Tuesday, January 4, 2011

28 Titla's New Movie! A Leading Role! Yeah Weird, Right?

Yes, the words you're reading are not deceiving, but Tila may be. As with many announcements, Tila has the annoying habit of exaggerating things, her latest, her new home, which she claimed was a purchased mansion but in the end, is actually a single-family home and rent-based. Stupid Saigon whore needs to stop lying and grow the fuck up already or simply hook off the streets quietly.

Anyways, what movie will she be in? I'm not surprised when I Googled something like "Tila Tequila's new movie" and got irrelevant results. And to make sure there wasn't any mistake, I went to IMDB.com to see the name of her new movie and again, nothing. Oh, and by the way, her profile is likely written by her or some fan because it's just too friendly and filled with inconsistencies. Take a look yourself. Someone needs to edit that fucking page. And I don't mean fuck it up, but make it accurate.

Was discovered by Playboy scouts in a mall. (side note by QOCAP: With so many lies, and the typical dream of being discovered like this way, it's unlikely Tila was really discovered that way but by fucking her way through the doors instead. Who knew Playboy was looking for midget models?)

Has her own clothing line, Tila Fashion.

Has a comic book coming out called "The Saint Sinners".

Manages upcoming groups of models called Feisty Felines.

For those unfamiliar with IMDB, it not only includes the actor's past film listings, but the future ones as well and sadly, Tila does not have an upcoming film list, so I'm calling this just another media spotlight attempt like those fake adoptions and miscarriage fiascos until I'm fucking convinced. And Tila, don't try to add an upcoming list with fake co-stars (we already know Jane and Caroline are your other personalities), director's name, and its production company. I've seen those kind of listings and I have no doubt Tila will attempt to do such thing. I advise her to not use directors Oliver Stone and Brett Ratner names, but be prepared, folks, because another stunt is on its way!!! Yay! Her first 2011 stunt!

I recently worked w/legendary OLIVER STONE on his movie docu! cant wait til its out! Next up I will be in a @RealBrettRatner movie! yay me!!

Maybe the whore should work on her Tila Merch and her Iphone apps instead, you think?

Not only do I think this is all bullshit, but since Tila has no training in acting whatsoever, let alone, singing (but thanks to auto-tuning), it's quite baffling a production would give her a leading role. That's literally choosing someone who can't play basketball for shit gets to play in the NBA. So, I smell bullshit. And let's say she does have a leading role, I can already imagine the world will be laughing and have the same box office hit like Hottie and the Nottie! (tee-hee-hee)

Anyone seen Mommie Dearest? Movie is crazy and yet, love it! Anyways, I tried finding one particular scene on Youtube, but to no avail. However, I've managed to find a parody of that particular scene, though. So, for those who haven't seen Mommie Dearest, can get the basic concept of my point: Obviously, Tila can't act and I can imagine how she's trying to put on her best performance. In the movie, Joan Crawford takes over her daughter's role, (who's young and she's old) in some soap opera show because of sickness, and we can see how disastrous it was for the production of Joan trying to read her cue cards and attempting to act (but failing miserably) along the way. Just imagine this with Tila. Funny, right?


shaniqua said...

The first thing that came to my mind when she said she'd gotten a lead role in a movie, was "Yeah, we already know about your sex tape." That's about the only lead role she could get. Maybe, and it's a really, really big maybe, there's some indie filmmaker out there who has a crush or needs some stripper role filled and doesn't have the money to get someone legit, but it'd never be anything with any real money behind it. Either way, I don't believe it because Tila is the very first to brag about every single thing she gets into, and isn't afraid to get specific. If it were a real deal film, she'd already talk about who she's working with. She didn't even make shit up like she did with the James Cameron tweet.

If there is a movie, it isn't anything to brag about, evidentally.

Bannana Smoothie said...

Lead role in a movie my ass Tina! First lie of the year! Haha!!

As most of you fellow haters know, TRS will now no longer write or blog about Tina's failure in life. It's sad cos I really enjoyed how they've exposed her lying ass! I hope that QOCAP will not stop exposing her though as she might think that she's won the battle this time.

More power to you QOCAP and to TRS.. thank you for the laughter and the tears (of joy!)

