Monday, January 31, 2011

75 Tila Wynn's Lesbian Sex Tape!


Warning: The following entry contains explicit images (though private parts are censored to prevent eye-gouging), so, if you hate watching sex acts, don't read or just click on the comment button to read people's opinions as it'll skip the main article.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

10 Looks Like Someone's Still Mad

Garry Sun used to help Tila with her shitty failed blog website and by helping, blogging shit without getting paid. That's how Tila rolls with her fake-ass 25-30 employees. Who knew that such relationship can turn so sour! Yes, Tila is referring to Garry from that entry. Now, we will never know what caused them to become bitter (and I doubt anyone cares), but since Garry Sun has not provided evidence about his case, one would expect he had his fifteen minutes of fame and...go away, like many of us are hoping that Tila would do.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

14 KTLA: Tila Tequila, AKA Tila Wynn Interview

Thanks to KTLA, I can already imagine how god awful her appearance is going to be. There's a snippet with her on this video: (Click here if the video doesn't load)

10 I'm Gonna Quit Smoking!

I love waking up and discovering Tila's latest antics! Gosh, you readers, are so quick I can't even catch up! I had these tweets saved since December and knew they were going to be important later on. I guess Ting-Ting is just too predictable.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

19 Tila Wynn, Ting-Ting, Tina, Tila, You're Still a Na Dang Hooker!

A thanks to deluwiel for the link!

"I feel like an adult now. I feel like a woman. I feel like, uhhh...*methsmack* you know, umm...the girl last year, I feel like that girl is soooo far away. I feel like, she's dead." - Tila Tequila.

Monday, January 24, 2011

15 Ting-Ting! Me Suck Yo Dick!

Few weeks ago, an Army of Idiots soldier tweeted me this awesome shit:
Why is it awesome? Because unlike most of Tila's fans, though labeled as AOI, this is certainly a rare moment when a fan admits Tila Tequila lies! Of course, I've challenged this person but I guess he/she got too scared and didn't want to risk of being "kicked out" so ignored me. Yes. In Tila's world, her club is so immature. It's equivalent to those clubs children make and if you piss off the leader, it's a "toot-a-loo" to you. As long you "ass-kiss" her, you'll be on her good side. Anyways, all I got to say is, despite this fan's poor taste for an idol, I have to give mad props for admitting that Tila Tequila lies.

Monday, January 10, 2011

47 Tila's Not a Bully...Wait, Scratch That

A minor update! :)

This morning, I had a great chuckle, thanks to our favorite pseudo-mogul, skank Tila Tequila! What caused the levity you may wonder? I don't know the real reason behind this message but according to her latest entry, many of her Army of Idiots (AOI), who are mostly underage, if not, probably pedophiles, were asking her for advice regarding about coping mechanism, in this case, bullying. Yes, I wonder the same thing: Isn't that Mommy and Daddy's jobs? Not to mention, these sad outcast individuals can't find someone in their community to talk to? Like trash attracts trash, stupidity attracts stupidity.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

28 Titla's New Movie! A Leading Role! Yeah Weird, Right?

Yes, the words you're reading are not deceiving, but Tila may be. As with many announcements, Tila has the annoying habit of exaggerating things, her latest, her new home, which she claimed was a purchased mansion but in the end, is actually a single-family home and rent-based. Stupid Saigon whore needs to stop lying and grow the fuck up already or simply hook off the streets quietly.