Wednesday, April 25, 2012

6 Dial A Desperate Now!

My original plan was to hold off posting until my return from Anime Central this weekend but due to crack o' clock activities, changed my mind.

Crack O'Clock Time

From yesterday morning:
Oh, how cute! Gina finally found Tuna a "big" audition she has for today! I wonder what it could be! Pretty Whoreman 2? Maybe an audition for a victim role in Law and Order SVU perhaps? Whatever this mysterious audition is, it must be big because Tuna says so! Too bad it's unlikely based on her recent rant posts from facebook.

Monday, April 23, 2012

2 I Risked My Life Exposing Illuminati

When you don't have any more projects to do in entertainment industry because your career is basically dead, you resort to trolling on your facebook page, in desperate attempt to get attention to avoid the inevitable fate of oblivion. Isn't that right, Tuna?

I was going to offer my final opinions regarding about the's article on brian aneurysm but said fuck it, it's old anyways. Did you read Tuna's crack o' clock rants from her facebook page just recently? Some funny shit! Tuna's three bullshit rants of attempting to persuade readers she's a changed person is a fucking joke, just like her non-existing recording label, Tila Tequila Records: Does not exist.

Friday, April 20, 2012

8 My new YouTube channel!

Hello, everyone! If you have a youtube channel, why not subscribe to mine at I have lots of clips of Tila that you may funny and interesting, so check them out! Big thanks to YT users for uploading these videos and I hope they won't mind me recording some snippets of their videos. FUCK WHAT TUNA HAS TO SAY, THOUGH!

Now that I thought about it, I'm going to link to their channel for each video. Don't know why I didn't thought about doing that in the first place. Anyways, enjoy and don't forget to subscribe, especially if you're a Tila hater!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

27 Dear Tila: Go Fuck Yourself

The following few paragraphs are just rants and intended for new readers, so therefore, provided points of interests that veteran haters already know.

Click here for the Post Rehab news.

There are two kinds of people in this world: One who goes through hardships but end up surviving and uses their experience to better themselves and help others along the way. Then, there's the other who just bitches, play victim all their life, and wallow in self-pity. Obviously, you know very well who I'm talking about: Tila Tequila.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

3 Broken Wings, A Parody of Tuna's Autobiograhpy

Oh, dear! The truth is spilling out! Miss Tuna is pretty excited to write another autobiography, people! I'm sure she's very busy calling every publishing agencies out there to have her story heard rather than take a chill pill for awhile. Why write your bullshit fabricated experience on facebook when you could publish it and earn cash while at it? Anyways, while [sarcasm]the world is anxiously waiting[/sarcasm], despite Tuna claiming to go through "30 days of intense rehab programming" according to her former porn-star manager, it is not likely true. Blogger Ghost Rider Radio has an extensive coverage on this part, so make sure to read it.

Friday, April 6, 2012

9 Old Habits Die Easy For Tuna Apparently

Did Tila Tequila really went to a rehab? I say hell to the fuck no. Here's how it all went down and explains why I think this is all bullshit:

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Tila Tequila, her real and fake fans, are a bunch of psychos. While Tuna is *cough* recuperating at a rehab somewhere in Florida, I took a liberty to create an imaginary Tila fan of my own, combined with characteristics and statements from the army of idiots themselves. (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY, that said, ENJOY):