Tuesday, November 9, 2010

24 Poor, Poor Tila and Other Shitfest

Wow. How dumb can you be and never anticipate some hater would take the time off rummaging through your old garbage, Titla? You know, there's that beautiful saying: One man's garbage is another man's treasure. That's what I love about Tila's archives. She tries so hard to delete files or hopes no one would figure out the real truth behind the words she say or the words she types. Her AOI constantly falls for her bullshit. Why is that? Sure, they're idiots, but I think there's a deeper reason we're so dying to know. I consider this a phenomenon that deserves to be studied. If someone constantly lies to you and it's blatant, a normal human being would confront the liar or find a better person. But not Tila Army. I speculate with others that perhaps Tila's fans are psychologically messed up and suffer low self-esteem. Other possibility is Tila creating fake accounts to deceive the general public of having a large fanbase, when in reality, have few and most are underage.
Out of all Tila Army soldiers though, Mittiee and BeyondBettyJean (sorry if I spelled these names wrong) stands out the most, in my opinion. And it's strange BeyondBettyJean, who's twenty-eight (as she claims), is a fan of Tila Tequila. You would think someone her age would realize the lies and find a better role model. It irritates me Tila Army's excuses are always the same: You're just jealous!. She's the only celebrity that actually interacts with her fans! Um, no and no. There is nothing to be jealous about this deranged woman who promotes hatred and violence. The "spread positive energy and love" is just a front. A sociopath is a manipulator who's first step is to charm their targets to earn their trust and step two, control. Read all Tila hate blogs and the answers will reveal itself. It's very clear Tila has no genuine passion for her fans and they're nothing but pawns. And the reason Tila interacts with her fans is because she's not a celebrity. She's below the Z-list. She's hated by the media and people alike. Hell, even Kid Rocks subtly admits of loathing her.

While researching, I'd archived her myspace page (you know, that made her infamous just for having most friends, like that certifies you of earning a celebrity status, and found a photo that she currently has as her twitter background page:
I feel pretty foolish thinking this was her recent photo-shoots, but turns out I was wrong. The photo was uploaded back in June 2008. Now, for those who keep track of Tila's miserable life on regular basis (or when we feel like it), knows Tila has an embarrassing habit of archiving old slutty photos of herself. Why? I don't know. I could guess because all the drugs she'd abused fucked up her face and desperately want to believe she still looks young and beautiful. *snorts* So, I'm letting those who don't know realize this, too, is an old picture. Moving on.

Let us rejoice the fact Tila has finally found another famewhoring soulmates, Michael Lohan and Kate Major! Awwwwwww...it's so sweet Tila has found new friends! Oh, but wait! What do I see here?

I guess this moron forgot to delete that tweet. Dumbass. I'll put the suspicion of Tila seducing Michael Lohan to get Lindsay's attention thought aside. Michael Lohan and Kate Major are back together -- yuck! was tweeted on October 7th and on October 24th, Tila invited those losers for her embarrassing pea-sized birthday bash at Mr. Chow's and posted this phony "we're friends" entry:
Two things come to my mind: How long will this superficial friendship last or when will Tila Tequila press charges for sexual harassment against Mr. Lohan? *gasp* The suspense is literally killing me! Interestingly, while reading Tila's old twitter account, I found this (like so many others):

For those who are unaware, Joe Francis, the founder of Girls Gone Wild franchise, no longer associates with her. Hmmmm...I wonder why. Probably realized this whore's not profitable. Either way, as much as I find Joe repulsive and terrible as Tila herself, he made the right decision to get the fuck out...gracefully. And by the way, does Tila have a motto of "keep your friends close and your enemies closer?" Why would she diss these people and suddenly praise them for being such good friends less than few weeks? Fishy, fishy! Unfortunately, the tiny goblin alien whore got all scared and deleted the entry. Funny. I remember she said she doesn't do that from this interview at 2:32 mark. And for those who try playing smart, she deleted her "Jane Tried to Kill Me" entry prior to this interview, so you were saying?

Sorry, but I just had to share this. Honestly, I never knew about this tweet until I discovered it (which was few days ago) and finds this hilarious. Well, Tila Army fans, wait no longer! Behold my sample Dress Up Tila Flash Game! You're welcome.

When I read this tweet, I was wondering why was she named "Tina" and the tweet above answered my question or is it a coincidence?

