Thursday, May 27, 2010

0 I Love Haters!

In my previous entry, I've mentioned about Tila responding to my post on Monday. To keep the long story short, I've warned her enforcing visitors to register to leave comments was a dangerous decision. Logically, I had to explain to her in simplest English that people will stop coming to her gossip site if they can't leave negative comments. And sure enough, the requirement was lifted and anyone can post without the hassles of signing up.

Without haters, the traffic will decrease as she's desperate to "dethrone" Perez Hilton and become the number one celebrity gossip site. This likely scared her and realized I was right. I wouldn't take the whole credit as she "claimed" haters were begging her to omit the requirement and stated gossip sites do that. *coughs* Really, Tila? Have you've forgotten since the launch, anyone can post without registering? Hateful comments were the majority and incessant.

This prompt you to take actions and after receiving a warning about this decision, you switched back. A coincidence, people? Anyways, I woke up around noon today, did my usual routines, cooked myself something to eat, turned on my computer and eventually worked my way to her lovely, yet failed, gossip site and this is what I saw firsthand!

Tila Tequila made an appearance on FoxBusinessNetwork this past April and was asked if she was religious. "I'm very spiritual. I'm not religious." It wasn't the answer that made me cynical. It was her expression. Was she being reluctant to deceive them...or herself like usual? She adds her family is Buddhist. What's also quite interesting is, as a mogul, she'd hesitated when asked if she makes million bucks a year and finally said yes with a nervous chuckle.

"I'm quite...yes." Sorry, Tila, but I don't believe you. I'll remain skeptic until you prove it. That said, Tila certainly has a talent of making an ass out of herself and have no shame proving it. Part of narcissistic traits involves craving for attention, be it good or bad. They will do anything to remain in the spotlight. And there you have it, folks. I don't understand this entry. It's vague to me. Angel...God, freezing down there...I'm assuming it's hell. So, if Tila's not religious, then why bring this shit up?

Anyways, Tila will find the irony a big surprise: God loves everyone equally. I don't believe in God, but I certainly know not to make such retarded statements like this. Bravo, Tila! You are the class clown of all celebrity gossip blogs out there! I find it hilarious Tila likes to refer people by their occupation or by their genders. Isn't it strange it says "Hater of the Week" and the ugly bitch never mentions a name?

And just for the record, God's #1 angel turned out to be a fucking bitch. Lucifer should sound familiar to you, Tila!