Tuesday, September 28, 2010

4 Tila On Gossip Queens

I want to give a big thanks to lolercopter69 for the link!

How many "first of all" can you count? Jesus Christ, man. Nothing interesting except Tila trying to milk sympathy about her Juggalos aftermath (because she just can't let it go) and had the nerve to explicitly point out one of her scars to empathize how traumatic it was. When asked why she didn't get off the stage, Tila's answer doesn't shock me. In fact, her answer embarrassed me: "First of all *long pause* I'm gangsta!"

Really, Tila? So, if you're such a gangsta, then why the fuck are you still talking about your damned scars and vent on suing The Juggalos which, not surprisingly, dropped the charges later on. It was dropped because she knew she would lose due to the fact she was warned numerous times, was told she can keep the money and run, and refused to get off the stage. I'm sure her attorney told her to go fuck herself and hung up.

I lol'ed when Tila said, "I was in Las Vegas, hosting blah blah blah" HAHAHAAHAAHAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Whore couldn't just say, "I was in Las Vegas, hosting a grand opening of a strip club." Wow. She is obviously too embarrassed to say it! The Gossip Queens were like, "um...blah blah blah?" That was funny! Oh, Tila, Tila. God damn, you fucking suck!


BigPoppaPhat said...

Wow she totally blew that interview lol. She couldn't keep her train of thought for more than 5 seconds, they were obviously making fun of her too. Next time leave the pipe at home tila!

Joann said...

I laughed at this moron so hard when I saw her on the Gossip Queens I had tears in my eye.

Tila was acting like a complete idiot and she was high as a kite.

When Loni Love asked her what kind of performance was she doing at the GOTJ festival, I couldn't understand what Tila said because they both were talking at the same time, but the last legible word I heard Tila say was "alright" then she started going "lelelelelelelele" while twirling one finger from both hands around in the air. I rolled.

I showed my SO the tape of her on the show and he asked me was she acting like that on purpose.

He especially laughed at the part when she said "first of all......crickets chirping................I'm gangsta". She totally lost her train of thought for a loooong moment.

I hope Joel McHale makes fun of that particular scene on The Soup.

BigPoppaPhat said...

I could totally see a good Saturday night live/ madTV skit off this.

Mary said...

'What kind of performance were you doing?'
*Babble* 'Lelelelelelela, first of all, I'm 4 foot 11'