Saturday, October 2, 2010

3 I Am a Nice Person with Happy Feelings!

The subject title is taken by a quote from Kung Pow: Enter the Fist's antagonist, Master Pain (aka Evil Betty). I use this quote to describe Tila's desperate attempt to transit from being a drug-addict manipulative hooker with no common sense to grown-up mature lovely woman destined to help those in need. *snorts loudly*

Tila haven't done actual shit and let me make it fucking clear she can try to become the next Mother Teresa all she wants, but she will NEVER earn my respect, nor will I ever apologize for pissing her off! To boast and label yourself as the "hero of the week" says a lot about you: You're a fucking idiot and helping for the wrong reasons! Desperate to win everyone's approval and start liking her is her main goal. People who participate don't brag about helping others. Due to the fact of overwhelming skepticism, I guess I can't blame her for wanting to prove us wrong. However, two things comes to my mind: One, anyone can donate to charities, and two, Tila should just keep her fucking meth-mouth shut and let the organizations speak for themselves and express gratitude when ready. Otherwise, announcing charity after charity is a sign of desperation and lack of genuine desire to help.

Right now, Titla Bacteria is all hyped up about charities...just like how she was all hyped up about her celebrity gossip site and within four months, didn't like blogging:

From Major OMG Revamping! entry:

Here's the list of what our favorite mogul-wanna-be-aspiring whore wanted us to believe about her upcoming celebrity gossip blog site:

1.) Highly anticipated celebrity gossip blog.
2.) Been busting her disgusting ass off working on her celebrity gossip blog.
3.) Real celebrity news, bringing us news "real time".
4.) It's not about Tila bashing random celebrities.
5.) It's a real celebrity news blog just like any other.
6.) Will beat out Piggy Dumbass Perez Hilton's blog.
7.) Perez's blog is old, Tila's up to date, edgy, and something new and fresh.
8.) Once we see Tila's new blog, we'll all be hooked.
9.) Tila's blog: Super, fun, and unexpected. Colorful, blasting with tons of personality.
10.) Even if you hate her, you'll love her blog.
11.) Blog to launch in April.
12.) After April, the world of celebrity will never be the same.
13.) She one thousand million trillion percent guarantee us that there are no other celebrity gossip blog out there like hers.
14.) Blog pushed back due to TilaMerch site.
15.) Her blog site is going to kick everyone's ass.
16.) Her site is "MAJOR."
17.) Previously mentioned it was the TilaMerch that was responsible for the delay of its launch, now states she hired a new team of writers.
18.) She's a pussy CEO slash boss slash mogul bitch.
19.) Whatever info she needed to collect from her new team of imaginary staff writers of 25-30, she had to hire another company to accommodate heavy site traffic she anticipated.
20.) Even though her site is not opened to the public, already the traffic is going bananas.
21.) Her blog is suppose to have cool features and pluggins that no other celebrity gossip sites have.
22.) Had amazing meeting with a partner who wants to be part of her imaginary team, thus, believes her site is going to kill every single motherfucking blogs out there.
23.) There were tons of people hitting up her PR team, asking to be part of it.
24.) Has a big office space with green screen and a huge film crew.
25.) Had confirmed to do an interview with a celebrity, saying "take that, Perez!" and only to discover it was some Russian Boxer most of the Americans wouldn't know.
26.) Her blog is going to be dope.
27.) Refreshing, new, totally loud in our faces (whatever the hell that means), extremely funny, and will actually have real celebrity interviews each week.
28.) Her blog is super duper duper duper fun and real news and tons of exclusive materials that no other bloggers has.
29.) Due to having tons of connections, have exclusive insides that nobody knows, and amazing things popping up, she had to push her site back. Not because of hiring new team of writers or getting a dedicated server from a different web hosting company.
30.) Her gossip blog is going to be the number one celebrity gossip blog in the whole world.
31.) Her green screen and other videos will be syndicated to TV stations all around the "word."
32.) Will have contests, and prizes include a chance of a trip to Hollywood, chill out with Tila for a day, go shopping while paparazzi chase you and her around.
33.) Tila will be "outing" few people that dissed her to get even.
34.) Her blog is extremely high-tech and have features for it.
35.) Will have tons of "sexy" (though whorish is the politically correct term) photos of herself as well.
36.) Will have make-up tutorials.

