Friday, September 10, 2010

4 Oh, Tila, You're Just as Guilty, You Stupid Whore!


I'll be honest with you guys. I've never heard of Saigon before and thought it was a Vietnamese racial slur when I read her entry title, but turns out, it's not. It's a city. So, what is the big fucking deal here, folks? Well, you know how Tila is: If someone pisses her off, I mean, really pisses her off, she gets all anal. The more popular you are, the more angrier she'll get. She probably gets turned on.

I don't know, maybe it's just me. But I'm Asian and I don't find anything offensive about this. Had she been called a "gook", it would be a different scenario. However, this is a fucking internet. People will exercise their freedom of speech and I'm sure all of us had been called really nasty names (and still do), and if their insults really get to you instead of just shrug it off and move on, well, perhaps you should stay off the internet then?

Christ, almighty! Why is it that this damsel in distress whore always feel compelled to call upon her TilaArmy to help her out? She acts all gangsta and brags about being tough and don't let anyone "fuck with Tila Tequila" and wow! Calls children for help? This is beyond pathetic, this is fucking embarrassing!

So, what bothers you the most, Grandma Tila? Being called "cheap?" or Saigon? Don't start feeling sorry for this twit, guys. Tila Tequila is just as guilty:

I don't know about you guys, but I'll be more offended being called "dumb" than "American." This old woman is so full of herself that she can't admit of being just as guilty. What a delusional dumb fool!

Apparently, Tila doesn't seem to acknowledge you don't need to be a racist to make racial slurs. Idiot. Anyways, I'm glad Tila's not getting the full satisfaction of people sending her condolence. Bobby is absolutely right. So, it's not okay for people to call her Saigon whore, but it's okay for her otherwise? Ooooooooooooookkkkkay..... I hope a TilaArmy child will have the courage to tell her to SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET OVER IT! Otherwise, I sense lawsuit pending for emotional distress! And, here's a last chuckle:

Tila, I know you love bloggers who write about you, so quit acting like a fucking dumbass and start showing appreciation!

I've been called a Saigon whore! Death to you, fucker!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like Celebslam was notified and responded:

I swear, Tila has the most dumbest fan base ever! She should be in the Guinness World Records for this accomplishment!

Did Titla ever bother to read the article? I can't wait to read her new entry about this!


EllenFB said...

I posted as "tired of hypocricy", and she banned my ass. I truly despise the bitch. She can deny making racist comments all she wants, but the truth is out there.

She Tweeted this about an hour ago:

"awwww Happy Holiday to all Muslims! I'm sorry i didn't know it was a Holiday there!"

"...there" and just were would that be, Tila???I don't know what's worse, her denying making racist remarks or her ignorance?

Happy Eid ul Fitr.


Hannah said...

LMAO that Celebslam article kills me. Hilarious. I posted a link to her tweet calling somebody a monkey face and first she defended herself saying there was nothing racial or derogatory about that term and now she's on a deleting spree, removing the evidence. And she tried to block me. Her panties are really in a twist over this post, so funny.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Oh, I know! It's probably gonna get better if Tila is still delusional and carries out her plan of writing about his non-existent apology when she returns!!!

danger.mouse1 said...

If I had to I'd say she's crashed and burned from a 3 day long tweakfest as she has been silent for the past 24 hours. She'll wake soon, have some Ramen Noodles, take her non existent dog Onyx for a non existent walk and then start planning her next tirade against another non existent insult. If that fails she can always post more "throwback" photos of herself or give more advice on life and love to her delusional Tila Army.

At least the slag has spared us lately from the "Others" as well as her thoughts on Quantum Physics.