crazy. i was just checking the "set a meeting with miss tila" and it says : Set a meeting with Miss Tila Sex Kitten
Type Video meeting
Price $500 USD (60 minutes)

FUYU said...

Did anyone see what the slore said on FB to a fan after Tila posted her video? She's 30 right?? She makes insults like she's still in high school! She had been doing sites like those before she was 18? She appears to be stuck in that age mentally.

Also isn't that guy in the video with her, the same one that was in Paris with her early last year?

Joann said...

@ gilba....I bet you Tila will be giving a virtual lap dance then put on a strip show. She's even more delusional if she thinks someone would pay $500 to go online to watch her strip.

She probably think because she's Tila Tequila and men tell her she has an awesome body they will pay to see her naked.

They tell her that so she can continue to post nearly nude videos on her website. No one is paying $500 to see the same thing they can see for free.

You can google the skank and find a video of her naked as a jaybird humping a towel on a lounge chair by the beach.

gilba said...

Yes, i totally agree with you. I completely despise that old skank, i was just curious about how much she's wanting to charge the tilarmy to see her naked. but as you said, no one is going to pay that ridiculous amount of money when they can see her wonky tits/black labia for free... she's totally delusional.

ps: sorry for my English, it's not my native language :)