Link to Tila Taking over the World entry from

Nice to know this whore's been working on her stupid ass Tila Tequila Iphone application since November 2009! Keep an eye on Tila's similar enthusiasm while reading her so-called charity work entries.

She posted this garbage of making her failed site into TilaArmy dedication now...and herself. Oh, indeed, it's all about Tila (as celebrity gossip was just a scheme to lure in traffic site), but even today, nothing is changed about TilaArmy dedication since four months ago!

Excerpt from Oh, Tila, Your Past is Catching Up With You, entry from (charity toward the bottom page):

For what Tila did was a complete fraud and her ass should've been in jail! Tilasrotspot have information about this fraud and non-existing organization founded by this fucking cunt! Click here and here. This disgusting whore had the balls to request for money from her idiotic retarded fans, lying about her charity organization being official and running when it wasn't and to add an insult to the injury, this is what she eventually tweeted:

It gets better:
 wrong we've all been!!!! Oh, wait. What's this?

If Tila says she's not making money, obviously all this donation claim is just bullshit and you know what? It actually is. Apparently, this whore doesn't understand charity works don't involve just donating money. *smacks side of my head*

Tragically, on July 12, 2010, bomb explosions occurred and resulted a death toll of one hundred people in Uganda and this nasty bitch decides to use this tragedy for media attention by stating this bullshit, let alone, calling us, haters, similar to the terrorists in a subtle way:

"In closing, I was actually supposed to go on a 2 week charity run in Africa starting October this year, and ironically, one of the stops in Africa that I was going to do some charity work at is in UGANDA where all of this is happening right now! Although my PR people told me that it’s a very dangerous place and that they suggest that I not go, I still didn’t care. I want to go. I want to help people. When my friends found out that I had signed up to go to Africa this October for 2 weeks to do charity work, one stop being in UGANDA, all of my friends told me that I should not go!"

Perhaps she meant stealing diamonds while in Africa instead of charity reasons:

I'm pretty sure this tweet is about Tila regretting for saying stupid things from her old twitter account because, little did she knew, it was going to be used against her!

It is now October. Back in July, Tila announced she's going to Africa and Uganda to help build wells. Unfortunately, something so viciously bad happened to her, it's likely this whore is NOT going to Africa or Uganda after all. Shocked? Appalled? So fucking what if people are being evil to her?!!!!! A strong-ass person would just say fuck you and still go according to plan, not chicken out because of evil (haters) people! Well, if you want my opinion, I never believed this whore intended to go to Africa or Uganda in the first place. And of course, suddenly there's a sex tape (correction: porno) war going on. Coincidence or planned to have a valid excuse for not going? I choose the latter, even though the excuse is not valid.

WOW. Having someone release your sex tape is the worst thing that can happen to you! Ya, cause, you know, it's more terrible than being raped or killed. We should've known! Stupid, stupid, stupid. And it's pretty scary how she's begging her TilaArmy, a bunch of naive underage fans, for prayers and shit. Whatever the fuck has she done for them? Absolutely nothing!!!

Speaking of sex tape and porno, let's take a look at these tweets:

Tila, you are clearly not spreading autism awareness. You are clearly promoting yourself and you clearly do not know autism just like you don't fucking know jujitsu and quantum physics. Shit, I bet you didn't know nurtrition plays an important role! Fucking whore! And it was very nice (or should I say rude?) of you to refer that kid as the "kid". You are not fooling anybody, so fuck you for trying!

Helping people is what she wanted to do with her entire life? Really?

You are a one messed up piece of rotting meat, Tila. You really are.

Here's what Tila is claiming to do and say about her upcoming charity works:

1.) Next year, we'll be guaranteed to see Titla all around the world, helping people.
2.) Will be doing TONS of charity works.
3.) Right now, it is Tila's passion to dedicate her crappy drugged life to help others, traveling the world and back to help people (whatever the fuck that means) in all countries! Like, there's at least 195 of them! I can't wait until she goes to Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, or Afghanistan!
4.) Can't wait to build wells for villages.
5.) Can't wait to build new homes for people.

