Thursday, January 27, 2011

14 KTLA: Tila Tequila, AKA Tila Wynn Interview

Thanks to KTLA, I can already imagine how god awful her appearance is going to be. There's a snippet with her on this video: (Click here if the video doesn't load)

Can someone explain to me how the fuck is this a "big acting gig"? Anyways, Ting-Ting Cohen! I don't think Miss Ting-Ting Wynn Dong realized the audience were laughing at her name, nevertheless, laugh at her attempt at acting. Jesus Christ, that was horrible! "Nurse? I'm his wife! He's my boo!" Did anybody palm-faced? In case anyone doesn't know, Tila likes to refer her clients friends as "boos". So much for choosing a role that is loosely close to you, Tila. Horrible, horrible, horrible! You can't act for shit, let alone, sing:

No, the whore can't sing. Stop fucking her, already.

Oh, and by the way, here's Tila's reason for her constant lip-smacking!
I laughed really hard on this one! She's not blaming on her drug addictions for the lip-smacking, but blamed it on a car! Just like how she'd claimed six near-death experiences! What a faker.


el Poopo said...

someone commented back to her car accident response above...she must have the worst luck in the world...she will go to hell for all the fake "horrible" things she says shes been thru....wait til it really happens

RockitQueen said...

Oh my freaking god, would she stop with the stupid manifesting BS?

I'm still laughing my ass off at "Ting-Ting." You can't make that shit up!

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

I was nice to Tila by perusing her stupid ass book "Hooking Up With Tila Tequila" and read somewhere of her committing a grand theft auto with her friends. They stole it, vandalized it, and dumped it into the water. I would like someone who has the book (I won't make fun of them) to scan that page for me. My point being, I hope someone commits a grand theft auto on her in return. Karma is a bitch. Tila's story about her car accident is fake and just a cry for pity from people like me. FAILED.

Joann said...

I stopped the tape after seeing her pathetic performance. Can't stand to watch her trying to complete a sentence or telling a bunch of lies while she's talking with the KTLA staff. the majority of her AOI's telling her how good she looked on the show but not too many have said anything about her "acting"...which was would think a whore playing a whore would ace that role.

As far as the car accident which resulted in her lip-smacking...this is the first time she's talked about we know it something she recently made up.

RC3199 said...

From all the fuss Tina has been making about this appearance on TV you would think that she believes that she is the next Meryl Streep .

Fact is she played a gold digging whore screwing an old man, not much of a stretch from her real life.

Her three minutes on air was a joke and she delivered about four lines of dialogue.

The real laughs were delivered by William Shatner when he asked his family:

"Where is the Febreze, I need to get some Ting-Ting off my Couch-Couch..."

I guess the slut left a snail trail when she was sitting on the couch......LOL

Joann said...

Just saw the show. Tila was on for 10 minutes and the majority of that time she was silent.

Her lines consisted of "I'm not his nurse, I'm his wife and he's my boo" and something about "it's shabot"(sp)referring to a jewish holiday.

Her husband was played by Orson Bean(who was a star in my mother's time)and who I think is really about 90 years old.

Her character was referred to in a sexual nature by Willima Shatner when he said he wanted Jean Smart to be Irving to his Ting-Ting(or something like that).

She's a gold digging sex toy and that is how she was portrayed. The few lines she had tonight in no way qualifies her as an actress, IMO.

The salesman in the dress shop had as many lines as Tila and he was definitely an unknown.

BigPoppaPhat said...

Wow she just pulled a whole bullshit story out of her ass about the methsmack, she could have just been honest and said "Its just the way I talk". I wonder what her fans said about her huge epic car crash? It could explain her flat face.

Another slap to car accident victims who really do have to deal with permanent injuries and disfigurement.

deluwiel said...

yeah. "nerves that slit my lips were severed." I don't even know what that means, but pretty sure that nerves in lips are more for sensation and have nothing to do with motor (movement) function. Moron. She slurs and smacks because she's high and/or brain damaged. and she definitely would have brought that tragic little tidbit out in one of the many versions of her life story if anything remotely like that had actually happened.

As for the "guest starring" appearance - She was able to articulate two lines. Well, good for her.

krissylu said...

Pretty funny article on The Superficial... Tila Tequila is a Cockroach:

John said...

I have a screenshot of the deleted reply to Tila's car-crash, meth-mouth-smacking comment. My keyboard is broken (and this is taking ages!)but the jist of it was 'that's bollocks, my sis went to high school with you'. Just wanted to share! Love you all, btw!

FUYU said...

OOOOOOOOH wow John! Good catch there. She HAD to delete that one.. makes her look even better.

About the KTLA vid.. It was really difficult to follow what the whore was trying to say. The guy that was interviewing her also looked like he was hanging on trying to figure out how her sentences were going to end LMAO

Joann said... the KTLA video...I bet Sam Rubin was thinking "I can't believe we have this moron on here again". lol.

He probably remembers last year when this "professional" kept asking him if the mic was it on, is it on and all the while she had been talking into it.

FUYU said...

Joann, UGH... I just wonder why would they invite her back?? I don't know anything about KTLA since I'm in the north, but how is her being on a sitcom (and not even a reoccurring role) for two minutes deserving of any kind of interview? And I absolutely hated how she was trying to act SO innocent even though she has "narcissist" written all over her.

Joann said...

@FUYU...I do know Sam Rubin has always done the KTLA Morning News entertainment segment.

I have watched this news show off and on for some years and back then they always had various A-list people from the entertainment field promoting their song/movie or whatever.

A few weeks ago they had Brandy and Ray J. I don't know if they had to do budget cuts on their entertainment segment or what but now they interview a lot of D and Z list people. I still find it hard to believe Tila was on CNN let alone this show. LOL.

Another thing that had me LOL last night was the idea of a rich old geezer with a trophy wife living in a home in a neighborhood that is govern by Homeowners Association rules.

Rich people don't pay big time money for a mansion or a huge home to have someone tell them what they can or cannot put on their property.