Remember Tila wrote she's moving into a new mansion and claims it was purchased as a birthday gift? Well, try and guess what was the real reason:

"Plus moving was mostly for my SAFETY! Due to unfortunate situations that took place recently, I felt like I really needed to move so that my safety and privacy is protected by certain crazed stalkers…."
My guess is good as yours.

*cue in a violin* Poor you. Poor you, Tila. So you were beaten, proves how much your daddy and mommy loves you. I'm not advocating child abuse is nothing, but because Tila works so hard of pissing people off, I feel no empathy, nor sympathy, for her past situation. In fact, I laughed when I found these and continues to do so! Tila thrives being hated and ridiculed at...so much it's kind of sick, actually. Well, like I said the last time: Her daddy wasn't the man enough. Boo-hoo. And sweetie, you're always playing the fucking victim. You're so good at it. Consider that as your second talent besides being a fucking worthless whore.

I have more stuff to blog about but I'm tired right now and need a break.


RockitQueen said...

QOCAP's back...ALL RIGHT! Great post and great research. I love all these little "projects" the Gremlin continually mentions one time and then we never hear hide nor hair of them again. Examples include the Trump Tower penthouse she allegedly bought, the Tila comic book, her clothing line, etc.

Is it wrong that I hope she overdoses?

Joann said...

QOCAP wrote..."I speculate with others that perhaps Tila's fan Tila's fans are psychologically messed up and suffer low

IMO, the only people who would follow her HAVE TO BE psychologically messed up and suffer low self-esteem. A rational minded person wouldn't want to be around her, let along hang with her. Tila is a sociopath, straight up.

Besides those two people you mention in her AOI's there is one more who stood out to me as a real sick young man. He tweeted he was coming to LA and maybe him and Tila could meet for lunch. lol.

I won't mention his name but his tweet to Garry Sun regarding Tila on 10/27 was"....... @prophecyhiphop you pussy bitch.....POW!! LIGHTS THE FUCK OUT! about 2 hours ago via web"

Another time he tweeted"......@TilaOMG i was really going to kill someone if i wouldnt have gone into my own little world in my head 1 minute ago via mobile web"....this was on June 14, 2010.

This is one weird dude but that's the kind of people who follow her because she's mentally unbalanced herself.

I bet deep down she hates them because she can manipulate them so easily. She probably gets bored with them and plays this game of leaving them so they can start begging for her on twitter.

Tila knows they will start begging her after a few hours to tweet them. I bet she laughs her crazy ass off at them.

Tila, ML and Kate will probably last until ML and Kate figure out she's using them for whatever publicity she can get from them, which should be in a few weeks or so.

I'm surprised ML hasn't found out what Tila said about Lindsay. I thought someone would clue him in.

I'm so looking forward to the day when I hear on TV or read on the news that Tila has been brought down. That her lies have finally caught up with her and she's in jail or has been confined to a mental hospital.

BigPoppaPhat said...

Bravo! Awsome post! I always thought what you mentioned about the mindless ass kissing profiles on Tilas Facebook and MySpace, there seems to be a template response to haters also. Awsome job on the flash game, too bad we can't make a similar Tila iPhone app, oh wait, there is that std test app coming out, could that be the Tila tequila app thats been in the works for over a year now?

danger.mouse1 said...

Well, she's running out of subjects to create drama about. Now when she accuses someone of being a stalker the story dies down in less than a week. She has no more "tours" to promote and I doubt if she can put a new spin on the pregnancy thing.

The truth is that aside from her shitty blog no one knows or cares who she is, just those few mentally challenged fans whose lives revolve around getting a shout out from the slag.

Speaking of mentally challenged, please don't forget that Paralyzed Queen chick. "Chantal" has got to be the creepiest one in the bunch.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

@Joanne Isn't he that RobsterEskimo kid who was willing to murder a Tila hater? *shivers*

@BigPoppaPhat LOL at the std iphone app comment!

@danger.mouse1 Don't worry. Our mogul friend always have something to lie about!

Moogle said...
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Moogle said...

Oops... deleted to fix erroneous typos.
+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++

"When I was little I was also a victim of child abuse. U never knew cuz I'M NOT A VICTIM!"
~Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen

Daayum, this hotard is all over the place with her thinking. It's like having a glimpse into the mind of an extreme narcissist.

Her first words are chosen to illicit sympathy from the reader, "...I was also a victim of child abuse."

Next, she adds irrelevant filler words, "I was also poor".

