Sunday, October 31, 2010

15 Her New Pee-Wee House Update

Here's another proof that Tila is a one big (despite her actual size) piece of shit who truly believes she suffered the most! *gasp*
Bitch, unless this dumbass sad shit Tila Army soldier of yours told you her entire life story, you better shut it about suffering. Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have enough food to eat? Do you drive a Lambo? Did you traveled to the UK? Did you recently ate at Mr. Chow? Do you even have a little fanbase? If you said yes to all these, then shut your disgusting fucking mouth and rather than feeling sorry for yourself, go to Africa and Uganda to help wells instead of using people's misery for your pathetic advantage. Sick slut should get kidnapped and beaten up is what you need because your Daddy wasn't the man enough to make you suffer the same fate as Casey Johnson's in your earlier days!

Friday, October 29, 2010

8 Lunatic, Mentally Unstable Garry Sun Gets a Restraining Order

Wow. Lunatic? Mentally unstable? A loony? Danger to the society? Tila, you've finally admit it you're all those! Oh, shit. You're talking about Garry Sun. My bad. Someone please buy this whore a mirror. Broken or not, a fucking mirror please. And where's our gratitude about being skeptic as well? Some skank you are.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

11 Both of You Shut the Fuck Up

UPDATE 10/29/2010

I've always assumed this is just another publicity stunt, but after watching Garry Sun's video (thanks to Joann for the link!), I may change my mind. Garry is trying to persuade the world Tila not only kidnapped someone, but is also responsible for Casey Johnson's death. Now, I can't think of any haters out there not ponder if this monster played any role, so I wouldn't be surprised if Tila is found guilty. Hell, even I still think this whore had some responsibility. However, the big difference is, it is strictly an opinion of ours, but he insist of knowing the truth and said this:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

18 Cheap Fashion Slut, Plus, Post Birthday Party Bash

UPDATE! Thanks for the wonderful haters!

I can't wait until this whore dies. Where is Jane when we need her?

So, Tila went to Mr. Chow restaurant on her birthday (as opposed to going to Egypt), a place where many celebrities actually go to and believes Jame Franco was there for the purpose of her small party. Thankfully, he got out of there just in time because the skank showed up "two hours" late and had not infected him with whatever disease the whore has. Her little party went swell. What more could a person ask for to complete your birthday party when you have other untalented hated famewhores like Michael Lohan and Kate Major (whom I've never heard of until now) there to celebrate with you? It's like, I'm so jealous!.........NOT.

Monday, October 25, 2010

15 Tila Merch Ideas!

Awwwwww..her birthday is officially over. I hope the hag finally finished her crocodile tears by now and is having fun in Egypt with her friends, and at the same time, moving in her new three-floor mansion! Who knew she was omnipresent? Why couldn't this skank find a better photo of herself than this piece of scary garbage? It literally has the word, "psycho" all over the pic!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

7 Let Us Welcome Tila's New Guest Blogger

Tila doesn't find other people fucking attractive if they're not her or skanky at all. On October 18th, this retard tweeted this:
Excuse us, but the world does not want to see your saggy blue waffle cooch or your wonky tits. You're not young anymore. Get over it, hoe.

Friday, October 22, 2010

19 Tila's Home Advent

Sometimes, while hunting down Tila's past lies, I often find irrelevant subjects quite interesting and post worthy along the way. Tila Tequila has been scrutinized about her unhealthy superficial relationship toward Tila Army and has a reputation of being called a pedophile. Is she really one, though? Take a look at these and you decide:

15 Help Tila Army Make a Stupid B-Day Present Video!

Thanks to RockitQueen for the birthday link!

So, Tila has been rubbing our faces about her approaching 38th birthday. Because the video was (and still is) such a laugh riot, I believe it deserves its own entry. Don't worry. I still haven't forgotten about Tila's three-floor manison advent! This space cadet goes by the name of ParalzyedQueen, who was chosen as the Tila Army of the Week, one time, for providing so much ass-kissing support (what an accomplishment!). And it gets better. This scary soldier obeyed Tila's command by attacking Perez Hilton as well. SMH. And Tila strives for positive energy? Am I missing something here? I wonder if the Tila Army will rob a bank if Tila asked them too, or worse, kill someone. Hey, it happened with the Manson Family.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

11 Tila Merch! Opening Never!

8 So Much Catching Up To Do!

Hello, everybody! Sorry for being away. Now that I'm back, I have so much catching up to do. First off, I want to thank for those who played my sample Dress Up Tila Flash Game. I do not know when the final project will be completed, but it will take some time. I tend to make the stage a little bigger, that way, it will feel less cluttered. Unfortunately, because I'm very new with Adobe Flash CS4, I do not know actionscripts at all and don't know how to create better mouse controls. Here's a tip, though: When you drag an object, simply double click to release instead once. Works for me. Getting Titla Bacteria to roll on the floor would be awesome, but it takes a lot of animation, plus actionscripts, to do that and I simply don't have that much of an effort to attempt at this point. And yes, that is a monocle. I put it there because I truly love them. It has nothing to do with Tila's intelligence; for she has none. If you ask me, I think she has a learning disability besides suffering from mental disorders. She's such an ugly freak. And I fucking mean that.