Tila feels so blessed to have wonderful people contacting her. A blessing? Overrated. Anyone can help an organization, so, it's only a blessing if you actually contributed, rather than run your filthy mouth about things you haven't done yet! Don't forget "Right now, it is Tila's passion to dedicate her life to help others." She has a past tendencies to be all hyped about new so-called projects and eventually abandon the ideas or cook up an excuse for stopping. It happened with her failed blog and it happened with Africa and Uganda. If she claims to do tons of charity works, I expect her to be building wells and homes from a poor country...soon because she doesn't have much time left to live! I don't believe she donates money. If you look at her disgusting life two years ago, she hardly did shit to sustain so much income or else it's all from prostitution. Yes, TilaArmy, your idol is a prostitute, a pathological liar, and soon-to-be porn star!

Here are some comments from others about Tila's upcoming charity works:

I opt the fans because it's all "I love you", "I'm proud of you," "that's very nice of you" and other ass-kissing comments. Makes me want to throw up literally.

And finally:

Coward is playing tough bitch...again. She beckons us to insult her and goes on deleting frenzy spree. I shit you not. Try it yourself and you'll discover it's gone within an hour...unless it's ass-kissing. Don't forget about her heavy word filtering as well. I posted my flash cartoon today and within minutes, deleted. It was so relevant and not a fucking spam! All comments that dish out Tila's lies of miscarriage, adoption, Jayden's Angels, Casey Johnson, will be deleted. So, why the hell is this whore taunting us and accusing us of being repetitive? I'd even posted links to some of her old tweets and while they weren't omitted, but she banned a thousand times already.

Tila, you ain't no tough punk-ass gangsta. You are fucking weak and very easy to toy with. You are just a toy I and the other haters love to play with because while you're manipulative, we truly manipulate you. Anything we say, you have to go out of your way, trying to prove otherwise. Shit, you even deleted your "Jane Tried to Kill Me!" , "Clearning Up Rumors! There Is No Tila Tequila Sex Tape!" to name a few. That entry is gone, so you're implying otherwise?

You are not tough. You are just shit who can't wait to die.

God, you're fucking pathetic! No wonder the world hates you.


Hannah said...

Great post. And exactly on every point made. Also, her lovely Uganda post was the one where she began editing comments and making them way worse than they actually were. That's how sick this girl is.

Tila lying about charity work is just mind-boggling to me. I love how she's acting like she just had the opportunity presented to her. If she really wanted to be volunteering, she could have been doing it every single weekend for the past 10 years by now. Especially since she's such a self-proclaimed "animal lover." I know from personal experience that there are so many rescue groups and shelters that just love to get more volunteers. All you have to do is call them up and tell them you want to volunteer, occasionally you might have to fill out an app, and you're in. So the fact that this bitch is acting like she needed to have the opportunity given to her is ridiculous! She's not going to do any charity work except maybe go to a few galas where her picture is sure to be taken. /rant

Joann said...

Wow what a good post. You touched on every aspect of this imbecile's pathetic lies and life or as much as we know.

I have never, ever seen one human being as sick as Tila. I'm sure they're more but I'm inclined to believe they're in a mental institution.

She's not relevant anymore and she's "clutching at straws" with this charity idea to stay in the spotlight. We all know Tila is not about doing any charity work unless there's a camera crew following her around.

I just read where Mary J. Blige has a charity which just gave a young woman a $50,000 scholarship to finish school. NO fanfare, just one picture of her giving the check to the young lady.

Tila claims she is a millionaire so why didn't she donate some money to the organization called C.A.R.D(for autism) when she went to their event the other night.

All she did was have a lot of pictures of herself with other people taken and I must say the dress she wore was totally inappropriate for a black tie event.

Let's see how long her "passion for doing charity work" last. I give it a month or two.

BigPoppaPhat said...

I feel the same way about tila and the whole "charity" subject. She's only interested if it does not cost her anything, cameras are present, and her name might be mentioned in some kind of publication. She also uses it for "bragging rights", always throwing it out there when responding to a "jelis hater".