Friday, July 2, 2010

0 Love, Hate, Hypocrisy, and more Lies!

Jesus, who let this dog out? First, I want you to witness the contradiction Tila obviously fails to see:

Okay, followed by this piece of garbage:

For those who don't want to read her shit, it basically says Tila cries there aren't nice people in the world and states no one is perfect but always try to learn from your mistakes. After all, to err, is human. Learn from your mistakes...I'm pretty sure she's speaking from personal experience. She could have fooled me, though. Lied about pregnancy, miscarriage, charity organization, adopting children, becoming future ambassador for Vietnam, having sexual conversations with minors on UStream, faking suicide to name a few. You would think Tila learned from these mistakes by now, right? Well, I certainly beg to differ.

Now Tila's claiming she suffers Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Before that, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (mentioned in her latest video with pigtails). And before that, Bipolar, and before that, Dissociative identity disorder (ever met Jane yet?). I love the parts where she also claims trying to help mankind when all she does is piss people off and being oblivious about it.

Wow, you would think someone is eager to restore love and peace possess such stupidity and contradiction! And you built TilaArmy to restore peace and love? Really? I thought you built it to attack toward us, haters!

Riiight, Tila. Whatever you say.

Anyways, let's archive her lies for a moment. I was perusing through her old tweets from the CelebrityTweets website and found disturbing contents that I find inappropriate. Please keep in mind most of her fans are underaged:

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You can get more information about child exploitation at Tilasrotspot. And the bitch has the nerve to call Perez Hilton a pedophile when she's the one exposing herself on UStream to an audience who are genereally minors? This woman needs to go back to jail, and fast!

These tweets are regarding about adopting and joking about rape.


In her recent blogs, this is what she posted:

God, you are so repulsive, Tila. Even when her infamy status was just minimal, already she thought she was very influential:

Yeah, right bitch!

Again, really?

God, like many people say: You can't keep your own damned lies straight! And you wonder why people hate you.

Back to present. Tila's sweet "inspiring" attitude did not last long and wrote another Hater of the Week! Forget this is a celebrity gossip! It's just a marketing tool!

LOL!!!!! Actually, prior to getting banned, I would randomly type in a name that pops in my head, voice my opinion, and insert my sig by displaying my blogspot address. You have no choice but to use other names if the bitch blocked certain words, so, what the fuck did she expect?

Those who are able to post are claiming her issues are inaccurate. Even a poster explained how Intensedebate functions. I don't use Intensedebate, let alone, never heard of it until I saw it at her site, so I can't comment any further about this. But, nevertheless, it's funny to see Tila being all riled up!

I've overlooked this screencap and did the appropriate action by omitting sensitive information and apologize for not seeing the error in the first place.

And as for Tila, after being warned by haters, did the right thing, too.

For those who goes to her gossip site, you'll notice most of her ads are sexual-oriented:

Hell, you can find an adult ad in comments as well:

I'm sure this post was just a sarcasm. But, still. For audience who are kids, I think I would want to take a better initiative to take care of the website. But, being Tila Tequila, it doesn't matter.

What another lie?

I guess I'm part of the blame. What? I don't like trashy songs!

Remember when I questioned about Tila's staff? Well, we agree it's likely her sister. But, Tila's Fashion Editor? Interesting, when I said the writing style are very similar, this what I've discovered:

Ah, that explains pretty much about everything. I'm sure Tila pretends...all the fucking time!

And finally, this:

I wouldn't hold my breath, if I were you. If indeed something bad happened, I'm pretty sure she'll be playing victim....oh, wait. We've already seen that act...numerous times to be exact.

Sadly, this is just a dream. Til then, I weep for the future.