Friday, October 15, 2010

15 Dress Up Tila Sample Flash Game!

Hello, everybody. This project is going smoothly and I'm happy to announce I've uploaded a sample of my game for you guys to play! Now, I'm sure there are folks out there who might find this childish, but let me tell you something: Everything about Tila is childish, so this is an exception! Dress ups are fun! That said, please keep in mind this is only a sample and I don't have a lot of funny stuff created yet. So, in the meantime, play around with it, offer feedback and send requests if you have any.

Oh, I also want to mention about my reset button. It's been omitted for this one because of one mistake. I didn't check the limited size from megaswf website. My file exceeded over the limit, so I had to make a new file and convey most of the stuff to the new one, hence, messing up my reset configuration and as you can see, I have a lot of shit on there and I don't feel like fixing the x and y attributions. Well, enough talk. Enjoy!

Help Tila pick an outfit for her next charity event, which involves building wells!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

17 I'm Too Focused On Myself!

What was expected to be a "private sexual seduction", turns out to be another narcissistic act of Tila making weird, but scary facial expressions from her "glamroom". A nineteen seconds of life I'll never get back sadly. Nothing new, even I wouldn't recommend you watching it.

3 Tila Declares Her Own Holiday: Free Hugs Day!

Yes, you've read that right, folks. Titla Bacteria decides to declare her own little holiday, a free hugs day, incorporated on October 13th, 2010, but we all know free hugs been around for a long time, right? My version of the story? She went to a local sex store and on her way back to her rented Lambo, saw three horny young men with "free hugs" signs and felt heart-broken when no one was hugging them. I don't know about you guys, but I do not feel comfortable hugging random people. So, the filthy coquette interferes by asking how many hugs they've received and their answers? Too many. "Can I take a picture with you guys?" Her question aroused suspicion, and since they're determined to accomplish their mission, said yes to get her out of there quickly as possible.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

15 Jayden's Angel!!!! When Will it Be Legit?

Tila, it is October 12, and I'm still eager to write a fabulous review of your recent trip to Africa and Uganda.......*someone taps me on my shoulder* Oh, my bad. I just realized you have yet to do so. What a sack of shit you really are. Savor every moment of giggling and eating meals because for the next two years, you better make your shitty life worth every second. You tweeted yourself that you're going to die by then. Well, I'm not holding my breath, but this whore sure likes to make fun of people's grief. Miscarriage, adoption, charity fraud. Speaking of charity fraud, hey, Tila, why isn't your Jayden's Angels legit?! How does it feel to steal from your own fans? It's truly an insult of you to show up at charity "dinner" events when you lied about Jayden's Angels being legit and decided to keep the money that was meant to go for your own fake ass organization instead! Funny, when one organization isn't legit, your last thought is to donate anyways. I hope the guests held onto their belongings when you passed by them. I know I would...and have a can of mace for extra security with me.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

18 Photos of Tila's Sex Tape

RadarOnline has published few photos of Tila's sex tape, which was recorded several years ago. Poor Tila: "I will never make a sex tape." She's been awfully quiet now. I'm sure she's speaking with her twelve lawyers for whatever reasons. What a joke! BTW, her boobs actually looks better in those photos, now they're just nasty as hell.

Friday, October 8, 2010

8 Coming Soon! A Flash Interactive Game: Dress Up Tila Tequila!

Hello, everybody! I am quite excited! I've been thinking about this project for quite a long time and being persistent, finally found what I needed to accomplish this! I'm gonna create a digital paper doll where we'll all get to dress up Tila!

Here's the scoop! Tila Tequila has been personally invited to attend another charity event, an event where she's required to build wells, so she needs our help! With outfits, plus make-up and accessories available to us, compliments of Tila Tequila herself obviously, it is our goal to make the final decision! Will the clothes be appropriate, decent, classy, or slutty?

On the downside, we'll have to wait a while. I don't know how long this will take. If you have any suggestions on clothing and accessories for me to add, then please provide an image hosted on imageshack, photobucket or other image hosting site as I don't want to scan through a webpage just to look for the particular outfit. The higher the resolution, the better details.

