Wednesday, November 24, 2010

14 Tila Denied and Still in Denial

So, our mogul skank attended American Music Awards After Party, doing her best to sound she's among the important standard show-up celebrity list, but according to, was denied VIP entrance instead!

Awwww...poor Tila. Doesn't it remind us of this?

As long as Tila's disturbing ego remains bigger than those wonky tits of hers, this pathetic whore will never realize she just sucks, sucks, sucks (and I'm not talking about sucking dicks).

Although Tila dresses like a cheap slut ninety-nine percent of the time, this outfit is semi decent from her usual style in my opinion. I'm a little surprised of reading comments demanding why she's wearing that trashy out. Well, let's look at her clothes:

Her only valuable asset are her fake breasts obviously, so what the hell did we expect from her, people? A classy lady? I don't think so. Anyways, to be honest, it's decent...for Titla Bacteria. Want to know trash? The photo below is beyond trash and my disgust is ineffable. And I'm sure Tila is secretly embarrassed by it now:

Anyways, I'm not going to recap her latest entry as it was truly boring, but there was something I felt needed to point out:

In highlight one, Tila fears of experiencing another wardrobe malfunction. How many times we've belabored her lies, contradictions, and hypocrisy? Too many and I'm going to do it again: Tila, you ugly skank bitch, quit acting like you're a grown woman and have class. Don't act so innocent when you took your top off at the Juggalos.

And the second highlight, claims to be in love with someone. Begging us to not tell somebody (like they would give a shit) your secret, but disclose it on your failed blog is a sign of retardation. I don't care if that statement offends those inflicted because it really is retarded. Need I explain more? Playing stupid is not cute. But then again, determining if this skank is playing stupidity is difficult to distinguish as it is.

Um, am I reading her comments incorrectly or is Tila really that stupid and doesn't understand how engagements work in the US? If this whore wanted to keep this fake-ass engagement a secret, she would do two things: One, not wear that Claire's jewelery store ring at that party, and two, keep her semen-stained fingers from typing this upcoming publicity stunt. But, QOCAP! It is an upcoming publicity stunt, so it is a must!

Oh, my God. Now Tila is going to ask her underage fans what do they think?

Oh, and if it's true Tila has found new love, a warning to that lover: You better be real:

Tila's a nymphomaniac, so no doubt she'll be fucking behind your back. I'm just say'n.

Tila's dodging never cease to dazzle me:
Self-loathing much?

And finally,
So, it's okay for this whore to demand sympathy if she's the victim and thinks otherwise for people's plight? Did she forgot about those tweets (1, 2, 3) she'd posted about Shawne Merriman allegedly choking her? Those sympathy from her fans are quite disturbing, too. Tila, go choke on a turkey neck or drive under the influence. You are not special (except for special ed class, but then again, they are actually brighter than you).

Well, that's a wrap for now. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be safe!


BigPoppaPhat said...

Ho ho ho ho ho! Another epic post from qocap! I love it!

Hannah said...

I just love how this bitch wants us to believe she was sooo in love with Casey but this will be her second engagement since she died less than a year ago. Classic. That's a person to look up to.

Not that I really believe someone proposed to her, you're right qocap because that ring is costume jewelry. I guess she was feeling lonely or unloved so she thought she'd throw it on tonight and was probably just dying for someone to notice. Great post!

RockitQueen said...

How can she look at video of herself and not want to die of embarrassment? God, that video of her "dancing" (aka squatting like she's about to take a shit and rubbing her ass on every crotch in sight and) was just mortifying.

Also, she already claimed to have dated/fucked Ray J. Check it out:

(Warning: yet another video at that link that features the Gremlin "dancing.")

P.S. QOCAP, I didn't think the outfit was that bad either. It's the Tupperware bowls surgically implanted on her chest that ruin the look.

Joann said...

