Saturday, September 4, 2010

0 ReTweet: Begging, Blaming TilaArmy, & Funny

Why is it that Tila managed to gear up so many followers on Myspace but failed to do the same on Twitter? Perhaps she likely cheated or created endless profiles (wait, isn't that also cheating?). After all, she did boast about not sleeping twenty-four hours straight. So, I was going through her old twitter account, like I did previously with her old blog site and found hilarious tweets.

TILA BEGGING HER FANS - When Tila signed up, she was in a hurry to become a trending topic and what ways to accomplish this selfish goal or if you feel your ass is getting kicked by haters? Exactly! Beg your brainwashed idiotic of dimwits and in exchange, shitty rewards she probably don't intend to give. God, what a BITCH.

That's nice she's enthusiastic about getting many followers as possible, but what about being happy for those who have millions of followers? This entry was written back in May 29, 2010:

Oh, Tila. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Sounds like you're jealous.

Then, why on earth are you pestering your dimwit of soldiers to get many people to follow you? Face it. You wish you had more followers than Britney Spears! If you're that desperate, just make profiles after profiles. Even Perez Hilton exceeded yours, big time! You just suck.

BLAMING TILAARMY - At first, I thought she was just joking around, but after multiple times and a certain tweet, it looks like she's a ugly fucking ass.

I believe this is when Tila asked her army to get his attention when she threatened to kill herself. So, she plead her fans to contact him and she tweets this shit? Fucking nutcase!

FUNNY - These tweets made me laughed, one being the best!