Saturday, September 4, 2010

0 Retweet: TilaArmy Waiting & Wating

TILAARMY WAITING - Exactly what it means. When you have fools under your control, who wouldn't want to mess around with them? By the way, she actually made them wait until midnight for a surprise. It's at the bottom. You don't want to miss it, either!

So, TilaArmy waited until midnight to see the surprise, and when the time came, this is what happened:

WHAT THE FUCCCCKKKK??????!!! Oh, no, you didn't!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually remembered this and was very excited to find these tweets! I remembered I was up, too, not because of this twit, and can you all guess what her surprise gift was? A fucking photo! Yes, a photo! God damned cunt made many wait until midnight for this piece of shit?! Man, TilaArmy got stood up!!!