Anonymous said...

The credits on her "movie" will look like this:

Staring: Tila Tequila
Supporting actress: Tila Tequila
Extras: Tila Tequila
Directed by: Tila Tequila
Produced by: Tila Tequila

so on and so forth.

Joann said...

I think I read somewhere she was suppose to be in a movie produced by Eric Watson of BET 106 & Park or whatever it's called. I'll try and find the link.

I don't know who Eric Watson is and I don't watch BET 106 & Park but if Tila got the lead it's no big deal. It's definitely not a Hollywood production.

I see she didn't mention the name of the movie, who was in or when it would be out.

whatathriller said...

if she`s lying or not, all I DO know is that she can`t act for sure!

Sandra said...

Joann, she tweeted that she was going to be in a movie with the legendary Eric Watson, it's on her fake profile Diana_King-or she deleted it but it's somewhere- yippee found it. From what I have read Eric Watson produced one of my favourite movies- Requiem for a Dream.

Here's the link for that tweet-

Bannana Smoothie said...

Delusional twat dreams of making a movie with Eric Watson... man, I wonder what drugs she's on now.

deluwiel said...

yeah, in Tila's mind her cameo in "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" was a lead role too.

lolercopter said...

This could mean multiple things, I believe she said the same thing about Chuck and Larry too.

I just think it's time for the porn guy to release, he's put his money out there a while to have received nothing in return.

Joann said...

Thanks Sandra...I knew I saw that somewhere. Why would she tweet or get someone else to tweet as if it was her under a different twitter name? Skank is so freaking silly.

@Bannana Smoothie...I googled Eric Watson and you're right....she's dreaming. LOL.

There is no way a well known Hollywood producer will give her a LEADING role in a film. She is not bankable and her reputation comes from being an attention whore, not an actress.

@QOCAP....I too notice how she will drop famous names like it's nothing and claims some sort of affiliation with these people.

She does not hang with any A-listers in Hollywood so they don't know she is using their names to feed her ego and to make people, who read her blog and twitter, think she is important. I wonder what they would say and/or do to her if they knew. lol.

deluwiel said...

now she tweets that she's landed a role on a prime time CBS show. Please let it be "Survivor". Please take her out to a deserted island somewhere telling her it's for the show and then leave her there. Please?

Monique said...

Well it's not too hard to figure out what tv show she is suppose to be on (unfortunately it's not Survivor), "$h*! My Dad Says."

Joann said...

I watch that show. On the show the dude who plays William Shatner's son is a writer turned blogger so I'm thinking it will be a scene with his TV son.

Didn't Tila say Gossip Queens asked her back on their show because they loved her so much...lol...and she had already filmed it? Never heard anything more so I guess she lied about that.

Joann said...

Tila has a .41 second stupid video of herself acting like a 10 year old which is suppose to be in front of the Arc in Paris France.

A couple of people on her blog said Tila was at the Arc at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.

Has anyone been to Paris, France or the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas and can confirm where she really was?

If you stop her video at the .11 or .12 mark you can see a pretty good view of the Arc. I googled a picture of the Arc in Paris, France and the only thing I can see that is different are the figures on the front wall of the Arc.

The ones in the picture from France are much sharper and stand out more from the wall than the ones in Las Vegas or maybe it's the angle of the picture. What do you guys think?


BigPoppaPhat said...

@ Joann...quote: . I wonder what they would say and/or do to her if they knew. lol

they say "who's Tina Tequila"

Anonymous said...

@ Joann - I think she is in front of the Arc in Paris. The sculptures are different on every side. Looking at the vehicles is a good way to distinguish between the US and Europe, but I couldn't really see them well. I don't disbelieve that she was there, to be honest.

Her claim of starring in a movie and Shit My Dad Says, on the other hand, sounds like total bullshit. I bet she's an extra, if anything.

Joann said...

Thanks raunchyb. Since I have not been to either place I couldn't really tell and she lies so much I tend not to believe ANYTHING she says.

I watch that show so I will see if she's on it or not and how big her part is. I'll believe she has the lead in a movie when I see it.

Hannah said...