Oh, and for those who still haven't seen my other flash video of Loni VS Tila, click here to view it.

15 Feature Feedback Requested

Hello, all. While I'm not trying to clutter this blog with too much widgets and gadgets, but I need to know if the current features of Top Commentators at the top left side and the post count with the tiny username icon on the right side of each subject titles works. Can you see them with your browser? I appreciate your time to answer my question!

UPDATE: When I installed rate star, the code wasn't shown and have removed the entire widget. Hmmmm...I can see it on my site now. Strange...can you see the rate stars? Am I seeing stars myself? o.0

Thursday, October 7, 2010

15 Judge says Fuck Off, Pumping Gas, and More Charity

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

5 I Am So Excited To Be "Apart" of This Charity!

Already this whore thinks she's doing good for the mankind. She'd already labeled herself as a humanitarian. According to

Monday, October 4, 2010

2 Sex Tape, Something Special? What's the Difference?

Sometimes, reading is way better than watching videos! Tila is still (acting) pissed off about her sex tape of possibly been released to the public. As previously discussed, there was another important factor I've failed to mention, but thanks to the wonderful haters for pointing out things I often overlook!

For one, if Tila is serious about her past boyfriend (or client) of extorting her, lawyers would demand their clients to shut the hell up while working on the case. However, because Tila is running her mouth off, chances are, her past boyfriend is not extorting her. Secondly, she discloses this "tragic" news to RadarOnline first instead on her own blog. So, this tells us extortion does not exist, but a mere publicity stunt to help promote her pornographic film and make few bucks from a tabloid site. Remember the Juggalos? She disclosed the photos to TMZ instead on her blog.

That being said, Tila has now confirmed that she indeed made a sex tape. However, as predicted, she tried to make it sound like her sex tape isn't just a sex tape, but something very special. Here are my favorite outlines from her constant-lip smacking video:

2 Girl is Pissed About the Possible Release of Her Sex Tape!

I want to thank Tila for entertaining us! Damn girl, you're just too funny! Anyways, confirmed by her co-stars, Penthouse Pet Lia Leah and Vivid star Charlie Laine, that Tila Tequila shot a pornographic film with them, strangely enough, Tila Tequila is more disturbed and riled up about her sex tape apparently recorded by then her no-name (surprised?) boyfriend from the past because, who knew there's such a big difference between a homemade sex and porn tapes! In this case, it was wise of her to not mention his name for obvious reasons, however, I think it's very strange Tila's sex tape fiasco is going rampant and girl just can't stop talking about it. My guess like most people: Tila's desperate attempt to promote her new adult film so it wouldn't become a flop and sick people will buy it. Actually, I like porn myself, but you have to be really sick wanting to see this nasty whore fuck on camera who fucked so many people in the past and present. 300 hundred pages sounds right. Can you imagine what her vagina looks like by now? Gross!

So, if this is just a publicity stunt, does that mean there is no Tila Tequila sex tape? Well, not to fully disappoint the perverts out there, I'll be kind enough to share you what I've collected. Hmmmmm...I wonder if this makes me a pervert? And while they're not literally porn, you might as well call it soft-porn. Don't worry, I marked over her wonky tits and other necessary assets to make this blog still general audience friendly (sort of).

Saturday, October 2, 2010

3 I Am a Nice Person with Happy Feelings!

The subject title is taken by a quote from Kung Pow: Enter the Fist's antagonist, Master Pain (aka Evil Betty). I use this quote to describe Tila's desperate attempt to transit from being a drug-addict manipulative hooker with no common sense to grown-up mature lovely woman destined to help those in need. *snorts loudly*

Tila haven't done actual shit and let me make it fucking clear she can try to become the next Mother Teresa all she wants, but she will NEVER earn my respect, nor will I ever apologize for pissing her off! To boast and label yourself as the "hero of the week" says a lot about you: You're a fucking idiot and helping for the wrong reasons! Desperate to win everyone's approval and start liking her is her main goal. People who participate don't brag about helping others. Due to the fact of overwhelming skepticism, I guess I can't blame her for wanting to prove us wrong. However, two things comes to my mind: One, anyone can donate to charities, and two, Tila should just keep her fucking meth-mouth shut and let the organizations speak for themselves and express gratitude when ready. Otherwise, announcing charity after charity is a sign of desperation and lack of genuine desire to help.

Right now, Titla Bacteria is all hyped up about charities...just like how she was all hyped up about her celebrity gossip site and within four months, didn't like blogging: