Monday, November 21, 2011

10 Tila and Her Army, Mocking Real Soldiers

The following article is solely based on the opinions of the author and because this is more of a rant, some parts may be vague, so bear with me.

Tila mocks those in war. Don't believe me? Go to twitter, use its search integrate, and type in TilaArmy, otherwise, read the Army of Idiots label from here.

The definition of the T I L A A R M Y:

Tila Army. What is it? Is it equivalent to Lady Gaga's little monsters? Justin Biebers's biebs? Twilight's twitards? I'm sure you understand what I'm trying to cross here. It seems labeling a fanbase a part of the pop culture now to the point, necessary. That's just my opinion. First time I heard nicknames for celebrities were TomKat (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes), followed by Brangelina (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie). By necessary, it feels expected, if not, a must, and you know what? I don't care. I find it pretty silly actually, but if getting a nickname for the fanbase is important to these people, then live and let live, right? However, it's obvious you want a nickname that stand outs, correct? But how out are we talking about and will it cross the line? For an example: I don't like Harry Potter, but choosing "potheads" definitely stands out but strangers will get the wrong impression.

Anyways, after accomplishing some fanbase by cheating, which consist of perverted men or little girls who believes whoring yourself guarantees success in life, it was Tila's opportunity to cook up a nickname. Was Tila Army her ideal choice? Did she gained so many haters the day she signed up on friendster? Did she anticipate the majority of her audience would be haters? Or, is this really just some sick marketing tool where her job is to be this troubled, flawed narcissist who goes out of the way to be this really bad bitch and controversial? In reality, Tila is a poor frightened lost girl pretending to be a god. But pretending has its limits and requires assistance to feel superior incessantly.

When was Tila Army established, I don't know. Tila Army is not just some offensive name equivalent to Lady Gaga's little monsters. There is something more pathetic behind its name and I believe it is now to finally address the issue of it.

"The military forces of a nation, exclusive of the navy and in some countries the air force.

A large body of persons trained and armed for war."

It is a great insult to those who have fought in wars, to call yourself a solider, general, or Commander-in-chief when you have no experience of being either of them. To call yourself one, you are mocking the soldiers who are defending your country. Although I have never been in the marine or the navy, but I can't imagine waking up everyday where I, as a solider, puts myself on the line for assholes who vainly mocks me and calls themselves soldiers while eating Cheerios and drinking Snapples all day.

War is not pretty. War is a nightmare, if not, the nightmare. A solider is a person who's willing to die for you. A soldier is many of the reasons why you're able to sleep comfortably in your beds and see the next day.

You think calling yourself a soldier, general, or Commander-in-chief, is fucking funny when real soldiers have died for you?

Unless you are in the army, you are not a solider and should be beaten severely for insulting the soldiers who are defending your country. I'm sure if people saw you wearing a Tila Army t-shirt, your face will be on the pavement anytime soon. If you truly value your country and appreciate the soldiers, then you would stop calling yourself a soldier, general, and Commander-in-chief. Tila Tequila is a mentally flawed thing who will never understand, no. She's NOT a human being I'm trying to encourage to think differently. She will always view herself as the righteous person while everyone else is wrong and stupid...and fat if I may add.

T I L A   A R M Y   D U T I E S:

Be careful of how you communicate with Tila Tequila. As a highly sensitive narcissist, be discreet on what you say, show constant loyalty regardless her rude behavior toward you, expect nothing but lies in return and you shall be part of her Tila Army cult.

Ass-kiss Tila 24/7, expect nothing but lies in return.

I've been blogging about this sad creature who's not in her right mind and have witnessed some of her fans being "kicked out" because of expressing their opinions, which were not offensive, but merely, voicing concerns. Tila is not unique and suffers the typical problem of refusing to face her issues and get help. Her stubbornness will likely be her downfall. It is not my concern, nor, do I care what happens to her ultimately. My concern relies on the fact she's exploiting the innocence and manipulating them.

"Tila Army for life."

"I love you. You are my life."

Quite a charm...if you're an idiot. Narcissists seek for the weak and the naive. That's why many of their superficial charms work so well on these groups. If you're smart, you know a narcissist who's in Tila's shoes, finds you very challenging and rather go for the gullible. This would explain the majority of her fans being underage, a disturbing statistics. Disturbing yes, but majority may not be accurate because we simply don't have credible evidence to back our case up, even though Tila have admitted herself her fans are underage.

I simply feel because it's the internet, anyone can create accounts and Tila has been known for creating them for the purpose of provoking flamewar or attention. What are the chances of her fans being phonies? Probably most of them. I may be contradicting myself here, but you have to be really stupid to have someone, like Tila, be allowed to treat you like shit while demanding your respect. That's why I tend to strongly believe they are underage...the ones that live and breathe or just fake. Tila is a completely ugly-looking bitch who expects respect from anyone while feeling entitled to treat any of us like shit. Real world don't work that way.

If the majority of her fans are fake, then it is a great relief. But what happens if we ignore her? She'll probably take her own life, so there's really no win/lose outcome here. I hate her, but she's so wacky I can't ignore her and the haters' attention are keeping her alive.

Being a solider, you are summoned to attack at any time.