But she contradicts herself by disclosing that she "NEVER used that as an excuse" and yet, here she is, REMINDING the reader that she grew up "poor" and so, in essence, she IS using that "poor" excuse.

She EXPOSES her TRUE self in her final, closing words as she has to capitalise on ANOTHER CONTRADICTED statement by vociferously proclaiming "I'M NOT A VICTIM!" ('cos she JUST remembered that she's all, like, supposed to be all gangster and stuff, lest she pop yo ass... har!). You can't have it both ways playing the pretend cards. You're either a pretend victim or a pretend e-thug.

This is exactly how she speaks AND writes. Not only is she incapable of formulating and constructing her thoughts in a flowing and concise manner, like most people do, she also has so many layers of lies to cover up (kind of like an onion analogy) that she never fails to contradict herself over and over again, stumbling along the Obstacle Course of Lies.

The liar spins and weaves its own trap for itself. "Oh what a tangled web weave when we first practice to deceive"

tillie said...

Great blog, QOCAP. Just came across it, I'll be a regular visitor now. This woman (?) disgusts me to no end. Thanks for calling this lying skank out on her BS, which is every time the whore opens her mouth. I'll relish the day this bitch is taken totally down, I'm hoping it's jail!

Joann said...

QOCAP said....."@Joanne Isn't he that RobsterEskimo kid who was willing to murder a Tila hater? *shivers*"....Yep, he's the one. Something is seriously wrong with him...I mean SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!

Mittiee is funny especially when he tries to get tough on twitter. I think he's a nice kid and why he likes the skank so much is a mystery to me.

Still waiting on the video tour of her mansion...*rolling eyes*,

Misty said...

Great post!!! Sometimes it is nice to visit the past - just when I think I getting really bored with the whore goblin's deja vu routine I am reminded with why I hate her so much.

Just a thought on her AOI. Ever notice how many of them are not US citizens? I have a theory. These "fans" are really believing that they are conversing with a "celebrity". Hell, many of them are watching Shot of Love - can you even find that in On Demand in the US? I think to some degree those that are in other countries may not truly know any better or at least are not educated enough to believe differently.

Mittee is a thorn in my side. I want to believe that this 16 yr old boy from Netherlands doesn't know better, however I have seen and experienced a different side of him. I gave him the opportunity on Twitter to converse rationally and I got "jelus hater" "obsessed" etc. etc. This happened a few times. Mittee will get what he deserves and I have no sympathy any longer. He is however, a great example of her stereotypical fan - young, immature, socially lacking (does Mittee have friends that aren't Tila Army?)

Paralyzed Queen is a different story. I watched her You Tube let's make a b-day vid. Wow! She needs psychological help - this isn't a "fan" shouting out "fan stuff". Very sad!

I could go on and on but the point is there are few US people - there are many "randoms" that don't follow her enough to really know the truth and probably just don't care. Then there are the "manson-esqe" followers. They scare me.

hanah said...

Misty, agree. I'm from Europe and there's right now a rerun of a shot at love on MTV. But no one would know her name over here. An explanation for the handfull of European tween fans she has could be that they don't speak enough English to get the whole picture, but this doesn't seem to be the case since most of them speak a surprisingly good English based on their age.

Misty said...

Hanah, I honestly think some of the tweens (especially in other countries) truly they believe they are talking to a "big Hollywood star". But, think there is an element to the internet aspect. I mean, for those really lonely, low self esteem tweens & teens & young adults and others, their only friends may be these anonymous people on the internet. Then they get a little bone thrown to them from the midget whore.

I would bet most of these persons don't have any social circles outside of their "Tila Army". One thing that always makes me laugh is their tweets of how "we stand up for each other", "we always have each others back", "we are always there to love and support each other". It makes me sad sometimes, that these people would have their love and support coming from the internet.

Misty said...


Is this the big music video she is touting?

BA HA HA !!!!! What a loser

Joann said...

@Misty...that's not the video. She made a video portraying a "hot school teacher" in 2008 and evidently this dude took a part of it and put it in his video. Here is the link to her 2008 video:

I did research on her last year and saw it then.

Tila is now tweeting her music video will be shot this Saturday but it's not really a music video it's more intense, like a short film, with a "real actor" and a surprise ending....*I'm laughing already*.

Since she didn't give any names I'm thinking this "real actor" is someone in acting school who she didn't have to pay by telling him it would be good exposure for his career to be seen in a video with her. SMH.

raunchyb said...

Isn't it funny how she's doing her "short film" music video right after Kanye did one and she posted about it? Hmm...

