Monday, March 19, 2012

24 Tila Tequila - The New Girl 6 Gal

Thanks to MunsterJams and Ghost Rider Radio for this latest news. Looks like Tila's former-porn star manager, Gina Rodriguez, cooked up a new project and Tuna Tequila is going to be her new girl-6 gal!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

11 Tila Tequila: Illuminati Victim Or Just A Wanna-be?

[I started writing this entry since Monday, so please excuse the first paragraph. The recent news regarding about her latest "stunt" will be discussed in this entry.]

Because Tuna is still quiet and there are no news worthy enough to write about, I've decided to discuss about Tuna's obsession with the Illuminati. No, it's not about sex and lying to her fans this time. I chose to share this for two reasons: To call her out and help expose those secret groups who claims to "rule the world". What I mean by calling her out will be explained later.

First and foremost, all my knowledge were basically obtained from a website called Vigilant Citizen, a website dedicated in exposing about the Illuminati, its mysterious symbols, its connections with the world events, and many others. For those who are new may find this entry vague, hard to understand, and maybe even offensive. To counter-attack this, you must obviously do some research and ultimately decide if these conspiracies are just conspiracies or have truth in them. Though being open-minded would be best. While I won't go into heavy details about the Illuminati, let alone, don't consider myself an expert on this, but will share the most common symbols we see in the media and explain why this is relevant to Tila Tequila.