IMO, Tila never really cared about Casey that much, only WHAT SHE THOUGHT she could get from Casey because Casey was the daughter of very rich people. You can tell that from her tweets she tweeted back then.

Once Tila found out Casey was cut off from the family millions is when she began to lose what little interest in Casey she had. If Casey had not been cut off Tila would have been right by Casey's side and still bragging about it on Twitter even now, if Casey had lived this long and if they were still in a relationship.

IMO, she don't want to change and I'm waiting to hear about her overdosing, going to jail or winding up in a mental facility.

Does anyone know what's going on with Gary S.? This was on his twitter today:

# @michaeljlohan and I'm pretty sure at this point the meeting u wanted to set up with me is just that... a setup 37 minutes ago via txt

# By the way @michaeljlohan I hope u know that u contacting me last night on her behalf is in violation of the RO 39 minutes ago via txt

I don't know what to believe with Gary. I was too through with him after the "showing up late for court" fiasco. Why would ML contact him?

Miss Pissy Pants said...

i'm doing a little dance because one of my comments made the screencap. (apartmansion)

Misty said...

I think I may been banned from her flog. I was perusing the comments giving my litte thumbs up and down an suddenly the comments stopped working. I was going to try to post about her not getting into the VIP section, but couldn't, ah well.

Joann, I went and looked at Garry's twitter the other day when you mentioned it and it is a little disturbing - a little darker/prophetic than what he had been tweeting before.

I am not surprised that ML is trying to contact him. That would be typical Tila - I don't think she is "stupid", I think she has a psychological disorder/perhaps psychiatric even. She is a liar and a bad one, but still manages to "get away with" - most sociopaths are not "stupid" per se.

I would imagine this a ploy of Tila's and/or ML believes himself to be "a great mediator" so you know, maybe Tila sucked his dick and he is feeling the need to do something in return, since really what do you get the girl that has everything: rented lambo, apartmansion, 15 carat cubic zirconia rings, hell she has so much she can afford to strap half a dead crow to her chest.

Joann said...

@Misty. I was thinking the same thing about Gary's tweets. IMO, they were like a cross between wanting to do himself in or doing someone else in.


Joann said...

This is some straight up nasty freaky shit going on in these pictures.

The dude in the plaid shirt, jeans and sneakers is suppose to be Tila's new boyfriend Apollo Green yet Tila claims her new "love" is a female.

She might be doing both Kate and Apollo...*shudders*.

hanah said...

hmm just checked database's profile on her flog, in the last five visitors sections was Tila. Then I checked Tila's profile and under the last five visitors was database... whatever that means.

Joann,I doubt anything is going on with Kate and Tila when there's no camera rolling, neither of them is a lesbian. That Apollo guy seems pretty stupid and young, we'll see. And I doubt she's really in Sanfran

BigPoppaPhat said...

Is it just me or does Kate major have a totally disgusted look on her face?

Misty said...

Kate Major does look uncomfortable in some of those pics. I don't know who Tina's new lover is - male, female, guy in the pic. Doubtful they will be around really long.

Joann said...

Checking my usual gossip sites I go to and found this on Radronline.

*sigh* we go yet...again. Is that the same fake ring she's wearing when Tila announced her and Casey were "engaged"? The ring she wore over those red long sleeve gloves.

I give this a week or two before she's suing this girl/guy, if this is real. It could all be a publicity stunt.

Misty said...

@Joann I watched the video. The ring looks very similar, if not the actual same ring. But, the ring Casey gave her wasn't real. I wouldn't be surprised if she was still using it.
I could barely get through the video with the audio with all the lip smacking......however, I do see Mr. Bradshaw is back, although Tila claims at the beginning to have just thrown her outfit together. She can't even describe what she is wearing.

Mary said...

'really what do you get the girl that has everything: rented lambo, apartmansion, 15 carat cubic zirconia rings, hell she has so much she can afford to strap half a dead crow to her chest.'

I have to come out of commenting hibernation to commend you on that one! Love it!