"You're just jealous!"

"You must be fat, ugly, and untalented!"

"You are nobody!"

"You have no life!"

"You're a stalker!"

These are the most common quotes are said to me. It's very sad. I don't know what country they must be from, but apparently, these butthurt trolls don't understand the concept of freedom of speech.

Here is an excellent quote from the movie, The People vs. Larry Flynt:

"At the heart of the First Amendment is the recognition of the fundamental importance of the free flow of ideas. Freedom to speak one's mind is not only an aspect of individual liberty but essential to the quest of truth and the vitality of society as a whole. In the world of debate about public affairs, many things done with motives that are less than admirable are nonetheless protected by the First Amendment."

Part of blogging such topics like this, you'll be contacted by certain individuals who are threatened, yes threatened, by your opinions and instead of focusing on their idol, they waste their time telling you things like the intelligent quotes said above. What's even more baffling...and ironic, is that they have the nerve to label you as a stalker. Unless stalker is another name for a hater (which I highly doubt it), here's a 101 info definition of what a stalker actually is:

From Aware.org:
"Fundamentally, stalking is a series of actions that puts a person in fear for their safety. The stalker may follow you, harass you, call you on the telephone, watch your house, send you mail you don't want, or act in some other way that frightens you.
The exact legal definition varies from state to state, but all states now have some kind of law against stalking. Virtually any unwanted contact between a stalker and their victim which directly or indirectly communicates a threat or places the victim in fear can generally be referred to as stalking, whether or not it meets a state's exact legal definition.

Stalkers use a wide variety of methods to harass their targets. The inventiveness, persistence, and obsessive nature of stalkers is almost unimaginable, until you have experienced being the target.

Stalking is a serious, potentially life-threatening crime. Even in its less severe forms, it permanently changes the lives of the people who are victimized by this crime, as well as affecting their friends, families, and co-workers. Law enforcement is only beginning to understand how to deal with this relatively new crime.

Stalking is more common than you might think, although it is hard to get accurate figures because law enforcement organizations have only recently started keeping records. Best estimates indicate that as many as 1.4 million Americans are stalked each year; and that 1 in 20 women will become targets of stalking behavior at least once during their lifetimes. Many men are also stalked."


Let it be known I have never met Tila Tequila in person (and I like to keep it that way). I have not called her because I don't know her phone number (and I like to keep it that way), I do know her home address (she does not live in New York), but don't care to send her snail hate mails because I have better things to do. If blogging about Tila Tequila make her and her idiotic remaining fans threatened, then that's their problem, but does not qualify me as a stalker. All the entries you've read are based on the sources I've found or shared by other readers via internet.

Blogging is a hobby of mine, not an obsession. Of course, you already knew that, but it must be said because the way these fans are today, it's necessary. Damn, they're scary as hell. I don't know what frightens me more: their obsession or their lack of awareness. I say it's ironic because it must be a double-standard thing: As a fan, you have the right to waste your time finding out your idol's latest news, but as a hater, you're a psycho and a stalker!

Really? It's basically a pot calling kettle black. But from my perspective, I don't view fans, any fans, as stalkers, unless they really are, but most of them are fans doing what fans do: communicate, purchase their idol merchandise, and live out their lives. That's normal. Unfortunately, when it comes to haters though, we're discriminated. We are called fat, ugly, untalented, nobodies, and stalkers with no purpose in life. How very mature of them. You see, unlike trolls, I take my time and explicitly explain why I dislike Tila Tequila. But even with this blog, I am still asked why I "hate" Tila and when I give them my link, they just snub and resume their assumptions about me.

Fans who take their time contacting people who dislike their idol on regular basis are those who are insecure and feel threatened, otherwise, they would just laugh at you and move on. I blog about Tila Tequila because she is an easy target. She fails basically at everything she tries to do and it's just funny. If Paris Hilton wasn't rich, she would be exactly like Tila and no doubt would I blog about her as well. Not to mention, why would fans even bother messaging you constantly? If they keep coming back to you, then you've made an impact and you're a celebrity to them. Also to prove my point that these butthurt fans are indeed threatened is that they don't want to read my blog. They are afraid to see the flaws or realism of their idol. Nobody is perfect.

I had one Tila fan who never stopped messaging me for nearly two months straight and I would give this troll my pleasure of responding but rather than debate about our differences, this troll, who was sickly butthurt, focuses on your grammar. Trolls who look for grammatical errors know they have absolutely nothing to use against you, so they resort to this nuisance. I wouldn't call them cowards, but a stupid person who knows I am right, and they are wrong. The way this troll constantly asked for my photo and what I do for living is obviously an insecure person waiting to compare me to Tila. *laughs* Not to mention, a very shallow person who apparently believes driving a lambo (which she doesn't own anymore) makes you a better person. How sad. I pray for this moron...not.

Fans will be fans, but those crazed ones who just can't accept the fact not everybody will like your idol, butthurt about your blogging, and can't ignore you, are the troubled people you can do nothing about except pity them. If you don't like my blog, then don't read my entries, but if you keep coming back or constantly message me, then obviously there is a deeper meaning I'm unwilling to find out because I don't want stalkers. I am merely a blogger doing what bloggers do: blog. Why is that considered stalking or a crime?

Uh huh...

You hate her because you ain't her.

Oh, really? Bottom-feeding z-list former reality stars who refuse to go away are comparable to weeds you can easily find on grass. Real famous, respected, and wealthy celebrities are comparable to roses most people love. So, to say I'm jealous of Tila Tequila is like me saying I'm jealous of a grass weed over a beautiful flower, like a rose. Z-listers and their small band of fans have hard issues of facing the truth: Not everybody loves you. Their status have nothing to do with my loathing. It's their personality, their antics that I look at and determine whether or not they deserve my admiration or respect. Unfortunately for Tila, it will NOT be given from me as long she continues her bullshit of lying and using people for personal gain. I hate selfish people. But, if her fans want to think I'm just jealous of her, if it makes them happy, then don't let me stop them. I wouldn't want them to lose any sleep.