Monday, September 6, 2010

10 Retweet: Liar Liar

LYING - How do you keep your naive platform from leaving you? Even if you're infamous and is failing at everything, your worst fear is losing them. So, what do you do? Well shit, if they're children and dumb, you might as well fool them. After all, Tila even says she has the world fooled. With all these tweets I've collected, it's no wonder how Grandma Tila was successful of seducing the children with her superficial charm (her primary weapon) and earned their trust and loyalty.


Vincent said...


BigPoppaPhat said...

Maids? 175 shows tour? Tila Iphone app? LMAO , theres some whoppeers on there. Awsome post. I wish someone could post this on one of her comment sections on her flog wheres shes patting herself on the back for some other lie about charity and her riches.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Clicking on a tweet will take you to its permanent link from celebritytweets website. This is my proof to those skeptics and non-believers out there that I didn't make any of these shit up, so, you can actually help spread these lies by choosing your favorites and post them all over the net!

Parent of 3 said...

Great Post Queen,

I am not sure when you entered(date wise) the Tila saga but Tila DELETED many of her tweets.I can try and get one the members of our parents group to send you a copy of Officialtila's "original tweets" along with the famous tampon video and sextexting with minors.I am not sure Tila is a pedo though but I am sure she should not be around or be speaking to minors.Tila disguised her porn by saying it was music.
Most U.S. parent groups are now aware of her and some are watching her 24/7.Tila is dumb! I would never mess with religious groups,environmental groups,political parties or parent groups. Some are religious parent groups.Joe Francis should have warned her because they threw his ass in jail.If Tila was a male she would be in jail,have an ankle bracelet or be on parole.She claimed post traumautic syndrome about the sextexting to minors and now one parent group is going after the doctor.But I am hearing this info 3rd generation though so don't quote me verbatim.

Tila opened a Larry Flynt Hustler Club this weekend hopefully now she will say she is for adults only.Tila could have had a descent Z-list career but now there are just too many people against her.Porn,escorting and hustler seem to be her only choices.People will not allow any type of "comeback" but Tila brought this on herself.

parent of 3 great kids that think Tila is a porn loser.

Colleen Machine said...

I would love to read a list of tweets where Tila tells us what "conditions" she "has", i.e. anemia, bi-polar, multiple personality disorder, hypoglycemia, etc..

Joann said...

I am always on TRS and just saw your link on Tila's twitter.

I was reading all the old tweets from this fool and was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face. I knew she was a pathological liar and this proves it.

Excellent job. I'm going to keep your link in my "favorites".

Parent of 3 said...


Tila actually tweeted she was the Virgin Mary and her baby was Jesus..

Tila tweeted about numerous adoptions one in Russia where she had to stay for a month,Haitian,and African children also.She tweeted one adoption was a done deal and she was going to Oakland to pick up the child.This is when Angelie Jolie was getting a great deal of press for adoptions.

Tila actually tweeted she was working on becoming the ambassador to Vietnam and had connections.

Tila actually tweeted that she fell off her chair and bumped her head and asked her followers if she should go to the hospital because she did not want to be like Natascha Richardson....she tweeted before calling 911 or going to the hospital...

I can't make this stuff up it may still be there but I bet she deleted them.

I am hearing thru my parent's group that Tila is actually 34 uncovered by a P.I. and this is the source of the fued with Perez Hilton. He also has a copy of the certificate.

I look at the my space photos from the Ghostrider post and Tila looked cute back then.Tila is not looking so good these days and she needs her looks after hearing her sing and talk.

Parent of 3 great Kids who will never become like Tila

Parent of 3 said...

I forgot about the "magic sperm"

Tila tweeted she was going to be a surrogate for her brother.

2 weeks later Tila tweeted that the child was hers (Casey's dying wish but she did see casey for days before her untimely death) and the father was british,french and african american .

Tila later tweeted the baby daddy was a Soccer Player.

Tila later tweeted he was Swedish.

Tila later tweeted the baby daddy was the Game the rapper which he denied on TMZ.

Tila also joked that it was Tiger WOods.

Then the miscarriage? and then the flight to Australia 2 days later

Parent of 3 great kids who think Tila is a Liar!

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Hey, Joann. Glad to see you here, too! :)

@Parent of 3: Waaaaaah? Tila could be 34? Well, as an Asian myself, and I know this is a common stereotype, we all tend to look younger than our actual age. However, in this photo, , Tila looks way older than 28. And she claimed not once, but twice, was born during the Vietnam War. there way to prove this?

Thanks people, for sharing your opinions. I knew you guys would have a ball at this. :) I haven't finished reading her old twitter profile, but will when I get extremely bored and definitely post my favorites.

Joann said...

@Parent of 3...I believe everything you said about her tweets. I read them all on her twitter last year and this year. I kept some of her rants on my Notepad.

Even though I do not have kids I was thoroughly disgusted when she told the 14 year old boy on her Saynow phone chat that they could be "phone bone buddies". I heard it with my own ears.

I also remember when she had her Hotspot blog and put up a video of herself butt naked posing seductively and masturbating. You know minors saw that video and she did not care.

A lot of people complained to Buzznet(me included) about the video and they deleted it. I wouldn't care what she do with adults but when she acts inappropriately toward minors it's time for everyone, parent or not, to get her banned from the Internet. IMO, she is a sociopath.

From what I have seen, this site is on top of it but also check out as well. They have archives of her lies and rants going back a long way.

They're right on her butt too when it comes to calling her out on her lies and inappropriate behavior towards minors.