Monday, July 12, 2010

2 Why does Everyone Pick on Me All the Time?!

Poor Tila. She'll never get it. Anyways, I offer Uganda my condolence. In incidents like this, though, this would give Tila an opportunity to lash out toward the haters.

This bitch is whack!

"In closing, I was actually supposed to go on a 2 week charity run in Africa starting October this year, and ironically, one of the stops in Africa that I was going to do some charity work at is in UGANDA where all of this is happening right now! Although my PR people told me that it’s a very dangerous place and that they suggest that I not go, I still didn’t care. I want to go. I want to help people. When my friends found out that I had signed up to go to Africa this October for 2 weeks to do charity work, one stop being in UGANDA, all of my friends told me that I should not go!"

Uganda should be very insulted. Does anyone believe her.....besides her underage fans? What about the African baby she claims to be adopting? And she apparently can't tell the difference between ironic and coincidence. Idiot. Tila then writes a personal entry (yet, again) about crying her eyes out and desperately trying to convince us she's seeing a "doctor" and is a good person.

And here's my opinion about Tila's other Diary entry:

Tila sort of "revamped" her site...or more likely, her comment sections and her stupid poll design. So, now people are required to register (once again), in hopes of stopping haters from posting. Either way, we have something to be quite concerned about than whine about registering. There's a claim going on that Tila could edit comments and use that advantage to make us, haters, look really "evil" by saying even more nasty things than what the original poster wrote. The script does not have the "Edit by" stamp, so, keep an eye out on your post to see if Tila edited it and such.

For someone who wants us to think positively and spread love, you are a great influence........NOT. Crazy bitch.


Anonymous said...

next thing the dumbass will do is make an accusation claiming the jelis haters hacked her flog and edited other jelis hater's posts. time to get her lawlyers pow!

Michelle said...

It seems a few people got screencaps of the comments before/after she changed them. It would be great if you could post those.