Thursday, January 27, 2011

10 I'm Gonna Quit Smoking!

I love waking up and discovering Tila's latest antics! Gosh, you readers, are so quick I can't even catch up! I had these tweets saved since December and knew they were going to be important later on. I guess Ting-Ting is just too predictable.


So much for your attempt or is this just another stunt to get people talking about you? Whatever your strategy for attention is, just remember you're only hurting yourself and your reputation. You say you're sober, do you think those who keep tracks of your lies are that stupid? Ask yourself this simple question: Why are you creating stunts like this instead of relying on your talent? Answer? Because you have none. You've realized your old fake titties aren't helping, neither is your disgusting midget body, you're fucking old, so what else must you do to keep our attention? The answer is obvious, folks. But hey, despite her wacky attempts, she's entertaining (in a train wreck way) and I can't wait to witness her ultimate downfall. Carry on, Tila Wynn. Carry...on.


Joann said...

I'm sure anyone who comments on this blog nor QOCAP believed she had quit smoking and IMO, she has not quit drugging nor drinking, it just a matter of time before she's caught doing that too.

Aside from that, we know Tila has no talent whatsoever so who is getting her these bookings...I'm not talking about "HOW..that's obvious" but "WHO" is behind this.

When she re-invented herself as a singer/business mogul and appeared on KTLA(signing and went to New York appearing on Howard Stern, CNN, etc., who had the pull to get her into these places.

For some reason I don't think her management company is doing this...IMO, I think they are a front anyway.

Now she's going through this again only this time it's Tila Wynn the actress....appearing on a sitcom and supposedly in some movie with, as she puts it, an A-list actress and some other stuff she says she has coming up.

Of course this will crash and burn after a few months but I would love to know who's behind the scenes getting opportunities like these for this no talent pathological lying skank.

imoutofit said...

She just looked so cheap in that video. Her shoes are still a tad bit too big for her hooves and she seriously lugs that LV bag everywhere. For a mogul, she sho does only use one purse.

She's trying to look like a classic pin-up girl with black hair. Her eyes were super wonky in that video she got interviewed and got called out for crashing the premiere. Her mouth really bothers me also because at some angles, she has that weird denture know when people don't have their teef on they have that collapsed mouth look.

Monique said...

I wonder how much she paid these people to be her "fans"?

I can't believe that there are people lugging around her photo with the hope of running into her and getting her autograph. Nor are the paparazzi that excited to get a photo of her.

FUYU said...

SMH... predictable though. I'm sure Mr. Pani95 will have some BS excuse for her as usual. Her overseas fans... are so... ughhh.. =_=

Speaking of overseas.. what's funny is that there was an article about a German porn star that died recently from complications after getting her sixth breast implants. When I ran into the picture for that article on TMZ, I could have sworn I thought it was Tila for a split second. ( )

imoutofit, EXACTLY!! That is the same thing that always bothered me about her too! I think it's the shape of her jaw? Granny Tina.

Joann said...

LOL...just went to take a quick look at her piece of crap blog and it looks like she blocked the haters again because all the comments are from her AOI's.

Her AOI's are going crazy telling her how beautiful she looks, how the haters were wrong and everybody loves her and wanted her autograph.

Of course a few of them are saying how hard it is to quit smoking, don't give up. They will never believe she NEVER STOPPED SMOKING in the first place...bunch of saps.

Anyway, this publicity will go on for a bit..she'll MIGHT get a few more parts then fizzled out just like she did when she re-invented herself as Miss Tila the mogul/singer or whatever that crap was.

Wonder what the skank will re-invent herself as next year?

Hannah said...

LOL she's saying it's an e-cig. That looks pretty real to me though. She can't follow through with a damn thing.

You guys are right about her mouth. There's no way she's 29! She's aging so horribly. That first picture on her new blog post is so creepy. Maybe it's because she doesn't have her blue contacts in but her eyes look like beady little bug's eyes. *shiver* Just rubs me the wrong way.

Also, thought everyone might appreciate this post from The Superficial:
She's really losing it. One eyelash? Cuuuute.

Joann said... the video from the link you posted Monique. Thanks and I agree...this was staged.

All of these "fans" just happen to be inside this particular parking lot and all of them have an 8x10 glossy picture of the skank with them to sign. LOL...yea right.

Anybody know who the short dude with her is? Is that Apollo? Wonder where is Mr. Bradshaw? He's always with her through these re-inventing phases she goes through.

imoutofit said...

Lol, bitch said she canned Bradshaw for dressing her up like a hooker:

"Not really but it's nice to see TMZ actually say something nice for once. They made the Aubrey Hepburn comment, not me..... anyway, yes thanks for the compliment. I like being covered up. It's quite nice. It's a great thing I fired my last stylist who always used to dress me half naked. I always hated that. But it's a new year and a new start for EVERYONE! YAY!"

Yea, I'm ashamed I broke the ban...Ting-Ting makes it too easy for me to point out her lies.

Really Tila? said...

E Cig huh? E Cig's don't have any fire or smoke....The link I found of video from the premire has clear shots of her smoking with embers and smoke. This isn't for us as we all knew she hasn't quit smoking, boozing or abusing drugs....This is for any of her AOI that may happen to be reading. Busted again. She lies about even the smallest details of her life and you let her. When are you going to realize how pathetic you are for following this demented, pathological hooker?

deluwiel said...

@imoutofit: So... she "always hated it"?!? What the hell? Did little Mr. Bradshaw tie her up and stuff her into those stupid getups? She hated it so much she plastered "exclusive" pictures all over her flog gushing about how sexy she looked? She hated it so much she posted a video of her "mansion" tour wearing nothing but her underwear? Jesus. It's mind boggling how stupid her AOI are.