I also think there's some sort of mistranslation between cultures of her celebrity status. It really does seem like most of her fans are not from the U.S.

I know all the "haters" think she posts everything on the flog. I don't understand that though - the writing is way too coherent to actually be Tila, and she couldn't have copy/pasted everything verbatim without someone finding the source. I can't help but think there's at least one other "staff" member... Thoughts?

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

@RockitQueen LOL Nah. There's no harm of hoping she'll od. She'll probably try to blame the haters for taking her own pathetic life.

Hey, if she wants to do that, that's her choice, but that ugly bitch better not be pointing fingers at us. We are exercising our freedom of speech (at least in the US) and sure, our opinions may be cruel, but in the end, no one is pulling your strings.


Mom said...

I think Misty is absolutely right about Tila's fans. None of them will ever admit that their great leader is nothing but a liar no matter what evidence is shown to them. If they were to speak up against her, then the rest of the Army would turn on them. I think most of these fans are very lonely and all they have is each other, with Tila as the common factor.

It really is sad when you think about it because when they finally do see the truth about her, they are going to be devestated. There are also several people that post on her site that seem to be mentally challenge and/or disturbed. I wish the haters would not be so harsh to some of them. They all just want to feel like they belong and are a part of something.

hanah said...

raunchyb: I mentioned this before, but I think the celeb posts on her flog are some kind of newsletter feed, written by someone and sent to different blogs or something like that. She probably doesn't even have to approve them, they're just posted automatically.

Joann: "...and a surprise ending" I think the word Tina was looking for was "...and a HAPPY ending" lol

Did she even say it was a music video for HER music? Quite possible she's just an extra?

I'm still waiting on the pics of her massive villa, can't wait to see how this unfolds! Although, maybe she'll just drop it and never mentions the mansion again?

hanah said...

Regarding her fans: I'm quite worried about some of them. Poor souls. Especially that homer figure. I mean 1800 comments? Just wow...

RockitQueen said...

@hanah and others commenting about the AOIs: The ones that actually scare me are michaelbrandon, who continually makes references to wishing he and the Gremlin were married, and freakywhiteboy, who once commented about kidnapping another woman with Tila and forcing her into a 3-way. Did you guys see that?? That sent chills down my spine. Anyone who thinks a crack like that is funny is fucked up. What a couple of weirdos.

Joann said...

@hanah and raunchyb...I'm not tech savvy at all but I do notice on her twitter when she is tweeting about herself it will have "via web" after the time stamp, but all of her headlines to her piece of crap blog will have "via dlvr.it" or "http://dlvr.it/8HnyX" after the time stamp.

Maybe someone who is tech savvy can explain what that means.

A lot of celebs get a freaky fan once in awhile but ALL of Tila's die hard fans are crazy. IMO, she's a sociopath so what kind of people do you expect to follow her? lol.

Misty said...

@Joanne - I thought later that wouldn't be the video - I had just Googled news about her and that came up as recent, so I thought maybe. I wonder if it is her music or she is just an extra. I am sure whatever it is she is completely overblowing it.

Back to the topic of her fans: there are a number that have given me chills over the last ten months. Mostly I am at the point where I just don't engage any longer - there doesn't seem to be any point.

Her flog I think is run by her, I can't imagine staff, except for Bradshaw. Has anyone heard anything about him lately? I think she picks up an RSS feed adds a few lines at the beginning and posts it. I know way back in April she was contacted by a reporter about plagarizing his article because she didn't link it back. I have noticed that she is now citing her source.

And for the record, should she die, whether by Od'ing or other means like a deranged fan, former employee, etc. I shall shed no tears.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

I watched Higher Learning earlier today. That student, Remy, is a good example of someone with low self-esteem and have a history of child-negligence. Unfortunately, for these type of kids, they're willing to fit in a wrong group just to feel worthy. Very sad. I'm glad there are people like us with concern and is in a way, being watch dogs and keeping an eye on Tila via web.

Oh, and it's very nice of Tila to not wish ParalyzedQueen to feel better. What a shithead.

Joann said...

QOCAP please tell me you have have some inside info on why Garry S was late to court today. I can't believe this dude.

He was so outraged at her, he made signs and videos believing she was behind this kidnapping, whether fake or real, and sending someone to his home frightening his father, then turns around and was late to court.

I was hoping he had something that would prove to the court her ass was behind this.

Anyone know what's going on? He's revealing nothing on his twitter.