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Road to nowhere
Tila Tequila Uncorked (Vivid Entertainment)

Q: What is Tila Tequila's real name?
A: Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen

Q: Is Tila Tequila really 30-years-old?
A: According to this enty written by the hogul herself, she claimed to be in her mother's tummy during the Vietnam War, which actually ended in 1975, not 1981. On January 24th, 2011, Tila tells a real celebrity of coming from a "Vietnam War Generation", forgetting it ended in 1975, not 1981. From the looks of this photo though, she's gotta be older than 29.

Q: Where was Tila Tequila's lesbian sex tape filmed at?
A: At the W Hollywood hotel. I have an article about this.

Q: What is the acronym for TILA?
A: Tila Is Lying Again or Tila's Impressible Little Army.

Q: Is it true Tila Tequila lies just about everything in order to keep people talking?
A: Yes. Being ambiguous is her way of getting people to talk about her because she has no real talent. In other words, the whore loves drama and confusing people. It's very typical of her to tweet bizarre to controversial things if she's not getting much attention.

Q: Why do you have your tweets protected?
A: Because certain someone is obsessed with me and stalks my timeline and felt compelled to respond to each and one of them, even though the tweets weren't directed to this troll. But, knowing this moron can't read my tweets, sure makes his/her blood boil. :)

Q: I know you're not a professional writer and blogs for fun, but why does Tila have so many grammatical errors? Is that why she quit celebrity blogging?
A: Well, she's been in the U.S. long enough to know basic English, but unfortunately, Tila, being 29 or 38, has yet to master using apostrophe properly. Sad, I know. She'd quit celebrity blogging because no other media outlet was taking this bitch-ass seriously and was her way of bashing celebrities who are successful, respected, and more popular than this no-body. In other words, fucking jealous of them.

Q: Why is Tila called Ting-Ting, Tuna, Ti-Lun, Tina, and Da Nang Hooker?
A: Ting-Ting is a character Tila played from a show called Shit! My Dad Says. Ti-Lun is allegedly a warrior from her past life. Tina is one of Tila's non-existing employee named Tina. There's a picture of Tila posing with a can of tuna and called Tina Tequila by James Franco on her birthday. Da Nang Hooker is a prostitute from a film called Full Metal Jacket, which is about the Vietnam War.

Q: How many times did Tila (Tequila) Wynn changed her twitter name and why?
A: 4. It was OfficialTila, TilaOMG, TilaTequila, and now OfficialMsTila. I'm assuming it's because of her alleged multiple-personality-disorder (which I highly doubt she actually suffers from) or, she wants to persuade everyone she's a grown-up now, failing miserably at it. Either way, Tila can change her name all she wants but it won't hide the fact she's STILL a fucking whore who recently filmed a porno to pay rent.

Q: Why is this blog called Queen of Copy and Paste?
A: When Tila launched her celebrity gossip blog, she was accused of stealing articles from other "legit" celebrity gossip sites and not crediting the authors. Hence, was called queen of copy and paste from the haters.

Q: Who are Jane and Caroline?
A: Caroline is allegedly one of Tila's alter ego, with a British accent. According from this entry, Tila doesn't know what role she plays. You can find Caroline whenever Tila does a lengthy interview to keep us entertained...as long you're not offended by her horrible accent. On the other hand, Jane, another alter ego of Tila's, but with a sinister pouty mouth, is our beloved imaginary friend because Tila accused Jane of cutting her arm and tried to kill her last year. Jane, we love ya, girl! Please come back!