Friday, October 22, 2010

15 Help Tila Army Make a Stupid B-Day Present Video!

Thanks to RockitQueen for the birthday link!

So, Tila has been rubbing our faces about her approaching 38th birthday. Because the video was (and still is) such a laugh riot, I believe it deserves its own entry. Don't worry. I still haven't forgotten about Tila's three-floor manison advent! This space cadet goes by the name of ParalzyedQueen, who was chosen as the Tila Army of the Week, one time, for providing so much ass-kissing support (what an accomplishment!). And it gets better. This scary soldier obeyed Tila's command by attacking Perez Hilton as well. SMH. And Tila strives for positive energy? Am I missing something here? I wonder if the Tila Army will rob a bank if Tila asked them too, or worse, kill someone. Hey, it happened with the Manson Family.

She looks like a jester. If you have a strong stomach, you can watch the video, otherwise, you may not want to and just read what I have to say.

So, if you wish to participate in making some lame-ass birthday present, which can't beat out my awesome Dress Up Tila Flash Game, here are the rules created by this dumbass!

1.) State your name first (must be your real name, your twitter name, or facebook name only. No Myspace name please. Need more info? Okay like, for an example, hi Chantal, my name is lonerstalker97).

2.) It must include a birthday message. (Yeah, 'cause, otherwise, Tila wouldn't get it.)

3.) You may add an additional message, but please keep it at ten to 15 seconds maximum. (Because poor Tila suffers from ADHD.)

4.) We're cramming because her birthday kinda snuck up on us, right? (Um, not really. 1 2)

5.) If you don't have a camera, send a photo of yourself to a random grown-up person online. (Don't worry, you can trust ParalzyedQueen. She's not a pedo...right?)

6.) Make sure the photo is not graphic, has profanity, inappropriate, or contains nudity. (Yeah, we don't want to follow Tila's steps, now do we?)

7.) In the message, make sure it's birthday-related only. (Like, happy birthday whore.)

8.) If you want to add more, make sure it's 20 words maximum. (Besides keeping the message 10 to 15 seconds max).

9) Even though the email address ends with dot c-a, I still asked the girl if it was dot com. (Yeah, who knew there was [note the sarcasm])

10.) You better hurry the fuck up, yo! (Yeah, her birthday kinda snuck up on us, all right.)

You know what? Fuck it. I'll just go and make my own damned video...if I was a fan, but thank God I'm not! I love the part where this twit says she trusts this girl and believes she'll choose the right music. "She can pick a Tila song." Ooooooh, boooooooy. May I suggest In the Room? Sorry, ParalzyedQueen adds, "as long it's not in your face." Um...aren't all Tila songs in your face? Y-E-S. No matter how this turns out, Tila will be laughing at their faces and continues taking advantage of their ignorance.


Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Receiving hate comments gets you off? I don't know what's worse: Tila calling her underage fans "lovers" or this.

raunchyb said...

This is more than slightly terrifying - such obsession.

QOCAP: who/what were you replying to? There's no comment before yours now.

Also, .ca? Friggin' Canadians.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

I was first to comment. I felt like commenting here instead from the post. :)

RockitQueen said...

Wow, thanks so much for the shout-out, QOCAP!

It's absolutely sick that Tila is soliciting gifts from these kids! She even has an Amazon wish list of crap for people to buy her.

Anyone ever see the movie "To Die For"? Tila reminds me of Nicole Kidman's character.

Joann said...

LMAO @ "about her approaching 38th birthday".

Your right QOCP, she needs to lay off the "hey lovers". That is inappropriate and creepy for the fan base she has but what do you expect from a trifling 28 year old skank who told a 14 year old boy they can be phone bone buddies.

I also believe beyond a shadow of a doubt more than a few of her AOI will rob a bank for her AND DO WORSE.

I don't know what she tells them when they DM her and she DM them back but a while ago a couple of her boy fans were on twitter tweeting "hey boo what's up" or "talk to you later hon". To me, that's very personal talk between a fan and the person they admire. Makes me think something else is going down.

hanah said...

Anyone noticed Carleana25 on twitter? That poor girl seems completely lost...

Joann said...

@hanah...I just went to Tila's twitter a few minutes ago and saw the tweet from Carlena25. Clicked on her twitter picture to read her twitter...she's either extremely drunk or extremely depressed.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Holy shit. Her tweets can I put this delicately? Yep. An alcoholic. Too bad Tila is ignoring her while she's pouring her heart out. If something bad happened to this girl, Tila would not give a damn.

Abbie Normal said...

Paralyzed Queen does a pretty decent impression of the troll. She even has the meth mouth lip smack down.

Anna said...

OMG! I can't believe anyone bought the line that she's 29!

Not only are they sending her love, but they are giving her a total astrological rundown of her day.

hanah said...

Just realized that ParalyzedQueen's facebook is all open and wanted to share a good laugh with you guys:

Nothing says goth like a babyduck themed bathroom:

(but seriously, privacy settings people, use them!)

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Here's the stupid video: I flagged it cause of a cooch shot.

Abbie Normal said...

@hanah... Definitely made me giggle.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

I can't view her facebook page. Says I need to log in.

hanah said...

@Queen of Copy and Paste Yes you'll have to have an account but you don't have to befriend her in order to see all her private stuff. This is the direct link to the pic, maybe it'll work for you: