Friday, July 30, 2010

1 I Only Care about Fame and will Corrupt Anyone To Get It!

Hmmmm...didn't we all predict Tila will not discuss about her Lambo car after completing the necessary paperwork? Well, she's been quiet about it. It took Tila four days to decide which color she wanted? I smell famewhore all right, waiting for media to talk about her latest antics.

Last night, our little mogul wanna-be-aspiring friend can't get enough of archiving old pictures of herself, a tactic she's hoping to attract more media attention...more children, and more perverts along the way. Hey, it comes with the territory, right? Well, it's not working, so, she's willing to cross the line with these latest posts:

Tila likely knew (after all, she's stupid, but really, really stupid?) the naked woman isn't Lady Gaga. And yes, I actually clicked the link and agree with the world it isn't her. The photo is explicit. I see no resemblance or I'm really blind. But, who the fuck cares, right? Anything to get more traffic to my site! Here's what some people had to say:

People's concern about children visiting her site is quite a worry-some. As much as we like to blame Tila, it is their parent's fault for not monitoring them. However, Tila is guilty of abusing her infamy status by exploiting the underage. Infamous or a celebrity (Tila is NOT a celebrity), there comes certain responsibilities and the most important factor is being a positive role model. It is not Tila's fault for having underage fans, but I see she was an influence: She communicates with them and they felt special because a "celebrity" is corresponding back. Real celebrities never, if not, seldom responds to their fans on regular basis. They simply don't have the time.

Is Tila really happy having underage fans? I don't know, but I would say it's better than having none. In other words, you get whatever life throws at you. Tila acknowledges the underage, but decides to act provocative anyways. And when she's not taking off her clothes to almost being completely nude, she likes to tweet about having sex and use foul language. So far, she has gotten away with her behavior. And if talking about anal sex and raping isn't disturbing, don't forget she faked suicide attempt back in early June of this year. What kind of a message she's sending out to her fans? They're young and don't know any better. Tila slits her wrist and uploaded a video of her bloody arm, but took it down (not before the saved it). Has it ever come to her mind that a troubled teen may find it cool and decides to do the same thing, only to actually cut an artery and possibly bleed to death?

In the past, Tila confessed of suffering from bipolar, dissociative-identity disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, and post traumatic stress disorder. Obviously, only certified doctors can diagnose her, but after all these stupid antics she pulled, I believe her. If it's all a lie and does crazy shit to attract media attention, then, she might as well be a sociopath. I've observed how she treats her fans, and it's not that good. TilaArmy are forbidden from voicing their opinions. Take these tweets for an example:

Actually, no one is allowed to express themselves without getting banned and being called "haters" and "stalkers". As people pointed out, Tila sounds insecured and is desperate for anyone's approval. And unfortunately, those who do, are mostly kids. How can you like someone who doesn't allow you to voice an opinion and make you wait and wait for shitty surprises, sometimes forgetting like that one time Tila promised to share a surprise, only to go out gambling all night and offer half-ass apology about it? I remember some fans were upset because they've waited for hours (and this was during school night and prior to Tila's gossip site launch). Some waited until past midnight. I'm serious. We all make mistake, but when you make mistakes after mistakes, eventually, you'll know what happens. No one is going to put up with your shit anymore. In Tila's eyes, publicity is more important than life itself, nor the safety of children.

I've mentioned this before, and I'll say it again. I don't think it's a good idea of Tila putting up photos of her fans on her site, especially if they're underage, and although Tila doesn't disclose their age, they do look very young and decides to link to their twitter page. There was an alleged incident that took place at Tila's dating site once. Visit for complete information. They should re-open that site soon. If Tila's fans are mostly underage, who are the others? Tila Tequila is known for posing naked in dirty magazines. If taking off your clothes in front of cameras is your occupation, then, minors should not be your fan until they're old enough. Yeah, little boys and girls look at Playboys magazines, but adult models like Tila Tequila, should not interact with them. Just imagine Pamela Anderson aiming some nine-year-old boy.

If Tila Tequila is desperate to achieve fame and be well-known, after all, no publicity is bad publicity, then, how far will she go to get it? Will she try to cross the line to the point her actions got her into serious predicament? Perhaps that's the best plan to get her help and encourage being responsible and act like a positive role model. She's been in jail five times before, so returning wouldn't hurt. If Tila Tequila want haters to go away, be respected and taken seriously, she has to be the first to start taking initiatives by cleaning up her image. And I don't mean just the appearance. I'm talking about growing up, stop lying, and stop corrupting your fans. Until then, if she continues to act like a whore, she'll be treated like one. Simple as that.

Don't worry. This is not a sex tape. It's just a ploy to get traffic. Sounds pretty desperate, wouldn't you agree? And just like her previous poll, I love the fact she doesn't offer us the "no" option.

In my previous entry, I was tired and overlooked a lie Tila's written. Thanks, Misty, for the heads up!

LOL. Maybe she was referring the ink as her Ballpoint pen!

I was able to discover another lie, but in the Miss Tila Sex Tape entry instead. Behold!

Really? So, at eighteen, which was 1999 (as your alleged birthday is on October 1981, instead of October 1975), you were running site? Funny, the WHOIS says otherwise:

How crazy is that you ask us? As crazy as swan-diving into a four feet pile of crack cocaine! Or did you mean you started your site on Angelfire or Geocities, despite Yahoo! prohibits adult contents? By the way, you look really drugged in that YouTube clip. And claiming to build that website needs validation. Til then, you're too dumb to know what html stands for.

Moving on. Just how innocent Tila is about comment deletion? Let's see:

Okay, so, who's ly-oh, forget it! With Tila, everything is a lie except she's beautiful and the baddest bitch on the block.


deluwiel said...

the flog is turning into Tila's personal self-promo site (surprise, surprise), but since it's still being called a celebrity gossip site, she's still marketing it as a celebrity gossip site, yet posting semi-nude to nude pictures and videos and including sexual, vulgar, and all-around inappropriate content it should be flagged as adult-only. If minors are still getting onto the site then it does become a parenting issue, but I believe that Tila is being deceptive about the intent of her site and what she's posting on it. She refuses to take any responsibility for the kinds of images and subjects that appear. The thought of pandering to minors aside... isn't a celebrity gossip site anymore (it barely was in the beginning). It's Tila's self-absorbed Look At Me site. I went on the other day and counted - 50% of the entries were about her. A FULL HALF of that blog content is Tila. And it's going to get to be more and more until it's nothing but her stupid Dear Diary ramblings, incoherent manifestos about Illuminati or the conspiracy of the week, revealing photos and suggestive videos.