Monday, July 5, 2010

1 Bitch, you be trollin!...and other stuff.

I know what you might be thinking: Is Tila acting like "trollin" is a new internet slang? I mean, seriously!!!! Observe the delicious entry below:

A big LOL!!! Where the fuck has Tila been? For someone who had been running a website, let alone, started on Myspace practically since the new millennium, one would think Tila acknowledges "internet trolls" by now! It is 2010...two thousand fucking ten! And of course, Tila had to reference from Wikipedia, an unreliable source. Another lol! And to tell us, "trolls" to fuck off is something Tila should not dare us to do. After all, she has quoted many times it's the hate...excuse me, trolls, that made her famous...or whatever. So, where is our gratitude, you dumb ugly bitch? Oh, right! You have none! I forgot Tila's gossip site is all about Titla Bacteria, not some celebrity news site.

Anyways, wanna see something scary?

Wow...this poor kid refuse to believe Tila is a bad person! He denies it!!!! To him, she is an angel of God!

It's a shame Tila is now going to call us trolls. We spill out truth with evidence provided, and yet, it does not matter. Well, as long as truths are being revealed, Tila can call us whatever the fuck she wants. To me, living up to my promises I've made, instead of finding new names toward my adversaries, would be a high priority. But, being Tila Tequila, you can make promises, break them, and repeat because the fans are just too stupid to notice or support pathological Mittiee.

Another interesting read by Miss Tila!

I think it's an excellent idea Tila rid those thumb up/down features because they're embarrassing her. For someone who states not giving a shit about haters and comments, she sure does like to talk about them! In other words, bitch loves us!

Moving on. I've written an entry back in June 15th, about Manson: Family | Nguyen: TilaArmy ...cult congregation?. Well, this is an update...sort of.

EXCERPT from Helter Skelter:

[pg 497] Manson replied that he had no conscience, that everything was only a thought. Only he, and he alone, was on top of his thought, in complete control, ...

"When it comes down around your ears, you'd better believe I'll be on top of my thought," Manson said, "I will know what I am doing. I will know exactly what I am doing."

[pg 498] Poston: "I felt that he was Jesus Christ. That is power enough for me."

"I learned a lot from Charlie, but it doesn't seem that he was making all those people free."

"Charlie was always preaching love. Charlie had no idea what love was. Charlie was so far from love it wasn't funny. Death is Charlie's trip. It really is."

[pg 499] "Vince," Manson pleaded through the lockup door, "give me just half an hour with Tex. I'm positive I can cure him."
"I'm sorry, Charlie." I told him. "I can't afford to take that chance. If you cured him, then everyone would believe you were Jesus Christ."

[pg 505] "Snitches, and other enemies, will be taken care of." - Sandra Good.


Now, check out these tweets:

I can't truly fathom why some kids like her. I honestly would like to interview them. Perhaps they suffer from a low self-esteem and Tila taking advantage of their vulnerability and return, pretend to love them. We all know, Tila took advantage of Casey Johnson's death and no doubt she'll take advantage of anyone she can get. Bitch be trollin!


Isis said...

Why so unoriginal, Tila?

Oh, that's right, you fried your brain gobbling all that Ecstasy and couldn't come up with one if your life depended on it.