Sunday, July 18, 2010

1 UK performance, and Going Commando!

HAHAHAHAA! That's right. I can't contain myself from laughing as I post this. Thanks to a fellow poster at Tilasrotspot for providing us a link of photos of Tila's recent performance:

No doubt Mr.Bradshaw has some seriously horrendous taste in fashion! Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of American Vogue magazine would, without a doubt, ridicule him to the death. But know this: Anything associated with Tila Bacteria ends in disaster. Just look at the photos! Indeed Tila looked like she was in such a hurry, and thus, forgot to put on her underwear, let alone, failed to spray paint her fake tan lotion properly.

No one can't stress enough that her celebrity gossip is a major failure and is just a marketing tool for self-promotion. Shit, she still hasn't dethroned Perez Hilton! Where are the celebrity interviews? Now, it's pathetic. Wait. It always been pathetic, but, it's really, really pathetic! So pathetic Titla removed her own site meter! Uh-oh! Tila advertisers, you better watch out!

I can't wait to hear about her other performances!


chris said...

More people should be visiting your site, imo. It's hilarious and definitely on point. It's one of the better sites dedicated to outing Tila and her many lies.

No matter how busy someone is, isn't the first thing you put on when dressing yourself, underwear? What kind of diseased whore bag forgets underwear but remembers splotchy fake tan and a ho-stroll dress?