ReTweets is a compilation of Tila's most stupidest, ridiculous,  full of lies retweets I've gathered, thanks to  The tweets I've gathered are not made up and each has its own permanent link hosted on that site. When in doubt, simply click on a tweet and boom! there's your proof. However, due to myriad of collection, some tweets may not correctly link to its designated mark. For that, I apologize, but I assure you, no lies from me. I don't want to be Tila. I also encourage you to share these tweets with others to help support your arguments.

> Liar Liar

> Tila In Wonderland

> TilaArmy Waiting & Wating

> Bossy Lady & Her Cult

> Pussy, Hypocrisy, and Selling Tweets!

> Parenting Advice & Child Lovin'

> Begging, Blaming TilaArmy, & Funny