Saturday, May 29, 2010

4 Dr. Tila, hating, jealousy, and denial!

Here, Miss Tila (or should I say, Dr. Tila?) offers advice to a woman who apparently can't find better source for help and unfortunately resorted here. This woman is either an idiot or non-existent. Take a look at Tila's archive and decide if she's the last person on Earth you would ask for help.

Tila believes after chatting with "millions of people" over the decade, it certifies her as a Psychologist! "I know exactly how people feel, think, and why they are they way they are. [sic]" Epic palmface!

And again, in my previous entry, Tila claims to be spiritual and here she goes on rambling about God and mentions angel. Tila, you are dumb, dumb, dumb!

Here Tila mentions about charity and expresses her love of participating.

Don't fall for her charm, folks. Tila announced her charity organization, the Jayden's Angels was up and running. However, despite her claim, we've checked the IRS website and were not able to find such organization. This did not stop her from begging for money and had the nerve to use her fan mail P.O. Box address to request money be sent there and promised the money she receives would go to charity! You can get more information about this illegal solicitation at the Tilasrotspot page! I don't know who Tila's trying to fool besides her dumb naive fans, but, she is a phony and couldn't care less about charity...any charity.

Tila can't admit she actually cares what haters have to say:

Tila constantly bans my IP address, deletes posts, some of her own entries, and lashes out at those who insults her, calling bloggers, "dirty bloggers!" She was so angry she tried to send a cease and desist letter via email! This woman is so smart, right?!

LOL! No wonder she's so entertaining! "I'm extremely smart!" I've read somewhere she dropped out of high school. I'm just say'n.

Oh, right! Like how you were honest about pregnancy, miscarriage, vitro fertilization, adopting children, your fake charity organization, your recording label, your future ambassadorship for Vietnam? Really, Tila? Least? How about hardly?

And finally, Tila expresses her jealousy over Britney Spears' twitter statistic of reaching five million followers. Now, if it were in reverse (which Tila could only dream of), she would be boasting about the amount of adherents she's obtained. Dream on, bitch! Britney Spears will always be more popular than you!

Oh, Tila! You are just jealous! JEALOUS! If you don't care about the numbers, then, please explain me these tweets?

Yeah, exactly.


Mike Bowman said...

This is a lot of work. You know Tila personally or she just annoy in principle?

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

No, son. She's fun to mess around with. Do I annoy you that much to make you post here?

Mike Bowman said...

Don't think I said I was annoyed. Just curious. Sorry to bother you.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Uh, huh......riiight.