Thursday, May 3, 2012

13 Guiding Humanity For Better Tomorrow? I Think Not

All this "I wanna help mankind and lead people" is making me sick to my stomach! Tuna, you are not fooling anyone. You had a chance to prove us, haters, wrong since two-thousand-fucking-ten. All do you is daydream about being so significant to our modern-day society who actually haven't done shit to make our world a better place. Either get your lazy junkie-ass up and start volunteering in homeless shelters or shut the fuck up, already. I will never listen to you, I will never support your dreams, and most of all, I will never, ever, take you seriously. You are the female version of William Hung. And guess what? Hollywood uses him as a joke for people like you: Untalented losers who thinks they got it all. Get over yourself. You are nothing. Get a job as a porn star or just go away. Your career is finished. That being said, let's move the fuck on!

Here is teary story of woe-is-me. This is quite unique because Tuna tries to be subtle here. It's obvious she's comparing her trials and tribulations to Jesus Christ:
FUCK YOU, bitch. You ain't shit and your pain will live in vain because no one gives a fuck, so grow up and move on.
Holy shit, dude! What kind of drugs was she on?! In the first paragraph, Tuna was kind enough to explain to us what Tila Army is. Of course, she wants to persuade the world her playhouse is very positive and the "cult" members and its leader supports one another. As long as I've been keeping track, the little soldiers are either fake personalities belonging to Tuna herself, or getting kicked out of her silly cult for expressing concerns. Obviously, Tuna wants enablers, not supporters. If you want to know the real nature of Army of Idiots as the haters like to call them, click here, otherwise, to be straightforward, Tuna exploits her small fanbase to attack anyone, usually with status, if they wrote or say anything negative about her.

In the second paragraph, Tuna talks about acquiring fame (though infamy is the politically correct term here) for the purpose of having a voice to impact our world. What's sad about this delusion is the fact you don't need a voice to make an impact. I'm pretty sure Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, and Rosa Parks did not have a voice but actually did something that made the world notice. So what does this tell us, folks? Action speaks louder than words! Anyone can type, "oh, I wanna help mankind". In my opinion, Tuna is a bad person who will do anything so long it benefits her in some ways. Frankly, I am relieved to know no adoption agency will accept her application so bitch, go right ahead and brag about finishing up your adoption procedures!
Well, what did you expect? She's a narcissist. Somehow, this reminded me of her Ti-Lun entry. If she's so special, then why does she fail at everything? Shit, she couldn't even win the best celebrity sex tape for 2012!
First of all, Tuna needs to realize the Illuminati has no interest in keeping her mouth shut when there are plenty of websites exposing the Illuminati as it is. Secondly, it's not that she's worried they may come back, she apparently forgotten of stating she will never speak about them ever again. Funny she deleted that wall post. Anyways, did anyone believed her words? Tuna just feels left out on this whole conspiracy thing and the only way to make herself feel wanted or important is to think she's a victim of MK-Ultra. Sounds to me Hollywood is not offering her jobs. It explains her constant trolling.

Oh, wow. I think she got a visit from this grammar nazi queen, Muffy, sometime last week! God, I'm jelis!!!!!! Is she still a nanny and pursuing her college degree in psychology, Tuna?
I'm a person who is not obsessed with grammar and acknowledge my writing structure is a mediocre at its best. I can live with that. I ain't no fucking Vladimir Nabokov. So therefore, I feel it is really not my place to criticize on this department. However, for someone who can't use apostrophes correctly and boast about excelling in "big words" but unable to demonstrate during interviews, this is an exception.

Below is a demonstration of Tuna's knowledge on big words and how eloquent her example is!
It's so obvious she used thesaurus and they are used in wrong context. I'm actually embarrassed. I is so embarrassing I want to try it out myself!

You guys are just kvetching because I'm nimble and comely! I don't blame you. I have it all: aptitude and sycophancy. You got naught! Your hate will only anathematize you. Love instead!

