Tuesday, November 30, 2010

8 Tila's True Color towards TilaArmy

Once a bitch, always a bitch.

For someone who is still below a "z list" category, and hardly respected, sure likes to fuck with her fans. If stupid people did not exist, Tila would certainly not be where she's now. Dead, I can imagine. I'm sure this twit treated her idiotic, easily influenced, fans like shit since she hit the dead Myspace page, but I rather bring up her latest insults instead. Ever since Tila announced she's pregnant, she referred herself as "Mama T" and a "mogul". What's wrong with these names? She is neither. It's like referring myself as a Caucasian when I'm not. Although she no longer refers herself as a "mogul" (gee, I wonder why?), but to this day, has a passion of naming herself as "Mama T" which is subtly her way of insulting those who suffered miscarriages and the orphans.

Tila Tequila has a reputation of being late for parties which I predict is done deliberately and gets a kick out of it, but not as much when making her fans wait. Making people wait is part of social manipulation.

"Everyone has a particular social status in their social group. Making someone wait for you is a way of asserting social dominance. And if someone makes you wait for them, it's their way of consciously or unconsciously indicating to you that you need them more than they need you." (1)

Here's exhibit A:

On April 10, 2010, Tila made a promise earlier that day to disclose a huge surprise. I still remembered that day because it was my first time witnessing this whore standing them up. I was happy some of them were bold enough to express their anger as AOI are too frightened to question her nowadays because they want to remain in Tila's cult *coughs* Manson Family *coughs* They're afraid because this skank constantly coerce with these bullshit rants. Tila's behavior is awkward and no celebrity or infamous freaks ever interacts with fans this way and this is not a compliment mind you. She acts like a babysitter, a terrible one who is likely to hit a kid for no reason.

And can you guess what that huge surprise was? A fucking photo of her in a leopard pants with that cowardly-lion hairdo! And if Tila thinks I was waiting for her stupid ass surprise, she'd better think again: I happened to witness this rude antic by arbitrary.

Making her low self-esteemed underage fans wait is not the worst thing she's ever done to them. I tried locating Tila's "DEAR HIGHER UPPER: I KNOW WHO YOU ARE! HUSH, HUSH SECRET!" entry but to no avail. Turns out the hypocritical whore deleted it. Funny. Didn't she say she never deletes entries? Anyways, photo courtesy by SpikedTequila:
This was back in those days when Tila was obsessed about the Illuminati and from the looks of it, was (probably still is) obsessed about being controlled by them in exchange for fame and money, the only things she ever values in life. I'm sure her AOI can't read or read between the lines, but if I were a fan, this would been the incentive to open my eyes and accept the truth: You are merely a pawn for my own personal gain and nothing else. Me saying "I love you" is just a successful tactic you guys always fall for.

Then, on October 2, 2010 from her "COMMENT SECTION IS WORKING AGAIN! LEAVE ME SOME COMMENTS!" entry, Tila insults her fans:
How strange. Does this whore ever proof-read her entries before clicking the "publish button?" You think her fans would get offended by now and come to realization, but either they're fake or truly dumb, haven't and awaits to be duped and treated like shit on regular basis.

Then, on November 11, 2010, from Tila's "MISS TILA’S BIG ANNOUNCEMENT AND MORE EXCITING NEWS!" entry, literally called her fans confused. Basically thinks they can't read or navigate around her sloppy failed blog, which is likely the answer to their affinity for such a slut: Charm the fools and you're in control.

And finally, Tila tweeted last night about uploading a new video featuring her new 3 story mansion. And just when we thought the wait was over, Tila then complained about uploading time:

Hmmmmm...didn't this skank make the same excuse before?


Not only is she that dumb, but proves it even more by asking where else could she host it, assuming file transferring duration will be diminished but never took any initiative to try anyways. I'd rudely tweeted her about uploading the video from her own web server instead. I guess Tila's not rich enough to worry about bandwidth issues. Dear skank, please stop blaming Youtube. It's not its fault you're that retarded, thank you. So, it's hours later and she's been playing social manipulation all night long to the only group who thinks highly of her and believe me, that group is very small, so testing them is not a good idea. You might be able to fit them in one closet. How sad. Great way to show appreciation you nasty alien-looking bitch.

Her last tweet:
Rot in hell.


BigPoppaPhat said...

Wow I've uploaded videos from my phone in less than 800 minutes, maybe Tila should get an EVO haha. Also if its uploading why did she have to cancel the upload to go over a movie script? I wonder what her AOI's had to say about it? Probably I love you anyway its ok blah blah blah.

cantthinkofcoolnamesoiamjustme said...

Skeezla put up video this morning..show onyx looking unhappy/drugged and not a mansion. There is interesting slip up by her when she walk into a bathroom and there is a man's wedding band on counter. she tried to hide it but then stated in comments that she too had wedding band on. Just more of her in nasty undies sounding like a cat dying while she was singing...

Joann said...

@QOCAP....I always got the vibe she calls herself mama T because she wants her AOI's to think of her as someone who really loves them and they were all one big happy family.

Anyway, I saw this unfold from the beginning. When Tila said she was going to make a sexy video and show her mansion I was really curious.

Now, I could care less about the sexy video part but since I know Tila does not have a mansion I wanted to see what she would show in the video.

The rest was so hilarious it could have been a late night comedy episode. The horny AOI's were going nuts because they thought they were going to see her half naked in her lingerie. Tila had told them she was going to wear black lingerie.

Her lies about the video not uploading(all 800 minutes which is what, 12-13 hours of tape?)drove them into a frenzy as they were trying to tell her where she could upload the video other than Youtube. Then she had the nerve to leave them with nothing by telling yet another lie. SMH.

She played them like a fiddle and yet they still think she loves them.

Sophia Brown said...

There's no doubt. Tila Tequila is crazyyyyy....but she's also looking very sexy with her new brunette hair!

Joann said...

Anyone see Tila's video showing her new home. That video is all kinds of fail. Hoping QOCAP does a post about it.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Hey, Joanne and visitors! I've been collecting stuff for my next post about Tila's new mansion and is going to start blogging after I click the post comment button, so stay tune! :)

Joann said...

Thanks QOCAP....can't wait for your post.

Misty said...

Yeah! Go Qocap!! Hopefully, it's not all shot in the 'glam room'. I can't wait to see the new apartcondosion. She is such a f-ing liar.

I use to have feelings of sympathy for the AOI. I just felt they were lonely outcast kids or developmentally delayed adults. I no longer have those feelings - they get what they deserve. It couldn't be more clear what the whore goblin does to them and they just come back with - "Yay, we love you, show us your boobies again." Ugh!