Wednesday, September 29, 2010

3 What If Loni Love & Tila Got Into a Physical Fight?

Okay, well, apparently I can't embed the file, so just click here to see the hilarious flash video I made of what would have happened if Loni and Tila got into a fight...physically, not verbally. Well, here's my perspective. Enjoy!


BigPoppaPhat said...

That was funny, I would have like to see them get,"Jerry Springer" up in there. It would have been another epic scar and a billion dollar lawsuit involved.

Really Tila? said...

Brilliant! I am a first time poster, but long time lurker (I have two children under the age of 3 and an Active Duty Soldier Husband so it keeps me busy!) but I had to let you know that I absolutely LOVE what you are doing with the site. Your wit and style is fantastic and keeps me laughing for days. Keep up the fabulous posts! :-)

Isis said...

That was great!