Saturday, July 24, 2010

1 Daily Sport Review

I want to make a brief comment regarding about Tila's latest tweets:

The nature of Tila's sexual orientation is her business, but I just wanted to rub these tweets right in her face that were posted back in June 6:

Tila was kind enough to share us one review of her UK performances. The article is written by Daily Sport. PLEASE NOTE: I wouldn't click on the link after reading this article and what results came up from Google:

Now that I got some information about DS, I wouldn't be too honored of being featured in such trashy tabloid newspaper! But, being Tila, it's like the best! Better than orgasm, actually!

There is nothing positive about this review, seriously. What's wrong with this woman?!

"Cheeky Pop Babe, Tila Tequila is top of the Crotch".

"The 28 year old Brunette, real name Tila Nguyen." Uh, actually, her real name is Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, idiot.

"Texas-Born Tila" - WHHAT? Who the fuck gave you such information?!!!! She's Singapore-born Vietnamese!

"...she was thrusting her lady gardens into the faces of revellers, before displaying a healthy portion of her under boob too" - I hope those victims sues her ass!

I think the reason why Tila says this is an incredible review is because she never read the damn article. Why does she not make a comment regarding about the errors?


deluwiel said...

she doesn't care about the inaccuracies. She sees the headline and full page photo and she doesn't look any further. Seeing her name in print is like Christmas for her. It doesn't matter what publication it is or what the article says. "any press is good press". BTW - I'd really love to see some of these other "reviews" written by all those "journalists" in attendance at Chinawhites. Pretty sure this is the only one.