Sunday, May 30, 2010

0 Give me an "A"!

Here is a little trivia for you guys! Did you know Tila loves the letter "A"? It's so true. Dearest Tilasrotspot staffs had an astute observation and were kind enough to write an entry about this.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

4 Dr. Tila, hating, jealousy, and denial!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

0 I Love Haters!

In my previous entry, I've mentioned about Tila responding to my post on Monday. To keep the long story short, I've warned her enforcing visitors to register to leave comments was a dangerous decision. Logically, I had to explain to her in simplest English that people will stop coming to her gossip site if they can't leave negative comments. And sure enough, the requirement was lifted and anyone can post without the hassles of signing up.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

1 I don't care what haters say, but really do!

Titla Bacteria is certainly full of contradictions! Her fans must be pretty disappointed with the way she's channeling her energy. Anyone who falls for her bullshit "Tila Army of the Week" is an idiot. While it is quite nice of her to show some appreciation toward her fans, but her loyalty lacks genuine...well, loyalty. I'm still baffled many kiddies like her. But, I guess I can understand her fans are merely children and lonely people who have sex addictions.

Friday, May 21, 2010

0 Me a famewhore? "Unpossible!"

"KATE GOSSELIN IS A FAMEWHORE….DUH!" (for those who do not wish to click the link, I've provided screen-caps below). While that is an obvious statement, but there are so many things I find this entry really disturbing that I don't even know where to fucking begin.

0 Interview with Boxer, Ruslan Provodnikov!, who?

So, Miss Tila finally lived up to her words, promising her fans an exclusive interview with celebrities! Unfortunately, I cannot share her enthusiasm because I was expecting a little too much. How foolish was I to think she'll be interviewing really famous people like Oprah! *smacks side of forehead*

Not to disrespect her guest, but, who the hell is this dude? Anyone who is very impressed and awed by her attempt to dazzle us are beyond stupid. Well, to get even, I took another liberty to make this Q&A session more...interesting. Can anyone care to explain to me why Tila doesn't bother to memorize her dumbass and mundane questions?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

0 KTLA Appearance: The segment you did not see!

Special thanks to Spiked Tequila for the video clip! I had fun making this! Click the photo to enlarge!

0 Tila's Army: Expressing Themselves #1

Believe it or not, but if you want to meet the world's stupidest online users, simply visit Miss Tila's facebook page and start interacting with random fans. I feel like I'm sitting on a record player, answering their insipid, yet repetitive, questions when leaving a comment. "Why do you join her fan page if you're not a fan of her?"

Monday, May 10, 2010

2 The return of blogging.

Allow me to re-introduce myself: Under the pseudonym, I was first known as aintcrazyliketila. I've registered that name at facebook to communicate with Tila's Army and her haters. While it is impossible to hate someone you don't know, I must explain it is really her behavior that disgusts me.

If Miss Tila (formerly known as Tila Tequila) didn't lie on regular basis and disgrace those with true talents, I wouldn't bother bashing her. Why I've returned to blogging is still vague to me. My duration under aintcrazyliketila was rather brief. Eventually, Miss Tila deleted my post. There is a confusion with Facebook as I don't use it for other purposes. I might have experienced a glitch where I couldn't leave a comment while signed on, and hence, speculated she banned me, so this prompt me to register under a new name of notcrazyliketila.

Prior to creating a new account, I began blogging at and had few entries before closing it. I can't anticipate how long this blog will survive. Time will only tell.