Saturday, January 29, 2011

10 Looks Like Someone's Still Mad

Garry Sun used to help Tila with her shitty failed blog website and by helping, blogging shit without getting paid. That's how Tila rolls with her fake-ass 25-30 employees. Who knew that such relationship can turn so sour! Yes, Tila is referring to Garry from that entry. Now, we will never know what caused them to become bitter (and I doubt anyone cares), but since Garry Sun has not provided evidence about his case, one would expect he had his fifteen minutes of fame and...go away, like many of us are hoping that Tila would do.
This is just a few of his tweets. So, what caused him to get all riled up? See below:

Who is Diana_King? Many people believe that is Tila's another account under a pseudonym to lash at Garry Sun. I say "another" because Tila has a habit of creating fake accounts. See examples here and here. What do you think?


Joann said...

I use to think Diana_king was Tila herself also. At this point I don't know or care.

All the accusations going back and forth with Diana/Tila and Gary is boring. They act like simpletons.

Either prove it's the skank as Diana_king and the things he's tweeting about her is true or STFU.

Dude is entirely too emotional which is why she is always f*cking with him.

He does a lot of bitching but when it comes to proving shit he fails miserably.

imoutofit said...

@Joann Yea, Garry gets his man panties up in a bunch way too easily. He gets all butt hurt when he gets told that he's all bark but no bite. Tila's troll account constantly goads him on twitter and he always falls for it hook, line, and sinker.

Moogle said...

It's definitely Ting-Ting. BTW, ting ting is a g-rated way of saying penis. It's fitting for a ladyboy.

But I digress.

Ting Ting just fails at trolling and everything in life. It's hilarious to see her having a conversation with herself. It's so obvious it is her. She always uses the same fake ass fauxgullygangstard speak with ALL of her fake accounts. At the beginning of the account she mentions fake pregnancy #983950429 and attributes Garry for naming her fake daughter #135632 as Adora L'oren (LMFAO) IIRC Ting Ching Chong had mentioned that in her tweets last year. She's constantly going back and forth acknowledging and then disavowing Garry.

Whoooo! I am so not making any sense!

raunchyb said...

Wow, those tweets are ridiculous and make him seem very unstable.

I was lookiing at the Diana King account, and it's only following two people - one is Ali Nguyen: . Is that a Tila relative?

Also, I saw in the side bar that Mittens has a new Twitter account and posted "If you don't love/like @TilaTequila your life probably sucks"


BigPoppaPhat said...

Bunch of tweets about Tilas "I love You" video was 2007 most downloaded on iTunes. What a load of Bologna, where do they come up with this crap? And they believe it too.

BigPoppaPhat said...

@raunchyb I have to admit, my life absolutely suck cause I dont like/love TilaTequila, I dont go to church and tweet about she's not there as an angel, I dont call her god, I dont make 9 minute fan videos about her knocking out her haters, I dont constantly go gaga over her two lines in the lowest rated sitcom for the season, I dont make 100 tweets begging her to follow me, and dont tell her how beautiful she is every 10 minutes or so.

Geez I think im going to Tila myself and take a handful of ambien and redbulls and lay in a puddle of my own piss right after I make a wonky eyes video im my undies about how awsome I am.

Joann said...

When on her twitter I am dumbfounded when I read her AOI's tweets. It's the same mindless dribble all the time. Each person more or less says the same thing.

Please follow me
I love you Miss Tila
I want to "f" you
You're so beautiful
Now Miss Tila
I want to meet you
You look pretty
Watching Tila's video from....., etc, etc.

Ninety five percent of them have no original thought...EVER.

I go on there to see if I can catch her in a lie IF and WHEN she tweets about herself or read what the haters have to say. Their tweets are hysterical...other than that I wouldn't waste my time on her twitter.

Moogle said...

LOL @Joann...

Too funny. hahahha kind of my laughing in Garry's face and I don't even know the bloke.

Ting Ting... the joke writes itself.... BAHAHAHAHA SMMFH in FOL (fits of laughter)... Oh daayum. ::chortles::

Monique said...

So get this... you know how Charlie Sheen was hanging out with four porn stars before being rushed to the hospital recently? Guess who was one of the porn stars partying with him that night, Shyla Jennings!

I wonder if Garry's recent outburst has anything to do with the fact that his "girlfriend" was in town.

khandersuk said...

Every time Garry responds to this it ruins his credibility. Not that I find him all that credible in the first place, but were it me with a pending lawsuit, I would stay quiet, no matter how much I was prodded, in order to demonstrate that she was still attempting to contact and goad me.

Several of us have speculated that any adult who spends time with Tila must be a few clicks off the threshold of normalcy, Garry proves this whenever he opens his mouth!