If you have some media spotlight and said something that hurt her feelings, it's likely she'll plea for her idiotic fans to attack you. Haters are usually the victim of Tila's unimaginable wrath though, otherwise, anyone can be targets, like Perez Hilton. [1]. She not only insults him, but held a stupid contest to bash the blogger. What was the prize? By publishing the winner who will forever be embarrassed. I guarantee it. Other famous incident of Tila's immature behavior involves CelebSlam who called her a "Sagion whore" and did what she thought best. It's hard to believe Tila would advocate pacifism while promoting hate and violence at the same time.

"We are such a loving, loyal, and tight family who all helps one another, no matter what and however we can!" [1]

Let's assume her fans are all troubled misfits...but most importantly, very real. What would you do to make sure their loyalty remains unchanged? Lie to them, of course. Tweet how much they mean to you and consider them your family, even though you don't know them. Fortunately, her fans are too dumb and take her seductive words seriously.

"I used to think the 'haters' were annoying like everyone else because they ALWAYS say the same thing." [1]

So, there you have it. With Tila's manipulation and have sent her fans to attack people, Tila Army is very fitting: bizarre, offensive, and so stupid that to join, you must diminish your I.Q., don't question your Commander-in-chief, but most of all, ass-kiss this sad thing and expect nothing in return...oh, and expect to attack someone because she asks you too.

In conclusion, Tila Army is nothing but a bunch of army of idiots who can't seem to grow up and get the fuck out of their playhouse. So, all you kiddie fans, remember the next time you refer yourself as a solider, you're insulting soldiers who can't celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas with their families because they're protecting your country. If you care and truly value their hard work, then you would not call yourself a solider or the general anymore.

Tila, go back to Vietnam you skank. America hates you.


BigPoppaPhat said...

Best part of Tila is her contests, "Tell me why you love me/Make a video montage of me" contests....her fans compete to be the named the biggest Tila ass-kisser, we all know who her handful of fans are, some random nobody no one has heard of comes out at the last minute and is named the winner, her fans accept it and make excuses for Tila that it was completely legit.

I do personally believe most of her ass kissers are fake profiles created by Tila and her sister, there always seems to be a template of typical responses to hater posts and Tilas posts. These supposedly fans posts always say the same thing, always respond the same way.

Michelle said...

Not long ago tuna tweeted her life is about to change forever...sounds like it's time for another fake tuna pregnancy!!

BigPoppaPhat said...

Love the Tila Pedo bear qocap LMAO

Awwsumkitteh said...

Before the Tila Army there was the Elite Guerilla Posse (EGP). You had to email Tila with a story about why she should allow you to be a member and she would personally pick who she liked. I sent an email to her and got in. The EGP was supposed to do good for people and to make a positive impact on the world. Then she disbanded EGP with no explanation and just referred her friends as her Tila Army.

Awwsumkitteh said...

forgot to add this: tila's EGP profile

Anonymous said...

Tina has been selected as one of the worst reality TV singers. You go girl!!! LOL

Harsh Reality: The Worst TV Singers Ever!

Joann said...

The nitwit is tweeting:
"Another rule in the #TilaArmy: NO WHINING WEAK BITCHES ALLOWED! If you need our help, we're here for you, but NO WHINING! Only the strong!
5 hours ago"

LMAO at her no whining rule. Remember this from last year:

"I just woke up in the middle of the night cuz im having these intense sharp pains in my belly. it hurts so much that Im crying wtf
about 3 hours ago from web

It hurts so bad I literally woke up from my sleep....i dont know whats wrong? God this pain is too much!! I cant bare it =(
about 3 hours ago from web

"Im gonna try to just lay here and try to go back to sleep until 9am hits. ttyl. Send me some positive energy pls...... =(
about 3 hours ago from web

just one and a half more hour til my PRIVATE doctor is in office. SHE DOES NOT ALLOW PAPARAZZIS TO HER OFFICE!!!!
about 3 hours ago from web

Im crying right now. I know there is something wrong. I never felt this much pain there before. I would just die. Please God dont do this.
about 3 hours ago from web

Im going 2 pray 4 my lil Angel in so much pain right now Im gonna see if I have any advil or something but I cant even walk it hurts so bad!
about 3 hours ago from web

God i hope nothing is wrong. Im literally crying right now cuz I can barely move. its like sharp knife stabbing pains thats unbearable =(
about 3 hours ago from web

Something is definitely wrong. The hospital gave me a list of symptoms & this is one of them. They said if I do I need 2 go back 2 hospital
about 3 hours ago from web

Im gonna go see my private doc as soon as their office opens in about 2 hours. I hate hospitals but it feels like sharp stabbing in my belly
about 3 hours ago from web

The hospital says if it gets worse I need to go back and see them but how?? I have to go to Australia today.... it hurts so bad! =(

Then I have to hope on a plane for a 22 hour flight to Australia to perform and do really strenuous activities! Oh yes, Im seeing the doctor
about 3 hours ago from web

Goodnight everyone. See you in Australia tomorrow. <3
about 10 hours ago from web"

Where was the strong bitch then???? At least when her AOI are whining to her about something personal it's real....Tila was whining about a fake miscarriage.

Awwsumkitteh said...

Forgot to ask: for those who celebrate, how was your Thanksgiving? Mine was pretty low key. I ate my weight in stuffed mushrooms.

BigPoppaPhat said...

I 8 tons of deviled eggs.

Joann said...

Mine was very low key. For some reason I'm not feeling the holiday spirit yet.