I think she actually is in Paris. Not the Paris Hotel in Vegas. The surroundings of the Paris Arc are completely different than the Vegas one. She's getting a little cash from somewhere (businessmen) so it's possible she actually went. Please tell me someone got that video of her acting! Seems like she was so embarrassed of it she deleted it. It has to be pretty epic.

Anonymous said...

It's definitely Paris. She also has a photo of herself on the Metro, which is definitely the Paris one.

I'm going to give her a rare compliment and say I really really like her winter coat! It works on her, wish she could see that she doesn't have to have her bits hanging out all the time!

Joann said...

Thanks also to Hannah and Khandersuk for another confirmation that the skank was indeed in Paris, France. I appreciate it guys.

Anonymous said...

We don't have the Shit My Dad Says show here in the UK, although I am familiar with it's origin from some guy on Twitter and how it grew. Interesting this, in googling whether there was any mention anywhere of her being on the show, it took me back to a summary of some of Justin's best dad tweets.

September 6th, 2009
"Who in the fuck is Tila Tequila? Is she a stripper?...That's her? Yeah, that's a stripper, son, I don't give a shit what you say."

Assuming the show is based around the actual tweets, I imagine her big role in the show is related only to this tweet above. Which will be a portion of one episode. It is not 'landing' a role due to talent or a trophy for the show, it's more like a couple years ago her name happened to come out of the mouth of an elderly man whose son was writing it down. Lucky break for her is all it is.

Jes said...

I just want to know if someone managed to get the video of her doing something that she calls acting.

Joann said...

@khandersuk...I love comedy sitcoms and I also like William Shatner which is why I started watching this show.

I knew nothing of it's orgin until I read your comment.

I googled the show's name and picked this article...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/$h*!_My_Dad_Says

I have never read this person's tweets but from your comment I now understand why she was picked to be on the show, since she was mentioned in his tweets 2 years ago.

They will probably make fun of her like they did on The Cleveland Show.

I agree with you it will only be a one time guest role on the show.

deluwiel said...

It would seem that the new management company Michael Lohan got her hooked up with is doing its job and actually getting her gigs. She was tweeting about early calls to be on set - wonder if she actually made it on time or was 2 hours late like she is to everything else? How long will it be before her erratic behavior forces this manager to drop her, too? Stay tuned...

deluwiel said...

oh for gods sake. I just watched her babbling about this supposed movie (or "a lot of movies" in 2011 according to Tila, because Hollywood cranks major motion pictures out in a matter of weeks so she can appear in lots of them in a year). She refuses to give any names or info on the movie because it's "still in production." Will we EVER hear any more about this movie? She also says the TV role is her playing a character and not a walk-on cameo being herself. We'll see.

Joann said...

Certain people left remarks about Tila's new post on her twitter. Went to her blog and she had the audacity to put up a post about haters and bullies.

Skank turned off the reply buttons and only people who login or signup can comment. She did the right thing because the haters would have tore her a new one over this post.

How could she even think of writing a post like this when she hated on Perez Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, among others, non-stop for a while.

This is why I give this skank no credit. She's a low life bottom feeder nasty ass pathological lying piece of trash.

Anonymous said...

Ha, the bitch even deletes hater comments on her newest video about bullying. I typed something along the lines that she's gay for pay and that she and her army bullies individuals who are overweight, have financial problems, is suffering from a brain tumor, and/or cancer.

Is it me or she does this weird thing with her mouth that it kinda reminds me of an episode of Family Guy when Peter had a stroke and his mouth had that weird limp (for a lack of a better term) action going on...

Joann said...

I'm pretty sure her merchandise is a bunch of shit. That crap is probably 5 years old or more
and falls apart or shrinks after 1 washing.

Tila ain't about nothing so anything she has on the market trying to sell ain't about nothing either, as far as I'm concern.

Tila and her continuous lying about the same subjects each year(pregnant, being stalked, suing everyone, moving to a mansion, major movie deals, getting married, adopting children, record labels) and the list goes on has become a major snooze fest for me.

I now want nothing more than seeing the bitch in jail for her many underhanded antics that have hurt others and have finally caught up with her, in a mental hospital from drug use, or exposed so bad in the media for something she's done that she's forced to go into hiding and stay there. lol.