Sunday, October 31, 2010

15 Her New Pee-Wee House Update

Here's another proof that Tila is a one big (despite her actual size) piece of shit who truly believes she suffered the most! *gasp*
Bitch, unless this dumbass sad shit Tila Army soldier of yours told you her entire life story, you better shut it about suffering. Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have enough food to eat? Do you drive a Lambo? Did you traveled to the UK? Did you recently ate at Mr. Chow? Do you even have a little fanbase? If you said yes to all these, then shut your disgusting fucking mouth and rather than feeling sorry for yourself, go to Africa and Uganda to help wells instead of using people's misery for your pathetic advantage. Sick slut should get kidnapped and beaten up is what you need because your Daddy wasn't the man enough to make you suffer the same fate as Casey Johnson's in your earlier days!

Anyways, my, my. Why am I not surprised Tila is delaying about moving in her new Pee-Wee house?

First, it was November 1st and now within few days? I don't know about you guys, but doesn't it take more than three days to move in? Did somebody brought in a fish or what? Supposedly this whore did purchased a new mansion, but how long will it take until for foreclosure? Let's face it, her new home sounds expensive. What recent work has Tila done (besides fucking on camera) that can accommodate such home? And you, Tila Army, who believes she'll invite you, need to fucking realize and ask yourself: If she never invited her fans who resides in the same area for a ride in her Lambo as she'd promised, then what makes you think she'll invite you to her new home? Yeah, exactly: Never. You guys are the dumbest fanbase, ever. It embarrasses the hell out of me that I share the same world with you, let alone, am the same species.


angela said...

I felt so bad for Paralyzed Queen when Tila sent her that tweet. I'm getting sick of Tila being the only one who has ever had a terrible, hard life. The you have a headache, well, I have a brain tumour scenario is getting old. I'm surprised that comment didn't turn PQ off of Tila. There are times that I do feel sorry for Tila's army because they are only children.

Misty said...

@angela someone said that to ParalyzedQueen and her reply is below. Her AOI is tragic.

@ParalyzedQueen a real friend wouldn't say, "awww sorry you cried all day but whatever, my problems are worse!" ... Seriously?
9:19 PM Oct 29th via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to ParalyzedQueen

@RoosterEnvy No no I know what you mean, but it didn't like upset me EXTREMELY. Her situation is worse than mine, but... Thanks for caring.
9:35 PM Oct 29th via web in reply to RoosterEnvy

Misty said...

We nor anyone else will ever see a 3 story "mansion". Perhaps she is moving into a new apartment building. The most I imagine is a new "glam room". Or doctored pics of someone else's place.

Hannah said...

Yes, that tweet is proof Tila doesn't really give a shit about her fans and their problems. She only pretends to so she can keep feeling loved and getting the attention she so desperately craves. She just has to give them a little to get the ass kissing she wants from them. It's sick!

hanah said...

PQ wrote Tila now for DAYS that she has a question she wants her to ask, it's so pathetic... Plus she was the one behind the birthday video for Tila, we'll see what Tila will do for her fan in return since it's PQ birthday today...

And yeah, can't wait how this "mansion" will unfold

Nother said...

I was reading PQ's tweets, and MAN is it sad. She's begging minor celebs (Tila, Cris Angel and Aaron Carter) to wish her a happy b-day. :-(

Joann said...

We, the "haters", have told the AOI's time after time how Tila is.

The authors of this blog, TRS, The Tila Truth and Tila's Spiked Tequila have SHOWN THEM PROOF that Tila is a liar and only cares about herself and they tell us to "f" off and/or we are jelis. They still think Tila is their friend and REALLY cares about them so let them think that.

I feel no sympathy for PQ. She got what she deserved for believing every word out of the skank's mouth.

Some of the AOI's are young so I give them a pass but I think PQ is at the age where her common sense about Tila should have kicked in a long time ago and that goes for BBJ too.

Moving into a mansion, yea right. She MIGHT and I say MIGHT have enough money left over from her porn movie to get a small condo or she might be moving to another apartment complex and her apartment is on the third floor, which is why she mentions an elevator.

As is the norm with damn near every apartment complex, hotels and motels in Cali there are swimming pools and a jacuzzi. It's not like she has these things personally, it's for all the people in the complex to use.

I live in Cali about about 45 minutes from Hollywood and the way Tila describes her shit you think she's living high on the hog but she's not.

Some apartment complexes have a weight or work out room or a movie room or a rec room to have parties...that's Cali.

The complex where I live has a tennis court along with a swimming pool and a jacuzzi and trust me Mr Moneybags has NOT knocked on our door yet.

Depending on the neighborhood some apartment complexes have more amenities than others but it's for everybody use.

Can't wait to see how her mansion looks. LMAO.

Joann said...

I put this comment on the wrong post so I'm repeating it here.

From Tila's twitter talking about last night.

# See? #TilaArmy is very well known in Hollywood! hehe!! They ALWAYS ask me about you guys! So sweet! <3 8 minutes ago via web

# It was SO cute! It's like EVERYONE knows about #TilaArmy! Cuz on red carpets, interviewers always asks me about my #TilaArmy!!! YAY!!! 9 minutes ago via web

You know this is a damn shame. I bet the AOI's are eating these lies up. Got them thinking they are famous in Hollywood. She's setting them up for me. LMAO.

raunchyb said...

@hannah - Spoiler Alert! Tila's not going to do shit about PQ's birthday.

I wonder how long she'll keep delaying the move in day for her new apartmansion.

Also, I found pics of her Halloween "costume", LMAO -

She mentioned she had "REAL VAMPIRE FANGS custom made" for her. First of all - "REAL" vampire fangs? WTF? Secondly, I think custom made means she used that putty the ones at Wal-Mart come with to stick them in her mouth. Third, they aren't even in the pics!!!

Joann said...

Thanks for the link raunchyb.

Why am I not surprised she was with Michael Lohan and Kate. Half naked as usual but her mask is pretty.

I wouldn't be surprised if she was doing them both. Let's see how long this BFF business will last with her, Michael and Kate.

Someone is going to be sorry that ever got involved with Tila. lol

Hannah said...

@raunchyb They're not even in her pics on her flog either! She made up some bullshit story about not having a costume and throwing some shit she found in her closet together in 40 minutes. Why even lie about having fangs custom made for you? She obviously didn't. Her fans really have issues if they can't see she's seriously mentally unwell. Also she says that Michael Lohan and Kate Major are really like family to her now. Hasn't she been friends with them for all of a week or two?

Joann said...

@Hannah...yea I think it has been a week or two and has Michael NOT seen or heard how Tila bashed him and Lindsay earlier on her piece of crap blog?

Unless he's not aware of what Tila said about his daughter what possible reason would he want to hang with this nitwit.

Attention whores do not want to share the spotlight with other attention whores. lol

hanah said...

I called her out today on her flog saying VIOLA instead of voilĂ  more than once and she actually took the time to respond saying she was talking Tila not French lol VIOLA!! It's cracking me up on so many levels

Misty said...

@hanah that is funny! Tila Talk. Oh the list of things we could come up with for that.

lalabinks said...

I think that Tila and Garry are playing a sick sexual game. They'll be bestest buds in a few weeks.