Saturday, May 22, 2010

1 I don't care what haters say, but really do!

Titla Bacteria is certainly full of contradictions! Her fans must be pretty disappointed with the way she's channeling her energy. Anyone who falls for her bullshit "Tila Army of the Week" is an idiot. While it is quite nice of her to show some appreciation toward her fans, but her loyalty lacks genuine...well, loyalty. I'm still baffled many kiddies like her. But, I guess I can understand her fans are merely children and lonely people who have sex addictions.

In this entry, Tila admits: "I’m gonna make a confession, that yes, I DO GOOGLE myself everyday to see what people are saying. Not that I care, but it’s purely for my entertainment purposes." Really, Tila? I demand an explanation on why is it that you've banned my IP address where I can't leave lovely comments from your *cough* gossip site? Hmmm?

Wha-what's that you say? And you google yourself everyday? Well, you are a narcissist after all, so, it goes with the turf. "All other bloggers who have previously talked shit about me in the past as well, be brave like ONTD and swallow your pride, because in doing so, I will forgive you, as I have forgiven ONTD and I too, will add you to my blog roll!" Hmmmm...somehow, I'm not "blogrolled" yet. Anyone who can stomach this entry will not be fooled.

"I've lied! I really do care what people have to say!" is blatantly written all over it!


you_don't_say said...

hey there.

did you see she copy and pasted the iPad story straight from

She banned me from commenting on her site because I kept posting the link to his site.

Then I discovered that if you open one of her posts through, all of the banned people's comments are shown.


Margaret Mead

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