Tuesday, November 29, 2011

4 GQ: Tila Among 25 Least Influential People Alive

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I feel confident Tila spent Thanksgiving Day all to herself with poor Onyx while the rest of us were with families.

Thanks to Network305 for the link:

Hahahahahaa! Drew Magary may have put the word, "humor" before the starting article, but I honestly feel he sincerely means by his every words. Although, I wish he could have chosen a better photo because it's giving me the creeps. Why must Tila wear colored contacts? I wear colored contacts on occasions, but I got a feeling she's trying to be less Asian-looking and let me tell you, it's failing. She definitely had a facelift last year. The result is no good. First time I'd noticed the facial structure was back in October 2010 when I wrote about Tila's charity fraud, Jayden's Angels:

I've mentioned about her face before, and I will mention it again. I don't consider Tila one of the prettiest people I've seen, but I also "didn't" consider her one of the ugliest people I've seen until after her surgery. It's just horrible. It's obvious Tila lies about her ethnicity by stating her mother is part French to explain her unusual round eyes when it's obvious she had the Asian blepharoplasty. And even if her mother has part French in her, it's by 1/2 or 1/4, but either way, Tila's eyes are too big for an Asian person. Here are two pictures of Tila like couple years ago...and with little make-up. She looked cute back then:

Awwwww...how cu--Wait. What the hell?
Oh, dear god!

Now I can officially add Tila is definitely one of the ugliest people I've seen, all thanks to her many surgeries to look more Caucasian. Sad. Truly. She'll be the Asian version of Jocelyn Wildenstein:


RC3199 said...

Well 2011 was the year that Tina was going ti take the entertainment industry by storm.

Every single project that she was touting has turned to total shit yet the AOI (what's left of them} kiss her ass on a daily basis.

What she did manage to accomplish in 2011 was to solidify her no talent ass into oblivion by being noticed for all the wrong reasons such as the above article.

The following is yet another example of Tina's crashing & burning "career".

Harsh Reality: The Worst TV Singers Ever!

(5) Tila Tequila

This former "A Shot Of Love" MTV star made her musical debut with the NSFW "Stripper Friends." Hey, at least she knew her audience.
But now she's covering Yoko Ono.
The result is as awful as you'd imagine.
And I can't figure out which is worse: Tila's singing, or the terrible "acting" in the accompanying soap-operatic video.

Joann said...

Good post QOCAP.

IMO, what Tila had going for her back in the day was the ability to look underage and sexy at the same time even though she was not a minor. Sorta like a Lolita look which got her a lot of work....BUT....as she got older she lost that look.

She had nothing to fall back on cause she never had any REAL talent to begin which is why she tries so many different ways to stay relevant now and fails at everything.

Whatever she's doing to her face to keep herself looking good(in her mind) is failing miserably. Is that why she uses body shots as her profile pics on twitter? She's got that pic of her as a kid with that blockhead hairdo up now....why no recent head shot as her profile pic?

Hollywood kicked her to the curb a long time ago. Don't know what happen in NYC but she sure as hell didn't take it over. She's basically hosting at these strip bars/niteclubs, not even showing for a couple of them and walking off of the few TV interviews her management can scrounge up for her. Done, done, done.

deluwiel said...

@Joann - good point. There's a reason why every recent picture of her is either from the neck down or a dark, grainy cell phone picture. The drugs and fame chasing has caught up with her for sure. Last summer before she 'moved' to NYC she was looking pretty haggard (those pictures of her wandering around a street fair or whatever it was looking like Elvira and Gollum's love child.) I can only imagine what daylight and a good clear photo would reveal today. *shudder*

Joann said...

LOL...at Tila's current pictures on her blog. She looks like a bony teen with fake boobs stuck on a scrawny chest. The tube socks she has on makes the entire look even more laughable. Still no close up of her face. This is the poorest attempt at looking sexy that I have ever seen her do.

On her twitter she says her website crashed after she put the pics up yet she has only 25-30 comments. Sad all around.