Wednesday, October 27, 2010

11 Both of You Shut the Fuck Up

UPDATE 10/29/2010

I've always assumed this is just another publicity stunt, but after watching Garry Sun's video (thanks to Joann for the link!), I may change my mind. Garry is trying to persuade the world Tila not only kidnapped someone, but is also responsible for Casey Johnson's death. Now, I can't think of any haters out there not ponder if this monster played any role, so I wouldn't be surprised if Tila is found guilty. Hell, even I still think this whore had some responsibility. However, the big difference is, it is strictly an opinion of ours, but he insist of knowing the truth and said this:

"And by the way, Tila Tequila, you did admit, to your victim, that you killed Casey Johnson. That you were in her home, with her, in West Hollywood the day she died. You changed out her pills with your pills, okay? And she seized up, foamed at the mouth, and rather than calling the authorities to help, you packed up your stuff and you flew back to Houston, pretending you didn't know what was going on and you pretended as if you found out Casey died when everybody did, you lied to the L.A.P.D. You are going down."

I'm pretty speechless and my brain is screaming "publicity stunt!" Garry added he has plenty of proof the kidnapping and gunmen happened and that the victim knew him and that the truth will come out. Well, for their sake, it better because this is some serious shit and if both are lying, I hope they'll get into trouble, but most of all, be hated by every single human beings.

Here's what the crazy skank had to say:

So, what's really the fuss about? Could it be he's upset that Tila not only let him go, despite not paying him, but accused him of cutting her arm and being a stalker, suffering a fatal attraction syndrome? All I gotta say is, Tila, you're too nasty and old to be infatuated with and if these are just fabrications, Mr. Sun, you better hire a good lawyer. And if Tila indeed kidnapped someone and murdered Casey Johnson, likewise, too. And if you're all in this together, fuck both of you and I hope you guys get kidnapped and beaten by a Johnson family. I smell desperation for fame. And this is the only way? What a sad world we live in.

Yes, we remember. As a matter fact, Fatty McFatterson wrote about it back in August. Anyways, Garry Sun, if you're on your way of exposing the truth, I am sordidly disappointed. A birthday letter? Also, why is it that Tila's able to use the apostrophe correctly, but never on her stupid ass blog?


Abbie Normal said...

Fact or fiction, this story is revolting. If it's true, then Tila should go to jail for a looong time. If it's not, they're both going to end up in some serious trouble.

I want to lean towards fiction. I'm finding it hard to wrap my head around the idea of people going this far just to have their names in the headlines, but then I remember who we're talking about. This... creature (I refuse to believe she's human anymore) has no boundaries.

Someone needs to take away her happy pills and lock her up in a rubber room already. Enough is enough.

Joann said...

When all of this first came out with the signs on the ground and her calm attitude when the paparazzi questioned her about supposedly kidnapping someone(you noticed she never asked who it was she was suppose to kidnap) I was sure she cooked up this entire scene for publicity.

Then I thought Tila and Gary were in on this together when he admitted he made and placed the signs at Mr. Chow.

I never, ever thought it would be about kidnapping, rape(Gary said Tila raped his girlfriend in an X17online article - killing Casey Johnson.

Those are some SERIOUS accusations but,if it's true what he said about Tila switching Casey's pills with her own, why didn't he tell the police about that when Casey died. Bringing it up now does not look good for him.

But, I am praying Gary has proof of EVERYTHING he said on the tape. I don't believe he did this because he still wanted Tila.

God help him if he's lying about ANYTHING because he is finished if he is and will PROBABLY go to jail and the skank will DEFINITELY go to jail if he isn't.

BigPoppaPhat said...

Well if it is a stunt, this is the big "October surprise". Its definitely getting Tila much needed attention and headlines since things have been too quiet the past few weeks and the same old recycled lies aren't making any impact. This probably will make it to TV also as it develops. Thanks for the update qocap.

Abbie Normal said...

So this supposed "kidnap victim" says she wasn't abducted and doesn't know Sun. Looking more and more like a publicity stunt by the hour.

hanah said...

Why have all of those youtube videos of gary been removed? I'd like to see them

hanah said...

I have a feeling Carlton Jordan is in on this with Gary and Tila. The three famewhores reunited.

It's obvious nothing of this has happened, kidnapping, four armed men and no police report? Who believes that? Authorities would be involved, there would be documents etc. The only thing we have is a form Gary filled in for a restraining order, I'm not from the US but I'm guessing everyone can do this. Gary's IQ doesn't seem too high and he's probably still in love with Tila, the sweet, loving, caring Tila told him to come forward with those claims, Carlton played the part to spill the exclusives on his blog. Et voilĂ , all the three of them got the attention they wanted so badly, and Gary probably got to eff Tila in exchange. It's sad TMZ bought into this, they're ruining their good name.

Misty said...

Is it just me or does anyone else notice that Mr. Bradshaw is always suspiciously absent when Tila pulls one of her stunts? (ie. Jane & the "arm-meet" gate; the Juggalos)

I find the allegations outright not believable. However, I have always seen that somewhere there is a "truth" in Tila's lies. A skewered, delusional, wtf sort of truth. What bothers me in this one is that if you make accusations such as kidnapping, rape, and extortion, how do you back peddle from it. I find it hard to believe that Garry is insane - he would have to be to be involved in this - although, he knew about her planned "arm-meet". He had to have.

I just don't understand why someone somewhere can't step in and do something about them. And what really frightens me is if you look at Tila's twitter line from her AOI - there are some that are "supporting her no matter what she has done" "I'm sure you had a reason". Cultish??

alison m m said...

Anyone ever heard of "invisible theater"?

raunchyb said...

@alison - I hadn't used the phrase, but I've wondered that about a lot (maybe all) of Tila shenanigans.

Also, it's intriguing that the writers and commenters on TRS said she was getting boring, and then all this craziness comes out: the mansion, her James Franco obsession, the kidnapping/Garry incident... Coincidence?

Misty said...

@alison - good point. I am certain that Tila's performances are scripted. In fact, I think the arm-meet incident was proven to be hoax, by the pictures taken days before.

@rauchyb - no coincidence. Tila reads the blogs about her then has always reacted accordingly. (pauses to give Tila a middle finger wave)

What I think is rather comical right now is that this latest escapade has only garnered slight media attention - there were a handful of news stories the first day and now maybe one and really it is all recycled from another source. No one is keeping on top of "this story".

I am disappointed it wasn't wholly true or at least true enough to see the whore locked up. Someone said this and I agree - she really isn't smart enough to pull something like that off. She can barely fabricate a publicity stunt any longer.

RockitQueen said...

@Misty, people aren't even blinking. It's kind of hilarious. Whoever said they thought Jane might come out and play for Halloween may be on to something. The less attention she gets, the more desperate she becomes.

I really feel for the Johnson family to have to continue to endure this whore and her cohorts dragging their dead daughter through the mud for publicity. It's really sickening.

I don't know if you guys remember the video Tila made where she plays a "prank" on Casey by telling her the cops were knocking at the door, but it was really just a delivery guy bringing flowers. I thought that was mean-spirited and very eye-opening to the type of person Tila really is. In that same video, one of Casey's dogs runs into the street and Casey dashes after it in her underwear while Tila laughed cruelly at her. It's heartbreaking that an obviously big-hearted young woman got wrapped up with an evil manipulative sociopath while she was in such a vulnerable state.