Wednesday, June 30, 2010

0 Me run a Celebrity Gossip Site? Nope! It's all about Me!

Wow...I'd never predicted to blog more than once a day, but, this is a record! My third entry! Anyways, so Tila, once again, titles herself as "Hottie of the Week," obviously forgetting her goals she'd promised us:

Really, Tila? I mean, fucking really?
Folks, I've analyzed her shitty new site few days ago and offered my conclusion, and it does not look good. "Ummm… as I recall, this website DOES say so I’m guessing that it belongs to someone named Miss Tila??" Don't forget and What about ?

Tila said so herself that she'll be launching a "CELEBRITY GOSSIP SITE" and told underaged fans it'll be open in April, but launched a month later. Despite giving us an unbelievable excuse, it was really like passing out flyers about an upcoming event and hoping those who received the flyer, will attend upon its date. So, in other words, Tila wanted to make a great impression and boast about how much traffic she'd got on the official launch in May. For God's sake, she's using wordpress!

Name one celebrity/entertainment gossip site that posts photos and talks about themselves on regular basis. Yeah....pretty much no one. Tila and Perez are dumb as hell, though, I have more respect toward him surprisingly. Think about it: Dear Diary, Thought of the Day, Hottie of the Week, Tila Army, Hater of the Week? What the fuck do these have to do with celebrity news? Absolutely nothing except to "feed her narcissistic side". Like I said in my previous entry, creating a celebrity gossip blog is just a scheme for shameless self-promotion and I am glad others think the same way. It's an insult to us if Tila thought the world would be too stupid to realize this.

"Ummm… as I recall, this website DOES say so I’m guessing that it belongs to someone named Miss Tila??" Bitch, please! You can't even spell "celebrity" correctly, let alone, create a site about celebrities:

Here's something you should know, Tila: If you want the world to take your site fucking seriously, stop using CAPS LOCK, spell correctly and listen to your damned laptop when it's underlining misspelled words, it's not there to annoy you. Omit Dear Diary, Thought of the Day, Hater of the Week, and Tila Army of the Week. They have nothing to do with celebrities or your intentional goals. Those categories belongs to your hotspot site. No one gives a shit about your ridiculous and immature thoughts, anyway. Readers want celebrity news, not Titla Bacteria news.

Improve your grammar by reading, reading, and reading. If Quantum Physics is what you love reading, continue studying it, though I think it may be too advanced for someone who can't spell celebrity correctly, but hey, don't let me stop you. Buy dictionaries, or hell, go to For someone who's twenty-eight, you are so behind that I really think you have a learning disability. Unless you're willing to improve, you will remain the laughingstock of all celebrity gossip webmasters. Blogging is not really your thing, "hun".

You just everything except performing fellatio.