You're dumb, Tuna. And it's nice you disrespected your fans...yet again. Don't bother trying to use big words for your future interviews, if you're lucky that is. I anticipate you'll know the questions ahead of time to go over your answers with the help from your Muffy friend.


The purpose of this blog is to help expose lies and offer opinions on latest news. However, Tuna has not been making headlines since March and her high facebook activity is something I do not wish to blog about unless they really catch my attention. So after my next entry about her Mr. Buttons, I will no longer blog unless it meets my criteria: it made headlines and if not, her posts must really catch my attention. I couldn't give two shits about her Illuminati fascination anymore. I couldn't give two shits if she post about her walls at home is talking to her just because she ate paint chips. No headlines, boring posts, forget it. This facebook posting is becoming annoying and a waste of my time.

Stay tune!


BigPoppaPhat said...

LMAO Tila should keep using the thesaurus, those are her best posts where she venture to sound academician.

deluwiel said...

Succinct breakdown as always, QoCap... I understand that after a while posting on Tuna's lunacy starts all blurring into one big ball of fuckery, but I always get a little tingle of excitement when I see a new post is up. Sorry they won't be coming as frequently. I hope you'll be following up on her latest mystery man, though.

FUYU said...

She's disgusting. She probably needed to explain what the AOI are to recruit on FB since they're dwindling on twitter.

I agree with the Facebook posting, but I'm thankful people screencap it because I miss a lot of the ones she deletes and I'm tired of seeing all the negative comments deleted and see nothing but praise. Why doesn't FB show that comments were deleted? Could you imagine if you could see "Comment deleted by owner" for every single comment that she deleted? She feels safer on FB because of that I guess.

Awwsumkitteh said...

She did that do-gooder bullshit with the Elite Guerrilla Posse and disbanded it because members were not getting enough people to join according to her. She's been pulling this "I'm turning over a new leaf" crap for forever, and she always quits because she doesn't like how hard it is to strive to be a genuinely loving, modest, forgiving, and selfless person. She always winds up going back to fucking people over and doing anything for attention.

deluwiel said...

"Elite Guerrilla Posse" - that just makes me laugh and laugh.

Anyway, she's been in seclusion presumably with her new boy toy for about 3 days now. There should be a Twitter rant commencing in a few days as follows: Love ---> soulmate -> pink diamond engagement ring --> tons of babies --> lovelovelove --> BETRAYAL! --> heartbroken --> he only used me for my fame --> lawsuit --> profane tirade --> radio silence. Casa Wilson Part Deux, anyone? Can't wait.

Awwsumkitteh said...

@Deluweil: You forgot "OMG I'm pregnant!" ---> I fell and the chair took muh baby!!!

deluwiel said...

@Awwsumkitteh - LOL! and right before that the pizza eating and 'rape' sessions.

Awwsumkitteh said...

All I hear is "Queef queef, queefity queef queef."

FUYU said...

QOCAP are you ever planning to reopen the yuku forum by any chance? (^人^)

Awwsumkitteh said...

This is REALLY funny:

deluwiel said...

@Awwsumkitteh - Tuna actually linked that stupid video as "proof" of what she's been saying about The Others' conspiracy to silence her. Well, I'm convinced. Just like I know Bat Boy exists.

deluwiel said...

okay, I KNEW she'd claim that the dress she wore at the Star Mag event was her design. She says that she "made" that gray one-shoulder sheath and the pink dress she was wearing when she was out with Weinstein. I haven't been able to Google those exact dresses... I'll bet she picked them up at a vintage store or something and had them altered. As long as she keeps claiming that everything she wears now is her own design I'll keep looking. I know she's lying and it's just so satisfying deep in my black little hater heart to see the concrete proof on my computer screen.

RockitQueen said...

Looks like it's crack o'clock over at the Gremlin's Twitter page. Honestly, she sounds crazier and more methed out than before she "went into rehab".