Tuesday, June 15, 2010

0 Manson: Family | Nguyen: TilaArmy ...cult congregation?

Ah, so what suddenly brought such a tirade of more stupidity and insanity we all may ask? Well, before I offer my perspective, I first want to inform you guys that I am half-way done reading Helter Skelter, written by Vincent Bugliosi with Curt Gentry and began reading the book prior to Tila's obsession about the Illuminati and other shit. Why am I bringing Helter Skelter up? Oh, trust me, it's so relevant.

Excerpts from the book:

[pg] 288] "How are you going to get the establishment? You can't sing to them. I tried that. I tried to save them, but they wouldn't listen. Now we got to destroy them." --Charlie Manson.

[pg 300] "He had a thousand faces and that he used them all--he told me that he had a mask for everyone."

"You'd better watch your children because Judgment Day is coming!" cries Manson Family member to reporters.

[pg 301]He believed you could do no wrong, no bad. Everything was good. Whatever you do is what you are supposed to do; you are following your own karma."

[pg 310] "It became obvious to Crockett that these people believed this Charlie to be the second coming of Christ."

[pg] 311 Manson's most important male followers: Poston...who often acted as Manson's second in command; and somewhat later, Juan Flynn.

[pg 311] When Crockett first met young Poston, he was a "zombie." The phrase was Poston's own. He said that he had wanted to leave the Family many times, but, "Manson had a vise grip on my mind, and I couldn't break the grip. I didn't know how to leave..."
Crockett discovered that Manson had "programmed all his people to the extent that they're just like him. He has put all kinds of things in their heads. I didn't believe it could be done, but he has done it and I seen it working."

[pg 313] The Family loved to hear Charlie sermonize about this hidden "land of milk and honey." They not only believed, they were so convinced that such a place existed that they spent days searching for the hole in the ground which would lead them to the underground paradise."

End of Excerpts.

Like Tila, Charlie Manson have contradicted himself as well. Example from page 301, "Death to Charlie," Gregg added, "was no more important than eating an ice cream cone." Yet once, in the desert, Jakobson had run over a tarantula, and Manson had angrily berated him for it. He had denounced others for killing rattlesnakes, picking flowers, even stepping on a blade of grass. To Manson it was not wrong to kill a human being, but it was wrong to kill an animal or plant. Yet he also said that nothing was wrong, everything that happened was right.

I won't bother making out a list of Tila's contradiction (far too damned many) but rather suggest checking out the labels for those insist on researching. I brought this up because I see a scary congregation forming. Titla Bacteria has a reputation of lying and claims to form "TilaArmy" as she calls it and is telling them what to do. I want to think it's safe to say this TilaArmy is all just a figment imagination and that no children are being harmed or influenced by her slavery.

What? Didn't you say you're a child of war? recently? Anyways, you're a child of stupidity and, for the last fucking time, you've stated being spiritual, not religious! Make up your fucking mind. Moving on. Charlie's motive was to provoke war against the White and Black people and ultimately restore peace. However, his peace is very distorted as he states the Blacks will be servants to the Whites. Tila began to form her little army to attack the haters and defend her. The quantity of genuine fans she have remains a mystery and cynical, and also applies to the haters. However, despite the lack of substantial evidence, it is blatantly known most of the comments are negative.

Tila looks like a person with a serious mental illness. I highly encourage the parents to take actions and protect their children before Tila harms them..or harm herself in front of them. I swear to God, this is like a ticking bomb ready to go off. Check out these disturbing tweets:

So, what has made this mogul-wanna-be friend start talking about the Illuminati and accusing celebrities like Lady Gaga being servants to the Devil? Let me rephrase this again, folks: Tila is not religious. Therefore, she can't believe in the Bible God and the Devil. But in Tila's messed-up mind, it's okay to be spiritual and still believe in God and the Devil as she apparently can't tell the difference.

June 10th is the starting day of these stupid, embarrassing rants. I guess she was watching 2012. Stupid little Tila. Anyways, so, Tila acts like we never heard of the Illuminati, New World Order, and other conspiracy shit. What a dumbass, seriously! This is nothing new. The Simpsons fans (me one of them), for instance, would remember such episode called "New Kids on the Blecch [CABF12]" which was aired on February 25th, 2001, and is about, in a nutshell, "join the navy" used in a song as a subliminal message and those who listened to it had a sudden urge to join the navy.

Tila warned that celebrities, ironically, all pop stars, are Devil worshipers! She's so desperate to have the words out that she stole examples from other sources with symbolic of the "All seeing Eye." *cue in cough*

So, it's fair for her to say unless you're me, all of you guys are evil? Riiiight. Tila, isn't your EP titled "Welcome to the Darkside?" Don't you dress like a fucking whore, lie, strip dance, use people, abuse ambien? Yeah...uh. huh. So, let's read more of your tweets, shall we?

You are fucking crazy and that is not a compliment.

What's most interesting about these tweets is how Tila's gone to mention about her website being threatened to disappear. Tila, the world knows about this shit, so, why the fuck would your stupid gossip site vanish as we all hope it would? Because I honestly think Tila is losing interest and is embarrassed she haven't dethroned Perez Hilton like she said she would and failed to earn the title of having the number one celebrity gossip site! So, what can she do to graciously shut down her latest site without embarrassing herself?

Blame the Illuminati! Why say something stupid? After all, the bitch spent $30,000 to create this awful site! Other news is she feels entitled to run this gossip site for free and begged advertisers to do business with her! When she started, she did have some ads, but eventually, they've defunct. They realize Tila Tequila is not profitable. LOL!

This woman is full of shit! She had the nerve to mention rates! As of June 16th, no advertisers wishes to do business with her. Oh, and it's amusing how Tila states she's talking with movie producers. What a joke! That's why I love blogging about her and her stupidity!

Ugly dirty psychotic whore can't face the truth.

Yes, please! *senses she's going to copy and paste*