Wednesday, October 6, 2010

5 I Am So Excited To Be "Apart" of This Charity!

Already this whore thinks she's doing good for the mankind. She'd already labeled herself as a humanitarian. According to

Oh, really? Has this skank built wells and homes in Africa yet? Showing up at charity "dinners" is nothing compared to actually doing physical work for charities such guessed it: Building wells and homes for those who don't have any. Don't worry, folks. This is like showing up at her last charity event of just being photographed with people and boasting how awesome Tila is for expanding autism awareness! Yeah, she's just that awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's great, dear, but don't forget you're currently unemployed as well.

It kills you? So which is it? Having sex tape released without your permission is the worst thing that can happen to you or it kills you to know single mothers actually exist? And let us not forget you've insulted the mothers who lost their babies by pretending to suffer miscarriages yourself. God, you're a sick vile piece of meat! I love people bashing the hell out of you. Take that as a sign the world and Hollywood hates you and don't want to be associated with your craziness. And don't take craziness as a compliment. I mean that in a very bad way.

Oh, boo-hoo skank! Your family was blessed until you came along! Be glad they took care of you by providing enough food to feed your herpes-infested mouth, sent you to schools, let alone, bought you a fucking car!

The point of going to charities is to help the organizations, not getting excited to see "real" celebrities who are not a psychotic compulsive lying whore like you. And I'm sure their help is far genuine than yours. And I wouldn't call this attendance a "women's night." You're making it sound like you're going to a Sex and a City party bash or something.

Just as long it's about you, you, you, right? Pathetic.....

One more time about her charity organization fraud, Jayden's Angels:

For what Tila did was a complete fraud and her ass should've been in jail! Tilasrotspot have information about this fraud and non-existing organization founded by this fucking ----! Click here and here. This disgusting whore had the balls to request for money from her idiotic retarded fans, lying about her charity organization being official and running when it wasn't and to add an insult to the injury, this is what she eventually tweeted:

Tila, no offensive words could ever express how much I despise the hell out of you. Rot in hell you fucking maggot!

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Misty said...

Anyone can attend the Gladys Magazine Event, it's right on their website.

And it seems Tila's name is not on the inspirational women's list:,%20Ignite,%20Imagine.jpg

Misty said...

Sorry that didn't hyperlink. Oh well, just google the mag. It's right there.

I hate this fucking cunt. I have never truly wished someone harm, but I would truly care less if she just od'd. That might be wrong, but I don't care.

Tila is a fucking lying piece of shit. Attending events is not the same as doing charity work. Fucking hell, I attend charity events all the time. The big difference is I donate - money, property and time to them as well. One of best friends is on the board of directors for Dress For Success - she'd like to see Tila actually spend an entire weekend sorting through piles of donated clothes and pressing suits. I told her I would like to see that too except I would be concerned that Tila would walk away with the clothes - anyone remember the garbage bags full of dollar bills she took in New York?

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

I wish I could forget, but can't. I think that was one of the most selfish "acts" Tila ever did to people who seriously were trying to pay their bills in more honest ways. If I have been one of the strippers, I wouldn't know what I would've done: Beat her ass or suck it up and wish her all the misery a life could get. Oh, wait. I do already.

BigPoppaPhat said...

I love seeing the comments from Tilas flog of the jelis haters. They are always funny. Great post as usual.

Joann said...

Tila is such a sad pathetic person.

She believes attending black tie events, taking pictures with other people at those events, posting the pictures and a small amount of information about the organization on her blog, post a link to donate if you want and move on to the next event is doing charity work. SMH.

If she has such a passion for charity why don't she donate some of her millions of dollars to these charities or hire some of those unemployed women to work at her blog, her clothing line or on her record label.

Wait....she don't have a record label or a clothing line and her blog is on its way out. My bad. lol.

Tila needs to go away permanently. She has nothing to offer of any substance to society whatsoever.

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