Sunday, September 19, 2010

3 Black Makes a Difference with Piano Keys!

Why the hell can't this ugly bitch ever stop talking about her scars for once? Had she not mentioned them, no one would fucking notice! Nice to know Tila is a on a vacation and is yet, busy tweeting away and interacting with her underage fans and haters as if she's really not. The truth is, she has been on a vacation for long ass time because she doesn't have a fucking job.

I can't believe I'm actually typing this, but her natural hair color does suits her the best, and it has nothing to do with reflecting her dumb shallow personality. It looks really good on her. However, an ignorant fool will automatically guess that is her natural hair.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

For those who are unaware, exhibit A was Tila's laughable appearance at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club (HAHAHAHAhahahahahhahahahaahahahaahaa! See?) on September 3 and exhibit B, a recent photo. Do you honestly think a hair can grow that long within couple weeks or so that quickly? P.S. Who the fuck new dying your hair black makes you all grown-up?! My, my. Don't we all learn new things everyday?

Okay, now sharing my opinion about her "mediocre at its best" musical skills. Tila, you stupid fuck. Thanks for reminding us numerous times your video is nothing but playfulness and it's all just "freestyle," your subtle way of telling us you really can't play and sing for shit. Pianists prefer to call "freestyle" as "finger exercising". Oh, that's right: You said so yourself that you're not a pianist, so you never heard of that term. Well, I appreciate your honesty. You are...just...terrible. I'm not saying this because I hate you. I'm just being honest. I'm pretty sure it's the video's fault, but your piano sounds slightly out of tune. You are repetitive. I'm sorry, but your playing didn't impress me.

Warning! The following clip contains a lot of lip-smacking, screech singing, and repetitive playing! said this is all just some "freestyle?" I don't know, folks. But starting at mark 08:57, sounds like Opus 23:

What do you think? And why the fuck is her head down like that? Piano teachers will tell you to sit back properly. Shit, even I would!

Oh, Lord...

Correction: You won't show them because you are not trained, nor properly educated, in either of those fields. But thanks for believing in yourself thinking you do.


BigPoppaPhat said...
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BigPoppaPhat said...

Obviously she's never taken lessons, nor can she even sing on key. This is not going to help with her booking. And enough about the stupid cut already, nobody cares or even notice if she didn't mention it every chance she got, it must really bother her hahaha, she got felt with.

anon110 said...

In her earlier videos, even her off key singing sounded better than this.